2nd Year Part II Book II Questions Notes free PDF Download

F.A, F.Sc Part II Book II Question Notes

Here are notes for Intermediate Part II class 12th Book II notes modern essays and Heroes. The content covers the following topics:
2nd year English complete Notes PDF


  1. The Dying Sun by Sir James Jeans questions Notes
  2. Using the Scientific method by Darel Bernard & Lon Edwards questions notes
  3. Why Boys fail in college by Herbert Hawks questions notes
  4. End of Term by David Diaches questions notes
  5. On Destroying Books by J.C Squire questions notes
  6. The Man Who was a Hospital by Jerome K. Jerome questions notes
  7. My Financial Career by Stephen Leacock questions notes
  8. China's Way to Progress by Galeazzo Santini questions notes
  9. Hunger and Population Explosion by Anna McKenzie questions notes
  10. The Jewel of the World by Philip K. Hitti questions notes

  1. First Year At Harro by Sir Winston S. Churchill questions notes
  2. Hitch-Hiking Across the Sahara by G.F Lamb questions notes
  3. Sir Alexander Fleming by Patrick Pringle questions notes
  4. Louis Pasteur by Margaret Avery questions notes
  5. Mustafa Kamal by Wilfrid F. Castle questions notes

In addition, the following notes may help you more:
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