Write high quality college assignments with these tips

April 09, 2020
This post will guide you through the process of writing high-quality assignment for college and university students. The correct format and procedure of writing an assignment are given here. It was best if I could explain it with a college assignment example. How to write an assignment for your college topic? Here is the list of best tips and steps to follow to write a good assignment.

the steps and tips to write high quality assignments

How to write quality assignments for your college topic

Assignments are very important in the academic life of every person. They are given in order to make the student revise concepts and remove any misconception if occurring. Assignments, therefore, are supposed to be written after you carefully examine or learn the topic. In this way, assignments are an integral part of education.

Moreover, assignments raise many fears in the minds of some students. They start thinking about how would they complete this task and how his or her assignment could please the professor. Some even do not know where to begin an assignment, how to write it, and where to end it.

This article deals with the very fear of assignment. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare and work an assignment effectively and how you can please your professors with it.

Steps to follow Pre-writing

There are some important steps that you should keep into consideration once you start preparing for an assignment. The assignment is not about writing the concepts. It is about following a proper way of research to look into the topics and presenting them. We recommend you to bring the following steps into consideration while preparing it:

1. Understand the nature of your topic

The foremost thing that everyone should consider while preparing for any assignment is that he must know the nature of the topic. It is to say that every topic follows the pattern of research according to its nature. For example, if your topic is related to any quantitative analysis, you are supposed to remain neutral in concluding. On the contrary, if your topic is qualitative, you have the freedom to include your viewpoints in your assignment. Quantitative topics are mostly related to sciences; qualitative topics are of arts and humanities.

2. Determine the sources

Before writing the assignment, determine the sources, which would provide your knowledge about your topic. Some topics are of such a type that can be easily found on the internet. However, not every topic is always available on internet. Sometimes, you even have to consult a book or magazine for finding relevant information to your topic. In this phase, you ought to rely upon authentic sources and authors. Otherwise, teacher would be able to point out mistakes in the concepts.

3. Comprehend well

Once you have found your needed information at any forum, do not just copy and paste it. It's highly recommended to understand the available knowledge. Usually, websites with authentic content do not have information in very simplified English. Therefore, you have to cross the language barriers to completely comprehend the ideas available. So is the case with quality books available on different topics. Great writers do not usually write in simple language. Therefore, you must understand your topic completely.

Steps to follow during writing the assignment

After completing the above-mentioned steps, you are finally ready to write your assignment. It is necessary to consider the following steps while writing your assignment. Follow the below-mentioned steps for writing assignments effectively.

1. Follow an outline

The arrangement of your information is very important in an assignment. The outline gives you a direction as to how to put the knowledge in away. It also helps the teacher to check the assignment easily and comfortably. For writing an outline, put headings in your assignment. Start it and end it with an introduction and summary or conclusion respectively. Your every heading must have a paragraph describing it. Each paragraph should contain only one idea about what you are writing.

2. Write simply

The second thing you need to remember is that you are bound to present concepts in a readable way. A large vocabulary bank and knowledge of complex sentence structures are good. However, an assignment is not like a thesis or research proposal. An assignment written in a simple and clear language creates a good impression of yours on the teacher. In simple language, concepts also become simple. By using simple words and short sentences, you can write a really impressive assignment.

3. Write comprehensively

A good assignment is always comprehensive. I talks about variety of aspects related to your topic. In your assignment, try your best to relate your topic with other relevant topics. This would create an impressive effect on the teacher. It will make him know that you have not copied the concepts but have learned them and made them relative. For example, if you are writing an introduction to physics, besides writing about physics, relate it with other aspects of life. Write as to how physics is useful in our daily lives and what is its role in development.

4. Write coherently

In addition to following an outline, your paragraphs must be connected. It is to say that you should not add irrelevant information. The paragraphs must have a logically established relationship between them. Due to this, there must be a causal relationship between the sentences you write. It is necessary to pack the information tightly. It it is not followed, all information remains in fragments.

5. Draw charts and graphs where needed

Pictorial representation in assignment works a lot to please professors. Charts and graphs give preciseness to the information available. Therefore, you should draw charts, graphs, and tables where necessary. It would help a lot in pleasing teachers.

6. Use punctuations carefully

If you are an English medium student, you ought to have excellent skills in reading and writing in English. Students often do not add punctuations marks to the text which causes the information to look ugly. Therefore, we recommend you to learn the usage of each punctuation mark and use it in your assignment.

7. Cite references

Adding references of the information gives authenticity to your assignment. Putting reference of each quote and piece of information you copy not only serves as a referent but also authenticates your arguments. It adds academic prestige to even an ordinary assignment. Smart students often use this strategy to please professors.

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The features and facilities a good school must have

April 08, 2020
Which school you will call a good school? I think you know the answer to some extent. You must be aware of what are schools meant for? We all know the functions of school and we know the quality education well. The educational quality or quality education is an outcome of various products working together: that is a school.

what things makes a school good

A school is a holy place where the minds grow. Every educated person has to spend thirteen to fourteen years of his age in school. These years of his age are of great importance. His whole coming life is dependent on this period of his age. In schools, man-making work is done. Schools not just educate the people rather perform a duty to make the students good citizens. They prepare the students educationally, morally, socially and spiritually.

Salient features of a good school

Here we will talk about the features of a good school. All the schools are very good but if a school has the following features surely it will be an ideal school. The strength of this school will be very high. It will the wish of every student that he may get admission to that school. 

1. Trained and Qualified Faculty

First of all the school should have well trained and qualified faculty. If the teachers of the school will be highly qualified and experienced they will try their best to educate the pupils. They will be able to understand the mental level of the students and try to teach them according to their mental level. Moreover, the school administration should manage the training programs for the teachers. Then the school will be an ideal school and the result will be a hundred percent. 

2. The Purposive School building

The building of the school should be splendid and vast. The atmosphere of the school should be neat and clean. Every room should be consist of basic facilities like lights, fans, and furniture, etc. It should be out of noisy areas. The noise-producing agents should be prohibited in the school building. A complete learning and peaceful atmosphere should be provided to the students. So that they may feel comfortable in school. 

3. Basic Facilities

Arrange of basic facilities in school for the children.it is a basic feature of a good school to arrange the basic facilities in school for the students. Here should be the availability of fresh and cool water for the students. Electricity should be available in all the rooms so that the students may use it according to the weather. 

The transport facility should be available for the students so that the students who are from far places may have easy access to the school. In the same way, a good school should provide the students with the facility of the hostel. So, in any case, the students may stay there. When the student will be free from all worries then his whole concentration will be on study.

4. Parent-Teacher Coordination

Make sure a hundred percent presence of the students is also a salient feature of a good school if they will be able to achieve this goal the school surely will make progress in all the fields.

Have permanent contact with the parents of the students. The school administration should employ a parent-teacher coordinator to deal with all issues related to the parents. They should constantly inform the parents about the study progress of the students. They should arrange PTMs after a fixed time. By doing so they will be able to establish their confidence among the people. The parents will come to know about the weaknesses and shortcomings of their children. Through the cooperation of parents and teachers, the school can prove its worth in society 

5. Tests and Database Systems

Monthly test sessions. It is necessary for every school to judge the ability of the students. For this purpose, they should arrange monthly assessments. As in Pakistan, a term consists of a whole year. .The schools conduct at least three assessments in a year. The midterm assessments are also conducted by many famous schools.

The school database having the data of all the students and employees of the school is an essential feature of a good and well-managed school. The Schools keeps the records of portfolios of the students, their assessments records, their contact details, and fee and charges details. Everything is managed through a database software and reports are generated as and when required.

6. Co-Curricular Activities

Arrange the co-curriculum activities is also an essential part of the study. Because the school is not just responsible to educate the students but also prepare them as good citizens. After taking part in co-curricular activities the students will develop the qualities of true sportsmanship. In this regard, the school should arrange sports day, colors day, Iqbal day, Quaid days, etc. They should also held the competition of speeches, debates, and quizzes among the students. This will develop the self-confidence of the students. They will be able to face the challenges of the coming life.

It is also a duty of the school administration to arrange educational and informative tours for the students. When the students will visit the historical, they will come to know about the grandeur of their civilization. They will be able to have a touch with the history of their forefathers. After coming back from the visit surely the students will feel a new strength among themselves. They will star reading with new courage. 

7. Free Education Quota

A good school is not merely focused on monetary gains. Every school has a mission and vision. A good school contributes to society by giving free education to the poor and intelligent students. This is a way to serve a wider range of educational objective in the country

The provision of free education to the poor and the needy students is also the feature of a good school. In Pakistan poverty has reached a dangerous level. Many students can not get an education due to their poor economic condition. The children of such families have a strong urge to get an education but they can not do so due to their poverty. The school should be cooperative with such students. So that they may be able to get an education and lead life as good citizens.

8. Library and Labs

Arrange a library for the students is also the duty of the school administration. So that the students may not have any hurdle in their study. In this way, they will be able to have easy access to all types of books. This will also develop the habit of book reading among the students.

Science and computer labs play an important role in conceptual teaching. The practicals are far better than reading books. Science lab and a computer lab are the basics of modern teachings. Now the modern teaching methods have yielded the place of traditional teaching methods.


To sum up, the whole discussion is that the schools are not just responsible to make the students able to get a good job rather every school should try to make the students good citizens. They should also prepare in such a way that they may be successful in this world or in the next world. Then we can call that school an ideal and good school.

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Test preparation guide for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, SPSC 2020

April 04, 2020
This is an age of competition. In this age, everyone is trying to get ahead from the others. It is a dire need of every individual to get a government job. In the past, it was easy to become a government employer. Even the uneducated people were able to get a government job. But in this modern era, it is hard for even a highly qualified person to get a good job. He has to pass through a difficult process of tests. If he proves his worth in test he will get a job. Otherwise, he will remain jobless. 
Job tests preparation tips 2020 and best books for MCQs

For this purpose, the government and different companies held the test or interviews. Tests are a way to judge the abilities of the students or candidates. Punjab public service commission PPSC, national testing service NTS, open testing service OTS, and Pakistan testing service, etc are a type of test which gives the tests to the candidates and judges their abilities. 

This article will guide you on how to prepare for any job test. The popular job test institutes are PPSC, FPSC, NTS, SPSC, PTS, etc. In addition, CSS is a high ranked job test in Pakistan. First of all, let's see the abbreviations and full forms of these abbreviations.
  • PPSC stands for Punjab Public Service Commission
  • FPSC stands for Federal Public Service Commission
  • SPSC stands for Sindh Public Service Commission
  • NTS stands for National Testing Service
  • PTS stands for Pakistan Testing service
  • CSS stands for Central superior services
And there are other departments and institutions that take job tests.

How to prepare for the job tests in Pakistan

For any tests, you have to follow some general instructions which are common in all tests. Like there are MCQs in every test. Some MCQs are related to the job field you are applying for, and some MCQs are from General knowledge, history, Islam, geography, and English and Urdu grammar, etc.

1. General Preparation Tips

Here we will discuss the preparation of PPSC and about the guides which are helpful for the preparation of PPSC, NTS, SPSC, CSS, PMS, FPSC. The test of PPSC is consists of different parts and categories. To prepare the test the students or candidates should not be proficient in his on the subject rather he must prepare all the aspects like basic English grammar, Urdu grammar, basic math, basic computer, history of Islam, history of Pakistan or even the history of the world, geography, general knowledge, and current affairs, etc. By preparing these topics surety he will be able to get a reasonable livelihood.

2. English grammar MCQs

Now we will talk about all the above-mentioned topics one by one prepare the basic English grammar. English grammar is an enteral part of our life. In this age, English has become an enter national language. 

Therefore if a person wants to pass the test of PPSC he must know about the basic rules of English. It is included part of speech, use of the verb, tenses, active and passive voice, and direct or indirect narration. By preparing these topics surely he will get through the portion of English in the test.

3. Maths MCQs

Math is also an enteral part of our life. It is in the use of every individual. Even Common shopkeeper can not do his work properly without the basic math. Keeping in view this aspect math is included in every test. Therefore without the preparation of math, no one can pass any test. So we should prepare the basic math.

4. Computer Portion

The computer is also part of our life. It is being used in every field of life. We cannot imagine without computer, therefore, the basic computer is the part of every test. If a student or candidate wants to pass any test in good marks he should also prepare the basic computer. He should know about all the short keys of computer about its parts or kinds of software. In this way, he will be able to pass the test effectively.

5. Urdu Grammar knowledge

Urdu grammar is also part of every test. Urdu is also our national language. Therefore it is taught from the very basic class. Urdu is also part of every test. To pass the test of PPSCevery one should know the basic Urdu grammar. Then he will be able to pass the test of PPSC easily.

6. Islamic History

For the test of PPSC, a person should be aware of the history of Islam. He should prepare the portion of Islamic study very seriously. He should know about the beginning of Islam, the name of battles fought for Islam and about the holy Quran. In this way, he will be able to pass the test of PPSC.

7. History of Pakistan

The history of Pakistan is also part of every test of PPSC. If a student or candidate wants to pass the test of PPSC, PMS, CSS, NTS, FPSC, SPSC in good marks he should be aware of the history of Pakistan. He should e aware of the struggle of the Muslims leaders which they made for a separate homeland. They Mar ask questions about the movement for a separate state. Therefore the candidate must know about the history of Pakistan.

8. Geography

Geography is also part of the test of PPSC. Therefore the students should learn about this aspect of the test. He should learn about the name of the famous rivers, mountains about their height or length. He should know about the famous deserts of the world. He should be aware from the important lakes, forests and popular visiting places. In this way surely he will be to pass the test of PPSC, NTS, FPSC, and SPSC.

9. General Knowledge MCQs

General knowledge and current affairs are also essential the part of every test. No test in Pakistan is without current affairs or general knowledge. Therefore the candidates must prepare these two aspects of the test of PPSC.

Which books are best for test Preparation

It was the method of the prep of the test of PPSC. Now we will discuss the features of the books which are quite helpful for the preparation of PPSC. By going through these books any candidate surely be able to pass the test of PPSC, PMS, CSS, NTS, FPSC and other job tests

1. Quiz MCQs Bank

This is the best book for Job test preparation. The book has been compiled by Zahid Notes. This book has 10,000 solved MCQs from all subjects and from past papers of FPSC, PPSC, PMS, CSS, and NTS. This is one of our best selling books for 2019. But now from 2020. We have started giving this book away for free. you can now download the book for free from our website. To download the book, visit our "Quiz MCQs Bank Book by Zahid Notes"

2. Advanced Learners Books

The book of advance learner PPSC, NTS, FPSC model papers is a unique book for the preparation of PPSC. This book is consists of the original past papers. It has often been noticed that many questions are repeated again and again in different papers. It is also a trend among the people who take the test, again and again, are succeeded at last. Therefore the students or candidates should purchase this book and began to study it properly. In this way, he will be able to get a good job.

3. Books of Imtiaz Ali Shahid

A book by Amtaiaz Ali Shahid. Its name is also a new addition of past papers by Amtaiz Ali Shahid is also a good book for the preparation of PPSC and NTS and FPSC. This book also consists on the past papers and also has additional information about the given topics. So if a person wants to get a good job he should study this book thoroughly.

4. Books by Dogars Publishers

"Who is Who, or What is What" by Dogar Publisher is also a very informative book. It is a very important or helpful book for the preparation of PPSC. In this book, there is whole information of the world. By reading this book the candidate may be able to know the important detail of the world. This book also gives information about the ministry of the world. In this way, this book is very helpful for the preparation of PPSC.

5. The World of General Knowledge Book

Here is also a book its name is World of General Knowledge. This book has a general knowledge of the world. By reading this book any candidate will be able to clear the portion of general knowledge.

In short, any person who wants to pass the test of PPSC in good marks should try to act upon the above-mentioned instructions. Moreover, there should be consistency in his study. He should also pray to Allah Almighty for his mercy or help. Then he will be able to get a good job.

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Obedience to teachers and parents essay

April 04, 2020
Here is an essay on obedience of the teachers and the parents. The essay on teachers and parents respect and obedience is given in English here for college-level students and for high school students. The essay has almost 600 words. You cannot download it in pdf but you can copy the texts to make a pdf file of your own.

Obedience to parents and teachers Essay 

Parents are a great blessing of Allah. When the man comes in this world first of all his parents take much care of him. They feed him. Give him good clothes. They care of his every need. In this world no one can take the place of parents and teachers. Being a Muslim it is our sacred obligation to respect our parents and teachers. Because parents are our actual parents and teachers are our spiritual parents. Parents give us life and teachers make our life worth living. Teachers also train us to lead a happy life

In this materialistic world every person does something for getting something. Give and take is the basic principle of every dealing. But these to relations are those who work for their children or pupils without any such aim. Their foremost aim is to make their children and students to be successful. So it is our moral duty to respect our parents and teachers. By doing we will be able to become successful in this world and in the next world.

In the following lines I am going to give some instructions which are quite important for every individual. By following these instructions we will be able to call good children and students.

Obedience of parents and teachers is a basic principle to respect them. We should follow the every good order of the parents and teachers. These two personalities are well informed from the habits and trends of their children and pupils. They know that on what occasion what they are to do. They will never ask us to any thing which we cannot do. So we should be obedience before our parents and teachers. If we will do so, surely Allah will bless us with success

Our behaviour with the parents and the teachers should be good. Here should be polite in our manner while talking to our parents and teachers. We should avoid using any type of absurd language. Our selection of world should be refine and urban. If today we will respect our parents and teachers in the coming days we will be respected by our children. By the prayers and obedience of our parents and teachers we will be able to get success in the fields of practical life.

We should try to avoid all those actions which may become cause of dishonour of are parents and teachers. We should try to keep ourselves away from such actions which may bring bad names of our parents and teachers. We should not involve in illegal actions like stealing, cheating and quarrelling. We should behave others in such a way that they are forced to appreciate the training of our parents and teachers. In this way we shall be able to call ourselves good and obedience children and students

Obedience of parents and teachers according to the teachings of Islam. Islam gives much importance on the respect and obedience of parents and teachers. According to the Islam we should obey our parents and teachers in all the circumstances. It is mentioned in the holy Quran that we should bow our arms before our parents with kindness. When they reached in old age we should not even say uff to them.

In the same way Islam gives importance on the respect and obedience of teachers. It is said by Hazrat Ali that a man who taught me even a single word is my master. It is up to him whether he set me free or not. So we should be obedience and respectful to our teachers.

To sum up the whole discussion is that no nation can make progress without obedience of parents and teachers. If we study the history we will come to know that all the great nations always respected their teachers and parents. Even the sons of King felt pleasure in lifting the shoes of the teachers. But in this modern age the trend of disobedience among the students and children is increasingly very rapidly. This is a serious threat to the coming generations.

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9th class general math book in urdu and English pdf

March 26, 2020
The page offers you to download a free pdf book of general maths for art for 9th class. This is Urdu medium book of mathematics for 9th class students of all Punjab board and for the federal board and FBISE. This is the latest book by Punjab Textbook board and both Urdu medium and English medium versions are given here on this page.

9th class general maths book pdf download

As I have given here the links to Urdu and English books of maths for 9th class, you can see two different links to download the book in pdf. The one is for Urdu medium book and the other is for English medium book. You can choose what you want to download.

 please remember that the books are placed on disk space servers of Punjab Textbook Board (PTB) Lahore. The new name of the board is Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) Lahore. So, as the book is there in pdf, I have placed here on this page the link to those original files. When you click on download link the pdf book will be downloaded in your phone instantly. So, now you can enjoy pdf book by the board.

9th class general maths for arts book in Urdu

The Urdu medium version of the book is given below.

9th class general math textbook pdf

Download PDF

9th class general maths for arts book in English

Here is the English medium version of the book.

9th class general math book pdf english medium

Download pdf

Now if you have downloaded the book you were looking for, you should give us your feedback in the comments. We are looking for more resources for and you will be able to download the books of other classes from Zahid Notes. I am preparing a list of 10th class books too. So, enjoy reading the book in PDF.

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9th class general science notes urdu and English medium

March 22, 2020
Here is 9th class general science notes in pdf. These are Urdu medium and English medium notes. This page is reserved for complete notes of general science for 9th class Arts students. I will upload all notes of general science in this page as soon as I get one.

9th class general science notes Urdu Medium

As this page is for both Urdu and English medium notes, all notes including MCQs, Short questions and long questions for all chapters of 9th class general science.

Here are complete notes of 9th class general science Urdu medium

1. 9th class general science MCQs Notes

9th class MCQs notes will be linked to this heading. So, You can download these in PDF.

2. 9th class short questions notes pdf

9th class general science notes pdf download
Now, these notes are available. I want to tell you that keep visiting this page for more and more notes and all notes of 9th class. I will be updating this page as soon as new notes come to my hand.

3. 9th class general science long questions notes

Although it is better to prepare your long questions from the textbook of 9th class general science. But I will upload these notes here if I find one. So, be in touch.

9th class general science Notes English medium

The following notes of 9th class general science are available at Zahid Notes:

1. 9th class general science chapterwise MCQs

Again, the heading will be linked to a pdf file for important MCQs of 9th class general science for all Punjab Boards and Federal Board (FBISE).

2. 9th class short questions notes pdf

The short questions notes are in English. Urdu medium are given above portion of the post.

3. Long questions English Medium.

As the post looks charming and attractive. The page offers cool stuff. I would like to tell you that this may be the time when this page has not all the notes it is built for to offer. But Something is better than nothing.

 Now you may like to download the following items for 9th class:
1. 9th class all subjects text books pdf
2. 9th class paper patterns
3. 9th class notes
4. 10th class general science notes pdf
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