1st year F.A part 1 Punjabi Book PDF

October 20, 2019
Here is the Punjabi book of 1st year and class 11th PDF to free download. Now this book is for F.A part 1 for all Punjab Boards. The good thing is that Punjab Textbook boards books are now available in pdf. The millions of the students read these books on their phones. The good thing about PDF books is that they can be easily accessed anywhere anytime.

1st year Punjabi Book PDF

Now when you see that the board has converted all the book in pdf and made it available on their website, many bloggers and website owners linked those pdf files to their own websites. Similarly, I have also given a link to that pdf file being hosted on the official website of Punjab text book board. All the books on their websites are available for all subjects and all classes. This is just amazing because E-Learn Punjab had previously converted the books in Epub format which could not be downloaded in PDF, rather you have to read them online. So, making it available in pdf is a good initiative of the board.

Punjab Book F.A Part 1

In this post, you also find other links that are beneficial for you. But 1st of all let me give you the book. download it from below.
f.a part 1 Punjabi book download punjab boards

Download PDF

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 Apart from these resources, you can browse the web to get more things. The main things I offer here are paper patterns, paper schemes, pairing schemes, study tips, how to attempt paper, text books, guide books, key books, guess papers, test papers, model papers, notes, etc.
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1st year Islmiat Notes Short questions and MCQs

October 20, 2019
You can find here the 1st year Islamiat compulsory Notes. These notes include short questions and Mcqs notes in PDF. These notes are for all Punjab Boards like Sahiwal Board, Multan Board, Lahore Boards, Sargodha Board, Gujranwala Board, Rawalpindi Board etc. The notes includes the following contents.

1st Year Islamiat Notes PDF

1. Islamiat Chapter 1 MCQs solved
2. Islamiat Chapter 1 Short Questions notes
3. Islamiat Chapter 2 MCQs solved
4. Islamiat Chapter 2 Short Questions notes
5. Islamiat Chapter 3 MCQs solved
6. Islamiat Chapter 3 Short Questions notes
7. Islamiat Chapter 4 MCQs solved
8. Islamiat Chapter 4 Short Questions notes

11th class Islmiate Notes All Chapters

Now if you are looking for long questions, that is just being prepared and this page will be updated with new and fresh content. You can check back later for the notes. I am writing the notes and when they are final, these all will be updated and a pdf download link will show up here and you will be able to download the notes.

Meanwhile you can check other notes that are still avialbale here on Zahid Notes. These notes are best in quality and according to the board's exams.

Zahid Notes now announces to offer various other resources like educational news and notifications for the information of the teachers and the students. Now Sindh Board, KP Board and FBISE Federal Board notes will also be updated here at Zahid Notes. Now you will see a lot of new content that will be helpful for the students.

The other websites like fsconline, rattapk are also offering these notes, if you are in a real hurry and cannot wait anymore for the notes to be uploaded, you can go for those websites. Also, Google whatever you want and go for top three to four links in order to find the right thing for you.

1. 1st year Notes subject wise
2. 1st year Islamiat Guess paper
3. 1st year Islamiat Textbook PDF
4. 1st year Islamiat Paper pattern
updating ..... 
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1st year Urdu Applications Notes

October 20, 2019
Here are important Applications notes for 1st year and also download the pdf file from here. The notes in PDF are given below. I have also published 1st year Urdu complete notes in PDF earlier this month and the people are constantly looking for some good notes. But again, the quality notes which you may see on some website are protected and cannot be downloaded which is frustrating for the students.

1st Year Urdu Applications Notes

Now see if you search the above heading in Google, this post comes in the top because it offers what it says. You can surely download the application notes below with a single click. The link will open the file saved in my Google drive and from there, you can download it.

The other websites that are FSc online, ratta pk, free ilm, classnotes, Ilm ki dunya, Be Educated etc do have the Urdu notes but I am not sure they will allow you to download them in PDF.

1st year Urdu Important Applications

Here is the list of evergreen important applications for 1st year.
1. Application for fee concession in Urdu
2. Application for grant of scholarship
3. Application for college leaving certificate
4. Application for remission of fine
5. Application for Readmission
6. Application to the chairman of Educational Board for issuance of Certificate
7. Application to the Postmaster for a lost postal order
8. Application to the educationa minister of the chief minister to open a girls college in your area
9. Application to District health officer informing poor sanitation conditions in your locality
10. Application to the Health officer for starting a dispensary in your locality
11. Application to DCO for providing your employment/job

Download Notes in PDF

For here now, list have been linked to some posts where you can also read a single application. The links have both Urdu and English versions of the applications. The reason why I have also written applications one in each separate post is that many students and teachers just type the name of the application in search engines to read it alone. They are looking for a single specific application. So, I have made it possible for them to access it as a single one.

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6. 2nd year Notes

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1st year Urdu Notes PDF Punjab Board

October 18, 2019
Now download all Urdu Notes by Zahid Notes. You can see the list of all notes of Urdu for 1st year for all Punjab Boards like Lahore Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, DG Khan Board, etc. The grammar part and Urdu B element is also for Federal board FBISE. The student of FBISE can benefit from the Grammar and composition position of the notes.

11th class fa fsc part 1 urdu notes pdf download
At Zahid Notes, we share notes, guess papers, notifications, educational news and updates, textbooks and guide books, paper patterns, paper schemes, pairing schemes, how to attempt the paper, All subjects and all classes. So, you are on this post which consists of all Urdu notes for 11th class 1st year FA and FSc. We provide every notes in PDF and students can download them free.

1st Year Urdu Notes Complete

The notes are free to download. There are some other posts containing some parts of the notes. You can see the list and choose which one you want to download. The Notes of other subjects of 1st year are also given and you can search it in the search box.

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Now download the following Urdu Notes

1. 1st year Urdu Notes Khulasa

2. FA FSc Urdu Notes Poems Explanation

3. 1st Year Urdu Notes Ghazals ki Tashreeh

4. 11th class Urdu Notes Applications (درخواستیں)

5. 1st Year Urdu Dialogues Notes (مکالمے)

6. 1st year Urdu Talkhees Important paragraphs (تلخیص کے لیے اہم پیرا گراف)

تلخیص کے لیے ہدایات:
کسی عبارت کے اہم نکات اخذ کر کےخلاصہ لکھنا تلخیص کہلاتا ہے۔
تلخیص دیا کو کوزے میں بند کرنے کے مترادف ہے۔ کسی طریل مضمون، عبارت یا تقریر کے زائد الضرورت جملو ںاور غیر اہم الفاظ کو نکال کر اس کے اصل مفہوم کو اسن طرحاختصار سے بیان کرے کہ کوئی اہم بات نہ چھوٹے اسے تلخیص یا خلاصہ نگاری کہتے ہیں۔

تلخیص کے اصول:
تلخیص عبارت کا ایک تہائی حصہ ہوتا ہے۔ اپنی آسانی کے لیے عبارت یا خلاصے کے الفاظ کو گن کر اندازہ لگایا جا سکتا  ہے۔
عبارت کے اصل مفہوم کو ذہن نشین کیجئے  ۔ اہم باتوں کے نیچے لکیر کھینچیے اور اپنے الفاظ میں لکھیے۔
تلخیص میں بھی واقعات کی ترتی وہی ہونی چاہیے جو اصل عبارت میں ہے۔
تلخیص چونکہ عبارت کا نچوڑ ہے اس لیے اپنے الفاظ میں لکھیں۔
عبارت کئی پیروں میں ہو سکتی ہے مگر تلخیص ایک ہی پراگراف میں ہو گی۔
تلخیص نگاری میں عبارت کے مفہوم کی کوئی تبدیی یا اضافہ نہیں کیا جاتا۔
تلخیص میں استعارہ، تشبیہ، تلمیح، اور ضرب الامثال وغیرہ کہ نہیں لکھا جاتا۔
اگر عبارت میں کوئی تاریخی مثال یا کوئی واقع وغیرہ ہو تو وہ حذف کر دیا جاتا ہے ۔

Urdu Talkhees Notes PDF Download

7. 1st year Urdu Rodaad Notes (روداد)

8. 1st year Urdu raseed Writing Notes (رسیدیں)

9. Sheri o adbi Isvlahaat (شعری و ادبی اصطلاحات)

10. Tazkeer o Tanees (تذکیر و تانیث)

مختصر یہ کہ مندرجہ ذیل الفاظ پیپر میں آنے کے چانسز 90٪ ہیں ۔

مذکر الفاظ:
قلم، اخبار، تاش، ہوش، مزاج، عیش، قبض، دہی، درد، پرہیز، مرحم، جھاگ، مرض، ماضی، رتھ، پیاز، گوند، چرچا، کھوج، گھاٹ، انجیر، میل، خلعت، بول، کلام، ایثار، انتظار، غار، سر، لالچ، کھیل

مونث الفاظ:
سائیکل، ناک، گیند، چھت، معراج، تپ، ڈکار، راہ، پتنگ، آواز، کیچڑ، گھاس، جامن، اردو، شراب، جھارو، بکواس، دوا، سوچ، بسم اللہ، دسترس، واعظ، بارود، ترازو، محراب، میز، جنگ

Download Tazkeero Tanees Notes in PDF

All these notes are in PDF and separate Files for every section. Some small sections are given within this post. The Note have been prepared with much effort, so please do share the work with your friends and recommend Zahid Notes to your friends. These

Also See: 1st year subject wise notes pdf


I met many students who got "Supply" in Urdu subject. That is quite alarming. I interviewed them and they told me amazing things about why they failed in the exams. Now I am disclosing those things to you so that you may not get those habits and odd things. The students who get poor marks in Urdu are usually committing these mistakes:

1.  The most common reason for compartment or poor marks in Urdu is the mismanagement of time. The students have to write at least 20 pages in 2:30 hours. It means you have to write a page in almost 7 minutes. The student do not do sufficient practice to reach this speed. They have to think while writing. So, it is crucial to practice a lot before you appear in the final exams.

2.  The student do not take Urdu seriously as they think they will pass it with one-night study. Now they will not give proper time to his subject. This is why they fail in this subject. Remember, no exams can be passed without preparation where it is simply a, b, c test. Urdu also has a maximum of 100 marks like other subjects, so why is it treated as an unimportant subject?

3.  Student do not practice application writing, talkhees writing, dialogue writing, and rudaad writing. They do not come up with the correct format of writing these elements and they mostly ger 2 or 3 marks in these questions each. So, learn these things with correct format and layout and pattern.
4. Most of the students are unaware of how much page length is required for a specific questions like Khulasa, explanation of stanza, essay, and dialogue etc.

4.  I would recommend you to see a paper pattern and style of a topper student's paper and follow it.

5.  Give time to Urdu grammar and you will come up with good marks. The objective part of the paper comprises 16 grammar questions and this is why the students having no grammar knowledge get 2 or 3 marks in objective part.

Best of luck...!

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BA English Important Topics of The Old man and the sea

October 16, 2019
Here are important Novel Topics from the Old man and the sea Novel by Earnest Hemingway. These important questions answer from the novel for B.A part 2, or Associate degree in Arts (ADA) by Punjab University. The English syllabus of B.A part 2 or ADA part two includes a novel by Ernest Hemingway and the students have to give details answers to the questions being asked in exams.

The old man and the sea Important Topics

I have previously written some separate topics on this novel but then I thought of writing a single post covering the whole novel important topics. I have written the questions answers that are important in this single post. You can learn only these questions and your paper will be good.

The old man and the sea questions answers for BA

Here are the important questions answers for BA English from the novel the old man and the sea.

1. Summary of the Novel

This summary fits in with any answer. But you have to prepare a separate answer for any questions so that your answer becomes relevant and apt. See the summary of the novel.

Q.1. Santiago as an experienced fisherman

Q.2. Old man's struggle against the sharks

Q.3. Old man's struggle against the Marlin

See the answer

Q.4. Man is not made for defeat. Comment.

Q.5. The loneliness and talk to himself of the old man

See the answer

Q.6. Dreams of the old man


He had hardly fallen asleep when he began to dream of Africa. He had wide to the Dark Continent when he was a boy. He dreamt about the long, golden beaches and wide white beaches that he had seen in his boyhood days. He dreamed of the white beaches which were so white that they hurt his eyes. He dreamt of high capes and great brown mountains. In his dreams, he lived along that coast every night. In his dreams, he heard the seawater roar and saw the native boats come riding through it. His dreams were mostly about Africa, the lions, the beaches, the natives and the mountains of Africa. He did not dream of storms. 

He never dreamt about women, and of great places. He always dreamt about-lions on the beach. They played like young cats in the dusk. He loved them as he loved the boy Manolin. But he never dreamed about the boy. His dreams were mostly about distant lands. The land that he had been to as a boy was Africa. He was a fisherman, but he did not dream about the fish. He was interested in baseball but seldom dreamt about. He often dreamt about lions. The thoughts of the lion remind him of the vigor and energy of the youthful days. T

he Old Man dreams not of a single lion, the king of the beast. He dreams of the several young lions that came Gown to the beach in the evening to play together. The lions are the main thing that is left, and they suggest the solidarity, love, and peace to which the Old Man returns after winning and losing his great fish. The thoughts of the lion also provide him is an additional stimulus during his ordeal of catching the fish.

Q.7 Discuss Santiago as a code hero of the novel.


A code hero is a person who follows a system or code of life in his role as a hero. He displays the qualities of courage dignity honor, dedication, and endurance. Such heroes fight against corruption and disorder in life. They spend their life according to some system or order. They fight against the awkwardness of the world and try to put an order in it.

Santiago is Hemingway's code hero. He illustrates the values of life that Hemingway cherished and glorified all his life. Santiago may become old and weak. He has bad luck, but he continues to show courage till the end of his fight with evil forces. Life offers many opportunities for success and defeat. It is an odd mixture of pleasure and pain. In human life, there are many forms of both marlin and sharks. Much is to be endured but a little is to be enjoyed. To live life in itself is a success and a rewarding experience.

Santiago is a humble fisherman. He is the best fisherman. The boy Manolin has great confidence in his skill and craftsmanship. He is devoted to his work and follows the rules of discipline. He shows his heroic qualities in everything. He has not performed anything extraordinary related to war, love death. He relies on his own resources. He is alone and goes into the sea to a place that is far away from safe fishing. His fight with the fish marlin and against the sharks reveals his strength and his will to overcome the odds of life. He does not lose heart at his defeat He remains heroic and courageous till the last moment of his life.

Updating the following questions.
Q.8. Character sketch of Manolin
Q.9. Note on the Sea/Role of Sea/Symbolic significance of the sea
Q.10. Discuss the old man and the sea as a tragedy
Q.11. The theme of the Novel

See the following:

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1st year Persian (Farsi) book PDF

October 12, 2019
1st year Persian (Farsi) Book in PDF is given below. You can download the book and read it on your mobile phone. This book is for FA part 1. Please note that this is the textbook and not the notes of persian for 1st year. If you are looking for notes, you should visit 1st year PDF notes page. Now the book is given and you can download it here.

1st year FA part 1 Persian Book

The book is published and hold rights by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board Lahore. You can see the link will take you the official website of the boards and the book will start download instantly.

1st year Persian Textbook

Download your book from the link below.
fa part 1 persian textbook punjab boards

Download PDF

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Civics Book for 1st year pdf

October 12, 2019
The civics Book in Urdu medium for 11th class FA part 1 is given here. The book can be downloaded in PDF Urdu Medium file directly from PCTB's website through the link given below. I am telling you that this book is present on the official website of Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board Lahore. The link to that PDF file is given here. I do not claim any publishing or distributing rights to this book. The link shared here is just for the purpose of spreading knowledge and information.

FA part 1 Civics Book PDF

This is a PDF book and not a hard copy. You can download it but if you want to purchase this book in hard copy, you can visit your city's book shops and find it there and buy it. The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board provides and distributes the educational course textbooks to the students through their distributors for every city. Please regard Zahid Notes and recommend it to your friends.
Please Notes: This book is For all Educational Boards within the province of Punjab. The Boards like BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Sahiwal,  BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Sargodha, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Faisalabad and all other boards of Punjab.

1st Year  Civics book in Urdu

The download link to the original PDF file has been given here. The students usually visit Zahid Notes for notes, test papers, paper patterns, pairing schemes, guess papers, study tips, and study guides and they love our content. If you have any notes from other study material, you can share it with us so that we publish it here and the students can benefit from it. The link is given here because the PCTB's official website comes very low in search results and the students miss it.

FA Part 1 Civics Textbook Urdu Medium

Download PDF

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3. 1st year civics important long questions

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