All English Notes for First year Intermediate part 1

Notes for English for class first year intermediate

You can choose notes for every subject here. Here are the categories of notes for English for 1st year.

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Here are all notes of F.A F.Sc Intermediate Part-1. You can download notes, guess and books for first-year students from Zahid E Notes. Please see applications, letters, stories, a pair of words, book-1 notes, book-3 notes, poems explanation and short questions notes, dialogues and English grammar notes.

English Book-I Question Answers

Book 1 Translation in Urdu

1st year English important paragraphs for translation

English Book-III Question Answers

English Book III Poems short questions Notes

1st year English Book 3 Poems explanation

English Stories




Pair of Words

Objective and MCQs

1st Year All subjects notes

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