9th class islamiat new paper pattern 2024

Paper pattern of 9th class Islamiat for the year 2024 is given. This is also the pairing scheme of 9th class Islamiat for all Punjab boards. 

This is valid for the Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Sargodha Board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, Rawalpindi Board, Faisalabad board, etc.

Islamiat new paper scheme 2024 class 9

9th class Islamiat paper scheme and pairing scheme tells you which questions will be asked from which section of the book. 

I have also published 9th class Tarjuma Tul Quran paper pattern on Zahid Notes. The new paper pattern 2024 will include 50 marks separate paper of Tarjumatul Quran.

The board paper follows a special scheme of studies to make an assessment for the students. So, it is better to know how the paper will be made and do your preparation accordingly. 

9th class Islamiat Paper Pattern 2024

Here is the paper pattern and pairing scheme of Islamiat 2024. We all know that the boards have introduced a new subjects called Tarjuma tul Quran for class 9. 

So, both Islamiat compulsory and tarjuma tul Quran will have 50 marks separate paper for each. 

The Boards have also changed 9th class Islamiat book. The new book has more chapters and different content. So, we will have a changed paper patter for Islamiat in 2024.

9th class Islamiat pairing scheme 2024

The paper pattern and pairing scheme combined are shared here.

Chapter No.


Short Questions

Long Questions

Total Marks

باب اوّل (ب، ج)





باب اوّل)منتخب احادیث)





باب دوم-سوم





باب ، چہارم ، پنجم





باب ششم، ہفتم






Question No.


Q.2 (Attempt 6/9 short questions)

 باب اوّل ، دوم ، سوم  (9 میں سے 6 مختصر سولات حل کرنے)

Q.3(Attempt 6/9 short questions)

باب چہارم ، پنجم ، ششم ، ہفتم (9 میں سے 6 مختصر سولات حل کرنے)

Q.4 (Long Question)

باب ششم  (2 میں سے ایک سوال کا جواب دینا ہو گا)

Q.5 (Long Question)

باب اوّل (منتخب احادیث مبارکہ ایک حدیث کا ترجمہ)

Q.6 (Long Question)

باب دوم، یا سوم، یا چہارم

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Q.1. MCQs = 10 marks

  • 2 MCQs from Baab Awwal
  • 3 MCQs from Baab 2 and Baab 3
  • 3 MCQs from Baab 4 and Baab 5
  • 2 MCQs from Baab 6 and Baab 7
Q.2. Short questions (6/9) = 12 marks
  • Baab 1 = 3 short questions
  • Baab 2+3 = 6 short questions
Q.3. Short questions (6/9) = 12 marks
  • Baab 4+5 = 4 short questions
  • Baab 6+7 = 5 short questions
Q.4. Long question = 4+4 = 8 marks
  •  Baab 6 = attempt 2 out of 3 questions
Q.5. translation of Hadees = 3 marks
  • Baab 1 = Translate 1 Hadees into Urdu
Q.6. Long questions (1/2) = 5 marks
  • Baab 2 OR 3 OR 4
Here is 9th class tarjuma tul Quran model paper and paper pattern
islamiat compulsory paper scheme class 9 2022 pdf download
Download PDF
This is new scheme. The pdf link is still old. It will be updated once 9th class pairing schemes of all subjects are completed. This time, just save this scheme or take screenshot.

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Anonymous said...

Quran e Majeed portion is not mentioned in papaer pattern

Saif Ullah Zahidsaid...

Bhai us ka separate paper hai, us ka paper pattern and scheme di hui hai meny


Because board intermidiate seprated the subject