2nd year pairing schemes in PDF for Punjab boards

I have written the paper schemes of all subjects of 2nd year for the year 2020 here. You can download these pairing schemes one by one as image or pdf all subjects. Zahid Notes provides quality stuff to the students and the teachers. Zahid Notes is the best education website in Pakistan.
Now where you can find paper schemes of 2nd year? On Zahid Notes of course.

2nd year Pairing schemes 2020 pdf

You can see the following list of pairing schemes for 2nd year for all punjab boards like lahore board, sargodha board, multan board, sahiwal board, fsd board, gujranwala board, dg khan board. The subjectwise links to the original pairing schemes are given and you can open the links to see every pairing scheme separately. To download all subject's pairing schemes in PDF, you should click the download link below the image.

1. 2nd year biology scheme 2020

2. 2nd year Chemistry pairing scheme 2020

3. Maths paper scheme for 2nd year 2020

4. Physics pairing scheme 2nd year 2020

5. 2nd year computer science scheme 2020

6. 2nd year English scheme 2020

paper schemes of 2nd year 2020

Download PDF

As these pairing schemes are for the year 2020, you can find all the schemes updated and the latest.

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