A Hungry Dog Story with Moral Lesson

This is the story of a hungry dog with the moral lesson "Kindness never goes unrewarded". This is an interesting short story of a dog who saved a family from the wolf. The dog was then rewarded for its kind act. It is a different story never written before. You will surely enjoy it. Please note that this story is first time produced by ZAHID E NOTES. It is our creation.

A Hungry Dog Story

Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded

Once there was a dog. It lived in a jungle. It used to hunt squirrels and rabbits for food. It was quite satisfied with its way of life. The days were passing a good way. No one would interfere in its way of life. The other animals seemed to have no interest in that useless dog-as they think of it.

One day, the dog could not find any hunt. It was feeling hungry. It searched for some rabbits and squirrels but couldn’t find any. It was much worried when it couldn’t find anything to eat till evening. The night was too long to be spent with an empty stomach.

It was just getting dark when it heard a human voice. It could guess that a man or two were there nearby. It planned to attack them for food. It began to move to where the voice was coming from. Going nearby, it saw that a mother with her small child was limping through the horrible jungle.

“Well, what a nice thing to eat!” the dog thought while looking at the small child greedily. “But why is the woman limping?” it thought. It looked at the woman who was limping holding her knee with one hand. “Wow, the mother is already injured. Now it is easier to hunt that little child.” He thought with flushing eyes. “But what is the mother carrying in her hand? Perhaps it is a bag of clothes.” it thought as it saw a bag in mother’s hand.

Coming closer behind a bush, it was ready to attack the little child. The mother was unaware of the hiding dog. Suddenly a wolf appeared and attacked the mother and the child. Just at the moment, the dog jumped into the fight. The wolf was puzzled with the sudden attack of the dog. The dog fought bravely and made the wolf run away after the fierce fight of two minutes.

The mother was trembling with fear holding her son in her arms. The hungry dog had saved their lives form a wolf. “Now what should I do? Should I attack the little boy?” the dog was thinking about these things when it saw the woman opening her bag. She opened the bag and took out a nice big piece of roasted meat. Holding the meat in her hand, she slowly progressed to the dog standing in front of her. She put that big piece of meat in front of the dog.

The dog understood that the meat was an offer from the woman. “Wow, what an appetizing smell!” the dog accepted the offer and took the meat in its mouth. The woman was looking at the dog with grateful eyes and so was doing the dog.

Just then, a horseman reached the spot. Before the dog could take an action the woman and the child were riding behind that man. They were very happy and satisfied. “Oh my dear, you came so late. We would have been eaten by a wolf if that nice dog hadn’t saved us.” the woman was telling the man pointing towards the dog. “Oh my pretty wife, I am so sorry for being late for some reasons. Thank God you are safe and sound.” He kissed the child and before turning his horse back home, took a look at the dog as if he were saying “Thanks for saving my family”. They were soon at their way to home when the dog was enjoying the taste of yummy meat in its dun.

Moral: Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded

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