2nd year Urdu pairing scheme and paper pattern 2021

 The students who want to know the paper layout scheme and format of 2nd year Urdu paper now see it below. The new paper pattern and pairing scheme 2021 is given here for FA, FSc, ICS part 2 (Class 12) students of Punjab boards. It is for Lahore board, Gujranwala board, Sargodha Board, Faisalabad board, Multan board, Rawalpindi board, and Sahiwal board and DG Khan board.

2nd year class 12 Urdu paper scheme 2021

Many student do now know the exact paper pattern. So, they cannot prepare it well. There performance in Urdu paper is very poor as compared to other subjects. One of the reasons is that students take the Urdu subject light. They thinkt that they can easily pass Urdu with little effort.

But although they pass it, but with low marks. That is why Urdu affects to total marks of many brilliant students. Knowing the exact paper pattern is very necessary for all students. 

Meanwhile, you have to Understand the best paper presentation method for 2nd year Urdu. I have already given some tips to attempt urdu paper to get high marks. You can read my that post below:

2nd year urdu paper pattern and pairing

Below is a sketch of Urdu paper layout. Just follow this scheme to prepare for your Urdu paper. The scheme like other science subjects is not possible for Urdu. It is because the paper pattern is a scheme iteself. So, there is no division of marks for every lesson in the book.

The examiner can take explainantin of Nazam from any Nazam. He can take Khulasa of lesson from any lesson. But if you want to know the important lessons and important items of every question. You can see the guess paper of 2nd year urdu for 2021.

12th class Urdu paper scheme 2021

below is the sketch of 2nd year Urdu paper pattern.

2nd year Urdu paper scheme and pattern 2021

There is another post on this blog that is for 2020. But the paper pattern and scheme is the same. You can have a look at that post below.

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