Applications to Principal and Job Applications for Students

Applications to Principal of your college

Here is a list of applications for 1st-year students. This post has a link to 1st year English applications. These applications are written to the principal of your college. Choose your desired topic for application and see an example.

1st year English applications notes

1. Application to principal for casual / General leave

2. Application to principal for sick/medical leave

3. Application to principal for fee concession

4. Application to principal for the remission of fine

5. Application to principal for a leave to attend your brother's marriage

6. Application to principal re-admission

7. Application to principal for the apology of misbehavior

8. Application to principal for college trip / tour

9. Application to principal for having the permission of college match

10. Application to principal for bus service to your route

11. Application to principal for change of subjects

12. Application to the principal for college leaving certificate

13. Application to principal for arrangements of sports and games in school

Download all these Applications notes in PDF

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  2. good job sir plz ek letter ya application as bata day jo sub per fit ho jay thanks

    1. jnab applications and letters har aik ka format same hota hai, but yeh fit ni aty. best yahi hai k ap different learn krein.

  3. Sir g application ka pdf option ni aa rha

    1. Thanks. Your opinion has been noted. I am going to give a PDF download link here very soon.

    2. Sir g pdf option he but pdf open krne pe blank pages h

    3. ni blank ni hai. The applications are fully composed in PDF. You may have problem with your pdf reader. please open PDF file in another program.

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