9th class Tarjuma Tul Quran paper pattern and scheme 2023

 Here is 9th class Tarjum Tul Quran pairing scheme and paper pattern. 9th class pairing scheme 2023 for all classes is already published. 9th class tarjuma Tul Quran paper scheme 2023 is given below.

This scheme is for all Punjab boards like Lahore board, Multan board, Sahiwal Board, Sargodha board, Gujranwala board, Rawalpindi board, Bhawalpur board and DG Khan board.

Tarjuma Tul Quran Paper scheme class 9

Now this is very hard to understand the scheme from the given model paper of Tarjuma Tul Quran. But Zahid Notes always looks for some easy ways for the students. I have given you a simple paper scheme that is easy to understand.

This is 1st paper of Tarjuma tul Quran for 9th class. The 50 marks paper has been included in 9th class course. Looking at Tarjuma Tul Quran syllabus for class 9, we have the following contents:

1. There are 18 Surah of Holy Quran for translation, MCQs, short questions and Long Questions

2. Words meanings from the give Surahs

9th class Tarjuma tul Quran paper pattern

The paper pattern for 9th class tarjuma Tul Quran is given below. But the contents may not be according to the boards schemes.  9th class paper pattern 2023 is given below. 9th class Tarjuma tul Quran paper pattern and pairing scheme both are given here.

Zahid Notes has helpded the students in this regard by providing an official paper pattern of tarjum tul quran. The division of marks for every quetion is given.

9th class Tarjuma tul Quran paper has the following 5 Questions:

Q.1. MCQs: (10 Marks)

There will be 10 MCQs as follows:

10 MCQs from all chapters. 1 mark for every MCQ and a total of 10 marks.

Q.2. Short Questions (10 marks)

There will be 8 short questions given from all Surahs included in the syllabus. There are no rules for takins a specific number of questions from every Surah. If you want to prepare only important points to pass the paper, you can see this tarjuma tul Quran guess paper for class 9. 

From the given 8 short questions, the students will have to answer only 5 questions. Every answer have 2 marks. So the total marks of this question are 10.

Q.3. Words meanings (5 marks)

There will be 8 words in Arabic taken from 9th class Tarjuma tul Quran book. The students will write Urdu meanings of any 5 words. Every meaning carry 1 mark. So, the total marks of this question are 5.

Q.4. Translation (15 marks)

There will be 5 short Ayats (or pieces of Atayts) taken from all Surahs. The students will have to translate any 3 of these pieces of Ayats into Urdu. every translation has 5 marks. So, the toal marks of this question are 15.

Q.5. Write a note (10 marks)

There are two Surahs names. The students will write a note on ANY ONE of the Surah. This question is solved by giving brief introduction to the Surah, brief summary of Surah in Urdu, and the central contents of the Surah. 

The length of this answer should be around 3-4 pages.

9th class tarjuma tul Quran paper pattern
There are some other items for 9th class. This paper pattern will help the students. The paper scheme of 9th class for all subjects is also given. The pdf version of 9th class pairing scheme 2023 is coming.

You should see the following items:

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