The poem Night Mail summary and questions notes

Here are the summary and short questions answers notes for the poem Night Mail by W. H. Auden. This summary of the poem is best for English Book 3,  1st year students. The post includes the context and reference of the poem too. The poet describes the journey of the coach Night Mail.

About the poet:

W. H. Auden was born in 1907. He was educated at Oxford and taught in England and Scotland for some time. He wrote poetry and won fame in political and social circles. His famous publications are: Look Stranger (1936), Another Time (1940), and The Age of Anxiety (1948). Auden had a deep interest in language and metaphor. He also showed interest in satire and parody. Auden is known for his lively and provocative approach.

Summary of the poem Night Mail

In this poem, the poet has sketched the path of a coach called Night Mail. The poet narrates the story of her travel through various places and the attitude of birds, dogs, sheep etc on her arrival. The poem is simple and rhymic. The arrangement of rhymic words creates a sensational impact.

The poet says that Night Mail is coming. He is bringing postal orders, cheques, and letters for all people. She is steadily moving in plain areas and pulls up its coaches on steep paths. She reaches on time in spite of all the hurdles in the way. She passes the cotton fields and moorland. She throws white steam across her shoulders and continues her journey. She makes noise and passes through vast areas of bentgrass.

On her arrival, the birds turn their heads to look at her. They watch her passing but do not leave their nests in the bushes. The dogs and sheep keep sleeping with their heads on their paws as they know that they cannot change her course. They show no reaction at all.

She passes through farms where farmers and laborers are sleeping. Although she makes a loud noise, no one wakes. These people have become habitual to this noise and they keep sleeping. But a jug in the bedroom gently shakes.

These lines have been taken from the poem 'Night Mail' written by W.H. Auden.

The poem is about a Night Mail coach. The poet tells us how the coach passes through various hilly and plain places but reaches on time. It brings the letters and other posts for the people. Night Mail passes through fields but the life of the people and animals is not disturbed.

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Short Questions Notes

Q.1: What does the Nigh Mail bring?
Ans: It brings postal orders, cheques, and letters for the people of all the walks of life.

Q.2: What is the reaction of birds on the arrival of Night Mail?
Ans: The birds turn their heads to see the coach. They keep sitting in their nests in the bush. They are not afraid at all.

Q.3: What is the effect of Night Mail on life in the farms?
Ans: Night Mail does not disturb the life in the farms. The people and animal in the farm know her well. They are now familiar to the coach. So, they just keep on with their work when she passes by.

Q.4: What is the reaction on sheep and dogs on the arrival of Night Mail?
Ans: The sheep and dogs do not bother to look at the train when she passes. They just keep sleeping with their heads on their paws.

Q.5: From where does Night Mail pass?
Ans: She passes from plains and hills. She passes from the farms and cotton fields. She also passes from moorland and miles of fields of wind-bent grass.

Q.6. What is the theme of the poem "Night Mail"?
The theme is the beautiful journey of the night mail and how it delivers to the people. It brings different types of mail. It delivers the letters to everyone whether rich or poor. It travels through different lands. It is very punctual. It creates great noise but does not disturb the life of animals and human beings.

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