1st year guess paper 2021 Punjab Board pdf

Here are the guess paper or all subjects for 1st year for the year 2021. You see here are the links to individual subjects guess papers. The important questions and answers are given in each post for all subjects guess papers. The govt will take exams of only elective subjects of 1st year. The exams will be taken from Smart syllabus.

1st year guess paper 2021

The guess paper of English, physics, chemistry, biology, Urdu, Islamiat, Computer science, maths, Civics, education, islamic study, economics, and all other subjects are being prepared and published on daily basis. Please see the guess paper here whenever I publish the new post.

So, these guess papers are from smart syllabus. There is a variety of guess paper of elective subjects for class 11, 1st year. The FA has the largest number of elective subjects. So, the guess paper of all elective subjects is given in this post.

1st year guess papers 2021 for punjab board

These guess papers are for all punjab boards and you need not worry about the content. The detailed important long questions and short questions are given here. I have the pdf source files of guess papers for 2021. Below are the links to all the guess papers for class 11 Punjab boards.

Class 11 guess papers 2021 Punjab board

These guess paper are valid for the following boards in Punjab:

1. Lahore Board
2. Gujranwala board
3. Multan board
4. Sahiwal Board
5. Bhawalpur board
6. DG Khan board
7. Rawalpindi board
8. Faisalabad board
9. Sargodha Board

Below are the subjectwise guess papers for 1st year 2021.

6. English

7. Urdu

10. Civics (علم شہریت- سوکس)

11. Imraniat (Sociology)

12. Education guess paper (علم التعلیم)

14. Health and physical education (صحت و جسمانی تعلیم)

16. Psychology (نفسیات)

17. Accounting guess paper

20. Bussiness mathematics

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