1st Year English Book III poems notes

Here are 1st year Book 3 English poems important short questions answers notes for the 1st year students. Download explanation of stanzas and questions notes in PDF format. We have given the links to all poems short questions and summaries included in Book III of first year students' English Book.

Summaries and Notes of Poems

1. The Rain
2. Night Mail
3. Loveliest of the trees, the Cherry now
4. O Where are you going
5. In the street of fruit stalls
6. A Sindhi woman
7. Times
8. Ozymandias
9. The feed
10. The hollow men
11. Leisure
12. Ruba'iyat
13. A tale of two cities
14. My neighbour friend breathing his last

Download these notes in PDF
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    1. Download link will be updated as soon as the notes are complete and available in PDf format. I am writing the notes for other poems. I am updating this list on regular basis. So, better follow this blog to stay updated about coming notes.

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