9th class paper patterns of all subjects

Paper patterns or paper schemes of all subjects of the 9th class have been given below. You can choose the subject you want and get a detailed explanation of paper patterns and design for all subjects of the 9th class. 

If you want to download it in PDF, you can copy the texts and paste in MS word file and save it as pdf. The students should bear in mind that the paper sketch and paper pattern is a paper scheme that allows them to understand how the paper will come in Board Exams.

9th class paper Patterns all Subjects

These are actually the paper schemes of the 9th class for the subjects mentioned below. Please notes that these paper schemes and paper patterns are for the following Educational Boards of Punjab.

Lahore board (BISE Lahore), Gujranwala Board (BISE Gujranwala) , Sahiwal Board (BISE Sahiwal), Multan Board (BISE Multan), Faisalabad Board (BISE Faisalabad), Rawalpindi Board (BISE Rawalpindi), D.G Khan board (BISE DG Khan).

9th class new paper pattern

All the subjects of 9th class have been covered, The subjects include all science, commerce, arts, and humanities subjects. Urdu, English, Maths, General Math, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Punjabi, Civics, Education, Islamic Education, Pak Studies, Agriculture, Home economics, etc.

9th class All Subjects Paper Schemes

These paper patterns have just been updated and you need not worry about the publication date of this post.

Please Note: This page was created in 2020, But I am constantly updating it. As soon as any change is made in paper layout or paper scheme by any Board, I will update this page and all linked posts accordingly. 

So, You will find fresh and latest content on this page any time you visit this page. I would recommend you to add this page to your bookmarks so that you may access it any time you like.

Moreover, the other content for class 9th like test papers, past papers, notes, guess paper and pairing schemes have been prepared and uploaded on this website. 

The links to these resources have been given at the end of the page. Please also visit those posts in order to get much of what is available for the 9th class.

9th class paper patterns PDF

Below are the paper patterns and paper schemes of all subjects of 9th class.

9th class English Paper Pattern

9th class Urdu Paper Pattern

9th class Chemistry Paper Pattern

9th class Biology Paper Pattern

9th class Physics Paper Pattern

9th class Islamic Study Paper Pattern

9th class Pak studies paper pattern

9th class General Science Paper pattern

9th class General Math paper patten

9th class Civics Paper Pattern

9th class Education Paper Pattern

9th class Punjabi Paper Pattern

9th class Tarjum Tul Quran

9th class Islamiat Ikhtyari Paper Patterns

9th class Urdu Advance Paper Patterns

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