1st year English Book 1 Translation in Urdu PDF

Book 1 is a series of short stories and lessons The 1st lesson of the book is button, button.
Button, button involving the three characters called Norma, Arthur, and Steward. Arthur is the husband of Norma. Norma is a working woman and also a housewife. Mr. Steward is the representative of a company which sells amazing gadgets with cool offers. The story is just a sensational presentation by Richard Matheson.

English Book 1 of 1st year

Book 1 of English for class 11, FSc and FA part 1 is a short is a textbook by Punjab Text Book Board. The book contains 15 lessons.

fiction is written by Richard Matheson. The story tells us that being greedy and selfish is always destroying. It has painful consequences. Norma just did not care for an unknown person and she just wanted to get money to pursue her dreams. She became greedy and got her own husband killed. The story tells us that we must wish good of human beings. We must not get anything on the cost of the life or lives of others.

Translation of Button Button into Urdu

This is the 1st lesson of BOOK-I of the English syllabus for 1st year students. This book is part of the course of class 11 in all Punjab educational boards. So, the students of the following boards can take advantage of this post:

Download A+ English solved past papers for 1st year

Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, DG Khan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Faisalabad Board.


Here is the translation of a complete lesson in Urdu. You can download it in PDF form Zahid Notes. I am also uploading the translation of other lessons from this book. Book 1 contains:

1. Button Button Translation

2. Clearing in the Sky lesson 2 translation

Download PDF

3. Dark they were and Golden eyed Translation

Download PDF

4. Thank You Ma'm Lesson Translation

Download PDF

5. The piece of String translation

Download PDF

6. The Reward Lesson Urdu translation

Download PDF

7. The Use of Force book 1 lesson translation

Download PDF

8. Gulistan of Sa'di

Download PDF

9. The foolish Quack translation in Urdu

Download PDF

10. A Mild Attack of Locusts

Download PDF

11. I have a dream translation

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12. The gift of Magi book 1 Translation

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13. God Be praised translation in Urdu

Download PDF

14. Overcoat lesson Urdu translation

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15. The angel and the Author-and others

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Note: These are PDF notes and you can download them as all lessons one by one. I am creating a single file for all lessons Urdu translation. The file will be uploaded on this page once it is ready. Meanwhile, you may also like to see the following notes for 1st year as well:

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