10th class Physics pairing Scheme 2024

Good news is that 10th class physics pairing scheme 2024 has been published here. It is two weeks ago when someone shared pairing schemes of 10th class for 2024. 

I was confused as there were some changes in the schemes of the paper of 2024 as compared to that of 2023. 

So, I decided to look into the matter. Now I have come to the result that these are confirmed new formats of the paper scheme for all boards of Punjab.

10th class physics scheme 2024 punjab board new
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10th class Physics pairing scheme 2024

So, here I have given the latest and updated pairing scheme of 10th class physics. I have given it in an image form to download and share it through WhatsApp and other social media and also in text form to share it as an SMS. You can copy the text and share it with your friends.

10th class physics pairing scheme 2024 has been made according to the guidelines issued by the board. Punjab board paper scheme for 1st annual exams and 2nd annual exam has been published in pdf. 

The students of class 10 can download this paper scheme of physics now.

10th class important questions have also been given. 10th class schemes are available on Zahid Notes.

Physics scheme 10th class 2024 Punjab Boards

Here is the detailed paper scheme of physics class 10th in text form:

MCQs = 12 (1 from chapter 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18 each and 2 from chapter 12, 14, 16 each)

Short Questions

Question No. 2 (5/8)
Chapter 10 = 3
Chapter 13= 3
Chapter 14 = 2

Question No. 3 (5/8)
Chapter 11 = 3
Chapter 17 = 3
Chapter 18 = 2

Question No. 4 (5/8)
Chapter 12 = 3
Chapter 15 = 2
Chapter 16 = 3

Long Questions (attempt ANY TWO from three)

Question No. 5
Chapter 10 OR 13=Theory
Chapter 14 = Numerical

Question No. 6
Chapter 11 OR 17 = Numerical
Chapter 18 = Theory

Question No. 7
Chapter 12 OR 15= Theory
Chapter 16 = Numerical/Theory

Note: Theory or numerical may come from any pair of chapters.

10th class physics pairing scheme has been linked with many other schemes of class 10. All subjects schemes like Urdu, English, Pak study, biology, chemistry, math has been issued here. 

Class 10 schemes are very important in the context of preparation for board exams. So, the students should prepare for their coming exams in light of these schemes

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