2nd year pak studies short questions notes

Here are PDF notes for 2nd year Pakistan studies. These notes include exercise short questions answers. These notes are in Urdu medium and there are important short questions and answers in it. You can download these notes in a single pdf file from here.

2nd year Pak studies notes Urdu Medium PDF

Now Zahid notes provide quality notes and guess for 2nd year students. I have compiled notes of all subjects of 2nd year. I am trying to provide every type of notes for free in PDF so that students can easily download them and read them on their smartphones.

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Below is the link to download your notes. You can give your comments about my effort and services in the comment section below. It boosts up my morale.

2nd year Pak Study Notes PDF

Now a good news for students is that Punjab boards have issued new paper scheme for 2nd year Pak study 2021. 2021 new pairing scheme for class 12 has been published on Zahid Notes. You can download it from below link:

These notes include exercise questions of all chapters:
Chapter 1 notes
Chapter 2 notes
Chapter 3 notes
Chapter 4 notes
chapter 5 notes
chapter 6 notes
chapter 7 notes
chapter 8 notes
chapter 9 notes
chapter 10 notes
chapter 11 notes
Other Important Notes for 2nd year>>>
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