2nd year all subjects notes PDF Download

Here are the notes of all subjects for 2nd year students. You can download these notes in PDF format. The notes are including all subjects chemistry, biology, physics, maths, etc. The notes are both of short questions and MCQs of all subjects for F.Sc part II.

2nd year Notes pdf

2nd year notes pdf

If you want to download complete notes of 2nd year in pdf then choose which subjects you will download notes for here on Zahid Notes. The list of all notes in pdf is given below. 

There are some notes still missing and these will be updated on this page when these are available in pdf. These all notes are free to download. The notes for every subject are given in the following categories:

1. Short Questions notes

2. MCQs Notes

3. Long Questions Notes

4. Complete Notes

2nd year ( FSc/F.A) , Class 12 Notes pdf

Here are the complete notes of 2nd year for the following subjects. Other subjects are being included in the list. Please note that these notes are for all Punjab boards. These are not according to the smart syllabus 2020. But you can find the complete book notes here.

Now please find the notes and download the notes free in pdf.

Now this is the page where you can find even more items. Please be patient while the notes are being prepared for some subjects. Punjabi, economics, education, civics and statistics notes are still not available in pdf.
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