Career counseling for medical students in Pakistan

The page is reserved for career counseling for FSc pre-medical students. You will find all the post that has something to do with any medical field and biology students. 

You see the below links which lead to the original posts where you can study the details of the topics.

Career Counseling for Medical Students in Pakistan

Career counseling for medical students in Pakistan

Here is the list of all posts on Zahid Notes. I have categorized them according to class levels. 

But this means that all the content here will be career counseling for Biology students. 

The need for career counseling usually starts after FSc pre-medical. The students seek guidance on choosing the right career.

Career guidance for Matric with Biology

1. Field after matric with science in Pakistan

2. Medical diploma courses after Matric with biology

Career Guidance for FSc pre-medical students

The professions and fields are FSc pre-medical

2. Careers and jobs for biology students


MDCAT and Admissions


Study Tips

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Useful links:
1. Study tips for 9th class
2. Study Tip for 10th class students
3. Study Tips for 1st year Students
4. Study Tips for 2nd year Students

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