BA Part 1 All subjects Guess paper 2023

This page is reserved for guess papers of all subjects of BA part 1. Please notes that the guess paper of all subjects of BA part 1 is being prepared and will be updated soon. 

I am preparing guess paper of BA for Punjab University, Sargodha University, University of Gujrat etc. Once the guess is complete for a subject, it is uploaded right here on this page. These guess papers are for 2023.

B.A Part 1 Guess paper 2023

BA part 1 for Punjab University is taking annual exams 2023 in April. Where students will take written exams. There has been delay in all type of exams in Punjab and Pakistan due to colsure of educational institutes in the country.

The 2022 exams could not be conducted in April and it is now conducted in April 2023. So download the guess paper for all annual exams 2023 for PU.

BA part 1 guess paper 2023 pdf download

These guess papers will help you pass the exams and get good marks in these subjects. The links of some subjects are not active and it simply means that these guess papers are not yet uploaded

BA part 1 PU guess paper 2023

As many students will only try to see important questions and to learn those questions to pass the papers. So, this page will help you by giving important long questions for every subject so that you can pass the exams easily.

Many students attempted online exams last year. Some students who did not agree to the marks obtained in online exams were asked to appear in traditional exams 2023 which was conducted in April 2021. Now this time, 2023 exams are delayed due to this gap. 

Important Questions for PU BA Exams 2023

Below is the subjectwise guess paper of BA part 1. Choose your guess below.

BA part 1 English Guess paper 2023

B.A Part 1 Economics guess paper

B.A Part 1 Pakistan studies Guess paper

B.A Part 1 Punjabi Guess paper

BA part 1 Education guess paper 2023

BA part 1 political Science guess paper

BA Part I sociology (imraniat) guess paper

BA Islamic Studies elective guess paper part 1

BA psychology guess paper part 1

B.A part 1 Journalism Important questions

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