Application to Principal to start bus service to your route

If you are a college student and you have to travel daily to your college, the college bus service is your best traveling choice. There are some routes where public transport is either not available or is very slow. So, you must ask your principal to start school van service to your locality. The sample application is given below.

Application to Principal of Your College

The applications to the principals are written in a formal tone and formal language. So, you may get an idea after reading this application.

Application to Start a bus service to your route

The Principal,
Queen Mary College,

Subject: Starting bus service to a route

I am a student of F.Sc Pre-medical Section C at your esteemed college. I belong to Shahdara, A locality about 10 km to the south-east of the college. There is no proper public transport route to the college from there. There are almost 150 students of this college on this route 25 of which belong to my own locality. There is no college bus service on that route. Some of the students use private transport, some come on their own vehicles, some use public transport changing three to four routes and buses to reach college.

The students face difficulties in reaching the college consequently being late frequently. On the behalf of my all area-fellows, I request you to avail us the college bus service. The bus service may be started to this area so that we may safely and timely reach the college daily.
The signatures of more than 60 students who are ready to join this bus service from the very first day are attached herewith.

We hope you will do it on top priority.

Yours obediently,
Sehrish Fatima,
Class XI
Roll No. PM-021

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