A dialogue between a bookseller and a student

This is a conversation between a bookseller shopkeeper and a student customer regarding buying books. You can see that the customer is a student and he wants to buy some books on a bookseller's shop. The dialogues between them are given below.

Dialogue Between a bookseller and a customer

Bookseller: Good Morning. May I help you?

Student: Yes, I want to buy some books.

Bookseller: There are different kinds of books here. What kind of books do you want?

Student: I want storybooks for children.

Bookseller: have you any particular choice?

Student: Yes I want to buy interesting stories about jungles and animals.

Bookseller: You can see "Friends' Park" and "Happy Jungle".

Student: Are these about animals?

Bookseller: These are the two best-selling books about animal stories.

Student: Ok, Let me see.

Bookseller: Here these are! Any other book?

Students: These are really fine. I was looking for such books. I would buy these two and also show me a good book on English Grammar.

Bookseller: I would recommend you to buy "Smart Book of English Grammar" by Saif Ullah Zahid.

Student: Is this a perfect book for grammar?

Bookseller: This is the latest and the most popular book of 2020. You will find everything written in a simple and easy way.

Student: Add it to the cart for sure. Have you any books on Islamic history?

Bookseller: I am sorry we don't have Islamic books. We just only have science and fiction books and language books.

Student: Where can I buy Islamic Books?

Bookseller: You can buy any Islamic book at "Zahid Islamic Centre" right at the corner to the left.

Student: Ok, thanks. How much do I have to pay for these?

Bookseller: Rs 430 Sir. I have given you a 5% discount.

Student: Thanks. Here is your payment.

Bookseller: Thanks for coming. Goodbye.

Student: Goodbye.

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