English paper pattern and paper scheme 2nd year 2022

The English paper scheme for 2nd year in All Punjab boards is the same. The paper pattern is printed with clean and simple layout and the pattern for paper is the same in Lahore board, Multan Board, Gujranwala Board, Sahiwal Board, DG Khan board, etc. Here is the layout and components of the paper explained as it appears on the paper.

English paper Pattern for 2nd Year

English fa part 2 paper pattern from punjab board

I would recommend having a look at 2021 paper of English for 2nd year in order to understand the paper pattern. I have only explained the layout and sequence of questions and the marks details along.

12th class English paper pattern 2022

Although I had posted a pairing scheme for 2nd year English but the full explanation is given below

Objective Part (20 MCQs)

In the objective part of the paper, there are 20 MCQs and each MCQs carries 1 one marks marking it a total of 20 marks in this part. This Part is Questions NO.1 of the paper and has 5 subparts i.e A, B, C, D and E. Here is the explanation:

(A) Book II, Part 1 Modern Prose = 3 synonyms
(B) BOOK II,  Part 2 Heroes = 3 synonyms
(C) Mr. Chips novel = 4 Synonyms
(D) Choose correct Preposition = 5 MCQs
(E) Choose the corrects sentence ccording to grammar = 5 MCQs

The total marks of objective paper are 20 Marks.

Subjective Part (80 marks)

Questions No. 2: 
  • 9 short questions from Book II part 1 Modern Prose
  • The students have to write short answers to ANY SIX of the questions. The answer must be around 3-5 lines.
  • Marks = 6x2=12
Questions No. 3:
  • 8 short questions from BOOK II part 2, Heroes
  • The students have to give short answers (3-5 lines) to ANY SIX questions
  • Marks = 6x2=12
Question No.4:
  • 12 short questions from novel Goodbye Mr.Chips
  • The students have to answer ANY EIGHT questions
  • Marks = 8x2=16
Questions No.5:
  • There are 4 essays topics given
  • The students have to write a detailed essay on ANY ONE of the given topics
  • Your essay should be 300-400 words ( 3-4 pages)
  • Marks = 15
Question No. 6:
  • There are 5 idioms and 3 phrasal verbs given
  • The students have to use ANY FIVE from it into their own sentences
  • Marks = 5x2=10
Questions No. 7:
  • An Urdu paragraph is given and the students are asked to translate it into English
  • OR if your do not want to translate the pragraphs, you can write a paragraph in English on the given topic
  • Marks = 15
Total Marks of the subjective part are 80 marks.

So the total marks of English paper for 2nd year are 100 Marks.

Tips for Objective paper

  • Prepare from our objective notes for English 2nd year. Almost all the MCQs come from these notes
  • Do as much exercise as you can with grammar rules.
  • Highlight all important words in every lesson and learn their synonyms.
  • Study our preposition notes for 2nd year English. All come from these notes.
  • Do not leave any answer blank in the paper. Do mark an option. Maybe it is correct. Leaving it without marking will not give a chance to get a mark.
  • There is a half hour time for an objective paper. So, answer the easy questions 1st and then you have time to think about those difficult options. 
Note: you can now download 2nd year English sunshine book in pdf

Tips for Subjective Paper

  • Always start with the easiest question.
  • From questions 2, 3, and 4, 1st of all attempt easy questions which you have learnt best. 
  • Do not rely on exercise questions only. Also learn some exatra important questions from every lesson
  • If you prepare 1st 6 lessons well, you can easily attempt questions No. 2.
  • Learn 1st three heroes and you can attempt questions no. 3 as well.
  • Learn lesson No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, and 13 of goodbye Mr. Chips and you will able to attempt Question no.4 of the paper
  • If you have a short time, you can just prepare our guess paper for 2nd year English 2022 and you will be able to get a minimum 60 marks in English.
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