Write an email to your friend to congratulate him on his grand success in Software Writing competition

Write an email to your friend to congratulate him on his grand success in Program Writing competition

To: Kamran Ashraf
Subject: Congratulations on Grand Success

Hi buddy,

I just received the grand news of your superb success in software writing competition. I was sure of your success. I am overjoyed to hear that big news. All of our class fellows are discussing this great news. You have always been on the top in program writing. You have proved that you can bring a change on software technology. I pray for you that your dream of having a job in Silicon Valley will come true.

Accept my heartiest congratulations on your brilliant success. You had promised to give a party if you won this competitions. Now it's time to fulfill your promise. We all are waiting for your response.
Arif told me that you are going to Lahore to stay there for a week. What's the idea? We were planning to come to you for celebration. Anyhow inform us when you come back from Lahore. If you don't respond to my email early, I will break your Iphone. Understand?

In the end, I would like congratulate uncle and aunt on this occasion. Will you convey my message to them? Well, I know you will. I am really looking forward to seeing you. Listen! Please don't forget to make peace with Saira on this occasion. She is really a nice girl. It is you who is problematic. We will boycott your party if Saira does not attend it.

Take care,
Ashfaq Ahmad

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