1st year English paper pattern Punjab Boards

 I have previously explained the paper pattern for 2nd year English. It is since then the students are constantly asking for the paper pattern of 1st year English. 

\So finally, you are reading the post here. Here, I have explained the paper pattern of 11th class English paper for 2023 and afterward.

11th class English paper pattern 2024

The paper pattern has not been changed for 2024. The same pattern will be followed. But the contents are explained as below.

I would recommend you to see 1st year English 2023 paper and an example. It will give you an idea how the paper is organized. But here we will see the layout and different parts and questions in the question paper. 

Although I had posted a pairing scheme for 1st year English but the detailed information is given in this post. I will guide you, so that you can prepare the English according to the exams.

1st year English paper pattern 2024

1st year English paper pattern 204

Here is how the English paper for 1st year FA, FSc, ICS looks and organized by all Punjab boards. 

This paper pattern is for all Punjab boards like Lahore board, Gujranwala Board, Sargodha Board, DG Khan Board, Multan board, Faisalabad board and Rawalpindi board. 

If you are trying to find federal board paper pattern for class 11 English you can see it in another website.

Also see 1st year notes in pdf

Objective Part (20 MCQs)

In the objective part of the paper, there are 20 MCQs and each MCQs carries 1 one marks marking it a total of 20 marks in this part. This Part is Questions NO.1 of the paper and has 3 subparts containing a specific number of MCQs from various parts of the syllabus. Here is the explanation:

(1) Mixed (Book I+BookII) MCQs = 10 synonyms
(2) BOOK III (One-Act Plays) = 5 MCQs
(3) Choose the correct form of Verb = 5 MCQs

The total marks of objective paper are 20 Marks.

Subjective Part (80 marks)

Questions No. 2: (Marks: 6x2=12)
  • 9 short questions from Book I (Short stories)
  • The students have to write short answers to ANY SIX of the questions. The answer must be around 3-5 lines. These are mostly taken from exercises but 1 or 2 questions can be extracted from the texts.

Questions No. 3: (Marks: 5x2=10)
  • 8 short questions from BOOK III (One-act plays)
  • The students have to give short answers (3-5 lines) to ANY FIVE questions. These questions are also mainly taken from exercises but 2 or 3 questions are extracted from the texts.

Question No.4: (Marks: 4x2=8)
  • 6 short questions from Book III (Poems)
  • The students have to answer ANY FOUR questions. these questions are mostly extracted from the texts of the poems but 1 to 3 questions can be taken from exercises
Questions No.5: (Marks: 10)
  • This question has an internal choice. One cation and one letter topics is given. Students can either write the application or the letter or the given topic.
Question No. 6: (Marks: 10)
  • Two topics (moral lessons) are given. The students have to write a story on ANY ONE of the two given topics.
Questions No. 7: (A) (Marks: 5)
  • A stanza from any poem from Book III is given and the students have to explain this stanza with reference to the context.
Questions No. 7: (B) (Marks: 5)
  • An unpunctuated short paragraph (usually 1 or two lines) is taken from the texts (or from exercise) of anyone from the BOOK I short stories. 
  • The students have to Punctuate these lines according to the texts of the lesson.
Questions No. 7:  (C) (Marks: 5)
  • 7 pairs of words are given.
  • The students have to use ANY FIVE of these pairs of words in their own sentences.
Questions No. 8:  (Marks: 15)
  • A paragraph from any short story (from BOOK I) is given. The students have to translate this paragraph into Urdu.
  • There is an alternative question for English medium students. The English medium students have to write an essay/paragraph on the given topic.
Total Marks of the subjective part are 80 marks.

So the total marks of English paper for 1st year are 100 Marks.

Tips for Objective paper

  • Prepare from our objective notes for English 1st year. Almost all the MCQs come from these notes
  • Learn tenses and popular English uses.
  • Highlight all important words in every lesson and learn their synonyms.
  • Study our preposition notes for 2nd year English. All come from these notes.
  • Do not leave any answer blank in the paper. Do mark an option. Maybe it is correct. Leaving it without marking will not give a chance to get a mark.
  • There is a half hour time for an objective paper. So, answer the easy questions 1st and then you have time to think about those difficult options. 
Note: You should download 1st year English 2024 paper in pdf to see the real-time example of the English paper.

Tips for Subjective Paper

  • Attempt easy short questions 1st from every question
  • Keep an eye on the clock. Most students are unable to attempt their papers in time.
  • See our list of important stories for 1st year to prepare it.
  • Zahid Notes for 1st year English are a best choice to prepare your English paper well.
  • If you have a short time, you can just prepare our guess paper for 1st year English 2024 and you will be able to get a minimum 60 marks in English.
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