Class 11 Total marks | FA, FSC, ICS,

The students of FA, ICS, FSc and are eager to learn about the total marks and marks schemes. 

Here is the marks system of various courses at the intermediate level and their total marks subjects wise given in front of each subject.

Class 11 Toal marks subjects wise 2023

There are four subject combinations in intermediate. You can do intermediate either in Arts, in science, in commerce or in computer science. 

1st year class 11 total marks 2023

Intermediate in Arts is called FA in Pakistan. Intermediate in science is called FSc. Intermediate in Computer science is called ICS and Intermediate in commerce subjects is called I.Com in Pakistan.

Total Marks of FA Part 1

Here are the total marks of FA for BISE Lahore and all Punjab Boards like Gujranwala Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sahiwal Board, DG Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, etc.
There are seven subjects in FA: four are compulsory subjects and three are elective subjects. 

The students have to study the same subjects in FA part 1 and part 2. Both parts carry equal marks which are 600.

1. English (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

2. Urdu (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

3. Islamic Education (Compulsory) = 50 marks

4. Tarjama tul Quran Majeed = 50 marks

5. Elective subject 1 = 100 marks

6. Elective subject 2 = 100 marks

7. Elective Subject 3 = 100 marks

Now if you see, all these 7 subjects make a total of 600 marks which are the total marks in FA part 1. 

The elective subjects are the subjects in which a student chooses himself or herself from the given list of subjects for FA

You can choose three subjects from a variety of subjects. It can be Punjabi, Sociology, Education, etc.

Total marks of F.Sc Part 1

In F.Sc, you choose to study either Mathematics or Biology along with other six subjects for FSc including Urdu, English, Islamic Education, Tarjama tul Quran, Chemistry and Physics. 

So, if you take biology, your F.Sc is said to be pre-medical and if you take mathematics, your F.Sc is said to be Pre-engineering. In both cases, you study 7 subjects together in part 1 of 1st year.

1. English (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

2. Urdu (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

3. Islamic Education (Compulsory) = 50 marks

4. Tarjama tul Quran Majeed = 50 marks

5. Mathematics OR Biology = 100 marks

6. Physics = 100 marks

7. Chemistry = 100 marks

The total marks are 600. Again the marks of F.Sc are the same as of simple F.A. So, this is why the grading system and merits for FA and F.Sc are the same.

Total Marks of ICS part 1

In ICS, you study 7 subjects in part 1. The three compulsory subjects are the same as in simple fa and F.Sc. 

The other three include Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics OR Physics OR Statistics.
You can see the list of all ICS subjects and combinations.

Here are the subject-wise marks of ICS part 1

1. English (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

2. Urdu (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

3. Islamic Education (Compulsory) = 50 marks

4. Tarjama tul Quran Majeed = 50 marks

5. Mathematics OR Economics= 100 marks

6. Physics OR Statistics= 100 marks

7. Computer Science = 100 marks

So the total marks for ICS part 1 are 600 too. The same subjects are studied in ICS part 2. 

You can check the Fields after ICS in Pakistan. I have published a helpful tutorial for ICS students to select their subjects correctly.

Total Marks in I Com part 1

Here are the total marks of I Com part 1. The same are the marks for I.Com part 2. 

Now If you are looking for How many marks in I com part 1, I have given here the subject-wise marks of I Com part1.

1. English (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

2. Urdu (Compulsory) = 100 Marks

3. Islamic Education (Compulsory) = 50 marks

5. Tarjama tul Quran Majeed = 50 marks

4. Principles of Accounting = 100 marks

5. Principles of Economics = 75 marks

6. Principles of Commerce = 100 marks

7. Business mathematics = 50 marks

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In this way, the 8 subjects combine to make a total of 600 marks. You can see that every combination of Intermediate has 600 total marks. 

This is why Boards set it easy to compare the marks and grades of the students of different fields doing the same level -intermediate- and there is no hitch in calculating the worth of any student.

Total Marks in Intermediate part 1 in Pakistan

There are 600 total marks for Intermediate part 1 in Pakistan for examination 2023.

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