Paper Scheme of 1st year 2021 Punjab Boards

Please see the updated paper schemes of 1st year for all Punjab boards for 2021. I have compiled a pdf file of 1st year pairing schemes of physics, chemistry, biology, maths, and computer science and you can download it from here.

 You should see the following paper schemes as well:
I know many students who just prepared their paper according to the pairing scheme and got good marks. They even did not touch some chapters but got 60 marks out of 85. So, there is magic in the pairing scheme. You can see my post on how you can get good marks in physics class 11.

1st year Pairing schemes 2021

Here are the pairing schemes of all subjects of 1st year 2021.

1. 2021 1st year chemistry paper scheme

2. 2021 1st year biology paper scheme

3. 2021 1st year Physics pairing scheme

4. 2021 1st year Mathematics paper scheme

5. 2021 computer science paper scheme 1st year

6. English paper scheme for 1st year 2021

You can now download all subjects pairing schemes of 1st year class 11 in a single pdf file. These pairing schemes are for lahore board, faisalabad board, multan board, DG khan board, Sahiwal Board, Rawalpindi board and Sargodha board.

Class 11 paper schemes 2021 pdf download

1st year class 11 pairing schemes all subjects 2020 punjab boards

Download PDF

 The students who plan, design and follow their study plans are often those who get good marks. Those students follow paper schemes and plan their studies accordingly. Even they skip some chapters and still get more marks than those students who study the whole book even twice. That is what is called a strategical study. You can get more than 60 marks with only 2 months' preparation.

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