1st year English Book 1 Translation in Urdu PDF

November 16, 2019
Book 1 is a series of short stories and lessons The 1st lesson of the book is button, button.
Button, button involving the three characters called Norma, Arthur, and Steward. Arthur is the husband of Norma. Norma is a working woman and also a housewife. Mr. Steward is the representative of a company which sells amazing gadgets with cool offers. The story is just a sensational presentation by Richard Matheson.

English Book 1 of 1st year

Book 1 of English for class 11, FSc and FA part 1 is a short is a textbook by Punjab Text Book Board. The book contains 15 lessons.

fiction is written by Richard Matheson. The story tells us that being greedy and selfish is always destroying. It has painful consequences. Norma just did not care for an unknown person and she just wanted to get money to pursue her dreams. She became greedy and got her own husband killed. The story tells us that we must wish good of human beings. We must not get anything on the cost of the life or lives of others.

Translation of Button Button into Urdu

This is the 1st lesson of BOOK-I of the English syllabus for 1st year students. This book is part of the course of class 11 in all Punjab educational boards. So, the students of the following boards can take advantage of this post:

Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, DG Khan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Faisalabad Board.


Here is the translation of a complete lesson in Urdu. You can download it in PDF form Zahid Notes. I am also uploading the translation of other lessons from this book. Book 1 contains:

1. Button Button Translation

Download PDF

2. Clearing in the Sky lesson 2 translation

Download PDF

3. Dark they were and Golden eyed Translation

Download PDF

4. Thank You Ma'm Lesson Translation

Download PDF

5. The piece of String translation

Download PDF

6. The Reward Lesson Urdu translation

Download PDF

7. The Use of Force book 1 lesson translation

Download PDF

8. Gulistan of Sa'di

Download PDF

9. The foolish Quack translation in Urdu

Download PDF

10. A Mild Attack of Locusts

Download PDF

11. I have a dream translation

Download PDF

12. The gift of Magi book 1 Translation

Download PDF

13. God Be praised translation in Urdu

Download PDF

14. Overcoat lesson Urdu translation

Download PDF

15. The angel and the Author-and others

Download PDF

Note: These are PDF notes and you can download them as all lessons one by one. I am creating a single file for all lessons Urdu translation. The file will be uploaded on this page once it is ready. Meanwhile, you may also like to see the following notes for 1st year as well:

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Mr. Chips chapter 5 questions answers

November 14, 2019
The important short questions of chapter 5 of Mr. chips novel has been given here. The most important chapters of Mr. Chips are chapter 1 to chapter 5 you can see that most of the questions come from these 5 chapters. 1st 5 chapters of the novel are important.

Mr. Chips chapter 5 questions notes

Zahid Notes is a place where you can find quality notes of all subjects of Punjab Boards. Now you can see the important questions of chapter 5 of Mr. Chips are given below.

Questions answers

Q.1. What was Katherine's views about Chips' profession?
Ans: She liked being among boys. She was happy that Chips was a teacher and not a lawyer, a dentist or a broker or a big businessman. She liked the teaching profession because a teacher influences those who are going to matter to the world.

Q.2. Whee was Katherine married?
Ans: She had no parents. She was married from the house of an aunt in Ealing in London.

Q.3. What did Katherine say to Chips on the night before their wedding?
Ans: She said that she felt like a new boy beginning his first term with him. She asked if she should call him `Sir' or 'Mr. Chips'. He said 'Mr. Chips would be the right thing. Then she said, Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

Q.4. How did Chips depreciate himself before his marriage? 
Ans: Chips depreciated himself and his attainments before Katherine. He told her about his mediocre degree, occasional difficulties of discipline, the certainty that he would never get a promotion and his complete ineligibility to marry a young, ambitious girl.

Q.5. What different scenes did Mr. Chips remember on the eve of his wedding? Describe Chips’ marriage. 
Ans: Mr. Chips on his way to the hotel, remembered, a handsome clop-clopping in the roadway, green pale gas lamps flickering on wet pavement, newsboys shouting something about South Africa and Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street.

Q.6. What were Katherine's views about Chips profession? OR Was Katherine happy with Chips being a teacher?
Ans: She liked being among boys. She was happy that Chips was a teacher and not a lawyer, a dentist or a broker o a big businessman. She liked the teaching profession because a teacher influences those who are going to matter to the world.

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Mr. Chips chapter 4 questions answers pdf

November 13, 2019
Mr. Chips chapter 4 important short questions and their answers are given below. Please find the solution to all the questions and download them in pdf from Zahid Notes. The questions of Chapter 4 for goodbye Mr. Chips novel for class 12th, 2nd year, FA and FSc students are given below.

Mr. Chips chapter 4 questions

Here are the most important short questions of Mr. Chips' novel for 2nd-year students. The students of all Punjab boards can learn these questions from here and Zahid Notes provide you with the best quality notes.

Questions answers

Q.1. What thing did stir Mr. Chips' memories? 
Ans: The warmth of the fire and the gentle aroma of tea stirred his memories.

Q.2. When was Chips appointed housemaster?
Ans: Chips was appointed housemaster in 1896 at the ripe age of forty-eight.

Q.3. Who went with Mr. Chips to the Lake District?
Ans: He with his colleague Rowden went up to the Lake District to spend his summer holidays.

Q.4. How much time did Mr. Chips and Rowden spend together in the Lake District?
Ans: They spent a week together in walking and climbing.

Q.5. Where did Mr. Chips stay in the Lake District?
Ans: He stayed alone in a small farmhouse at Wasdale Head.

Q.6. How did Mr. chips meet Katherine for the first time? OR Describe the 1st meeting of Mr. Chips and Katherine.
Ans: One day, climbing on Great Gable, he saw a girl waving excitedly from a dangerous looking ledge. He hastened to her because he thought that she was in trouble and needed masculine help. But he slipped and wrenched his ankle. The woman was Katherine Bridges. It came out that she was not in danger. She was signalling to her friend.

Q.7. How did Chips feel in the company of women? 
Ans: Chips did not care for women. He never felt at ease with them. He considered the new women of the nineties monstrous creatures, which filled him with horror.

Q.8. Why did Chips not like Bernard Shaw and Ibsen and bicycling? OR What were Chips' views about modern women?
Ans: Mr. Chips didn't like modern women of the nineties. He was shocked by the women riding a bicycle and reading Bernard Shaw or Ibsen. He disliked Shaw and Ibsen for their reprehensible views.

Q.9. What notion did Chips have about women? OR What were the views of chips about women?
Ans: Mr. Chips believed that nice women were weak, timid and delicate, and those nice men treated them with a polite but rather distant chivalry.

Q.10. Give a physical description of Katherine Bridges. How did Katherine look? OR Write a note on Katherine bridges. 
Ans: Katherine was a young girl of 25. She had blue flashing eyes, freckled cheeks, and smooth straw-coloured hair.  She was a governess out of job. She married Chips in 1896. She died during child-birth on April 1, 1898.

Q.11. Why did Katherine visit Chips on her bicycle? 
Ans: Katherine visited him daily on her bicycle because she thought herself responsible for the accident.

Q.12. What did Chips think when Katherine visited him alone?
Ans: When Chips saw a young girl like Katherine visiting a man alone in a farmhouse, he began to wonder what the world was coming to.

Q.13. What was the profession of Katherine? 
Ans: She was a governess out of job. She had already saved a little money.

Q.14. Why did Chips not contradict Katherine's political views when she expressed them to him? 
Ans: Mr. Chips did not think it necessary to contradict Katherine's political views. He was inarticulate.

Q.15. How did Katherine begin to like Chips?
Ans: She began to like him because he had gentle and quiet manners because his views and thoughts were out-dated, but honest and also because his eyes were brown and looked charming when he smiled.

Q.16. What were the political views of Mr. Chips?
Ans: Mr. Chips was conservative in politics. He disapproved of modernity. He disliked Bernard Shaw, Ibsen and William Morris for their reprehensible views.

Q.17. What was the most interesting event in the Novel?
Ans: The most interesting event was when one day standing at the base of Great Gable, Mr. Chips saw a girl waving excitedly from a dangerous looking ledge. He rushed to help her but wrenched his ankle in doing so. The girl helped him to reach his lodgings. She was Katherine Bridges.

Q.18. What were Katherine's views about middle-aged men before meeting Chips? 
Ans: Katherine had always thought that middle-aged men who read 'The Times' and disapproved modernity were bores. She thought that they couldn't win her affection. But Mr. Chips was an exception.

Q.19. What kind of political views did Katherine have? 
Ans: In politics, Katherine Bridges was a radical with leanings towards the views of Bernard Shah and William Morris. She believed that women ought to be admitted to universities. She also thought they ought to have a vote.

Q.20. Why was the spring of 1896 important / special for Chips? OR Why did Mr. Chips remember  Spring 1896?
Ans: In the spring of 1896 Chips went to the Lake District where he had a chance meeting with Katherine Bridges, his future wife. That’s why it was a special time for him and he could not forget it.

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Mr. Chips Chapter 3 questions answers PDF

November 09, 2019
Below are given the short questions and answers of Mr. Chips Chapter 3 for 2nd year English. The students can now download all English Notes in PDF for 2nd year. I am have prepared notes of all chapters of Goodbye Mr. Chips novel and the student can see chapterwise important questions on this blog.

Mr. Chips Chapter 3 questions

Here are the most important questions of chapter 3 from goodbye Mr. Chips. As an FA, FSc part 2 12th class student, you have to learn important short questions of Mr. Chips for your Board Exams.

Short Questions answers

Q.1. How was the room Mrs. Wickett let to Chips? OR How was Mr. Chips’ room decorated at Mrs. Wicketts? OR  Describe Mrs. Wickett's house.
Ans: Mrs. Wickett's house was situated across the road to Brookfield. The house itself was ugly and pretentious. But that did not matter. It was convenient for Mr. Chips. The room Mrs. Wickett let to him was small. But it was comfortable and well lit. His room was decorated simply with schoolmasterly taste.

Q.2. What would Mr. Chips do during mild afternoons while at Mrs. Wickett's? 
Ans: Whenever the weather was mild enough, Chips would go to the playing-fields and watch games. He liked to smile and speak to the boys there. 

Q.3. How did Mr. Chips entertain his students at Mrs. Wickett's house? OR How did Chips meet the newcomers? 
Ans: Mr. Chips made a special point of getting to know all the new boys and having them to tea during their first term. He always ordered a walnut cake and during the winter term, there were crumpets too. He sent them off at 5 o’clock.

Q.4. What would Chips ask the new boys who came to see him? 
Ans: Mr. Chips asked the boys about their hometown. He also asked whether they had any family connections at Brookfield. 

Q.5. What did the boys comment after tea with Chips? 
Ans: They enjoy the company of Chips and the taste of the tea. They call him a decent boy. They make fun of how Chips remember when to push them off

Q.6. What did Branksome tell Mr. Chips? 
Ans: He told Mr. Chips that he was the nephew of Major Collingwood who was an old student of Mr. Chips. Once Chips had thrashed Collingwood for climbing on to the gymnasium roof to get a ball out of the gutter. He might have broken his neck. 

Q.7. What did Mr. Chips tell Mrs. Wickett about Major Collingwood? 
Ans: He told her that once he had punished Collingwood for climbing on to the gymnasium roof to get a ball out of the gutter. He might have broken his neck. 

Q.8. Who was Mrs. Wicket and what were here service for Brookfield and Mr. Chips?
Ans: Mrs. Wickett was the landlady of Mr. Chips. She had worked as the in-charge of the linen-room at the school before she left the job. She let a room to Chips after his retirement and served him till his death. 

Q.9. What was the financial condition of Mr. Chips after retirement? 
Ans: Mr. Chips had no financial worries. His pension was enough. He had also saved He could afford everything and anything he wanted. 

Q.10. What kind of books did Mr. Chips have in his room? OR What kind of books did Chips read?
Ans: Chips usually read classical books. There were a few books on history and belles-lettres. There was also a pile of cheap detective novels in his room.

Q.11. What were Chips' views about Latin and Greek? 
Ans:  Mr. Chips thought that Latin and Greek were dead languages from which Englishmen ought to learn a few quotations. Despite teaching for a long period, he was not a good classical scholar. 

Q.12. What was the misconception about Mr. Chips' marital status?
Ans: People thought that Mr. Chips was a bachelor. This was oddly incorrect He had married but it was so long ago that none of the staff at Brookfield could remember his wife. 

Q.13. Who was Major Collingwood?
Ans: Collingwood was an old student of Mr. Chips. Mr. Chips remembered him very well because he had thrashed him once for climbing onto the gymnasium roof to get the ball out of the gutter. He might have broken his neck. Later. he joined the army. He died in Egypt during World War I.
Q.14. Why did Mr. Chips choose to live at Mrs. Wickett's? OR Why did Mr. Chips live at Mrs. Wickett’s house after retirement?
Ans: Mr. Chips chose to live at Mrs. Wickett's because it was convenient. Living across the road to Brookfield provided Chips an opportunity to keep close contact with Brookfield.

Other Chapters>>>

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9th class chemistry book pdf free download

November 08, 2019
PDF book are very popular now a days. every student wants to get a pdf book because he/she can read it right on his/her mobile phone anywhere anytime. That is why the E-books (PDF) are becoming more and more popular day by day. The demand for printed (hard copies) textbook is decreasing. So, Punjab Textbook and Curriculum Board (PCTB), which is also known as Punjab Textbook Board or just Punjab Board, has published all the books in PDF on their website.

9th class chemistry book PDF

I have given here the link to the chemistry book of the 9th class below. You can download the book in PDF. The book is available both in Urdu medium and English Medium. These books are published by Punjab Textbook Boards and the board has all copyrights. I have only given the link to download the book. I do not own any copyright for publishing or selling this book. You must see the following posts for 9th class:

1. 9th class chemistry notes pdf
2. 9th class chemistry MCQs Notes PDF
3. 9th class chemistry important short questions notes

4. 9th class chemistry paper pattern
5. 9th class chemistry pairing scheme

9th class chemistry book in URDU

9th class chemistry book has been given here in Urdu. You can download the pdf book below. Please note that this book is a high definition file and you can print it. It is very low memory, a very lightweight file.
9th class Punjab Textbook PDF Download

Download PDF

The above file is Urdu medium and the below is English Medium.

9th class Chemistry Book in English

Below is the English medium book of 9th class chemistry. I have linked the original pdf file from PCTB website here. The file will start downloading as soon as you click the download link.
9th class chemistry pdf book English Medium

Download PDF

I hope you have downloaded books. Now here are some other posts for you. Here are some tips, guides and notes, etc for you to see and download too.

5. 9th class pairing schemes
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How to attempt Urdu Paper 2nd year

November 04, 2019
Many shining students do not get good marks in Urdu just because they do not know how to attempt the paper. There are rules for Urdu paper and you have to follow all if you want to get good marks in it. Here are some tips based on the paper of a board topper who got 95 marks in Urdu in the board exams 2019.

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2nd year Urdu paper presentation

The first thing you keep in mind is the presentation of the paper. The look of your answer sheet is the 1st impression of your paper that a checker gets before he really starts marking your paper. So the 1st thing to keep in mind is the clean layout with proper headings and subheadings.

Attempt Urdu paper for Good marks

Your 1st aim must be to get good marks. Every student wants to get good marks in all subjects. But Urdu is the only subject in which many students fail just because they attempt the paper poorly and with the way, rules don't allow. You can see the following tips to attempt your Urdu paper in a proper way:

1. Use Marker and Headings

The first thing that makes your impression is the use of marker and headings. Headings make it easy for the paper examiner to quickly understand the various parts, questions, and portions of answers on your answer sheet. headings are also necessary for a clean and attractive layout of the paper. So, use Marker for the following headings:

  • Questions
  • Subheading of your answers
  • Writing verses (ashaar) and quotations
  • Difficult words or keywords within the texts.
While using headings, it is important to use two sizes for fonts. Use a little larger fonts for main headings for example titles, question No. etc and use a little smaller fonts for subheadings for example headings in your essay, siaq-osabaaq, tashreeh etc.

Tip: To differentiate the main headings and subheadings, you can underline the main headings, or you can centralize the main headings.
2nd year urdu paper presentation tips

2. Better Start new Questions on a new page

If your answer to the previous question end below half of the page, start a new question on the next page. It will make it easy for your paper checker to move to various questions of your paper. The more easiness you provide to the paper marker, the more marks you will get out of favor. The letter must be started on a new page.

3. Use Couplets (Poetry) and Quotes

You can use ashaar (verses of poetry) and quotes in your paper. The best parts of your paper to include qoutes and petry are essay, letter, explanation of stanzas, and explanation of Nasar. You may not add these into Khulasas of Nasar and poem. Use blue marker while writing these quotes and pieces of poetry. aways keep a line space above and below the piece of poetry or quote.
2nd year Urdu paper presentation sample

4. Write in proper quantity

Yes, the main thing here is the quantity of the content you write for each answer. There are certain rules which tell who much you will write for each question. Here are the various questions and their relevant tips:
  1. Explanation of Poems (Nazam k Ashaar ki tashreeh) = 3-4 pages
  2. Explanation of Ghazal (Ghazal k ashaar ki tashreeh) = 1-1.5 page for each Shair
  3. Siaq-oSabaaq = 8-12 lines
  4. Explanation of Nasar (nasar k paragraph ki tashreh) = minimum 2 pages
  5. Summary of lesson(sabaq ka Khulasa) = almost 2 pages (+, - 4-5 lines)
  6. Summary of Poem (Nazam ka Khulasa) = 7-10 lines
  7. Essay (Mazmoon) 5-6 pages
  8. Letter (Khat) = almost 1.5-2 pages
  • While writing tashreh of nasar, include 2-3 lines for the introduction of the author, do not include poetry in Khulasa of Nazam.
  • There are 3 verses of Ghazals and you have to explain each separately, so the explanation for 1 verse should be at least 1 page and not more than 1.5 pages. You can include more verses in the explanation.
  • While writing the answer to any question, do not repeat the same words or sentences again and again. 

5. Start from Smaller to bigger

It is a good strategy to attempt your paper starting from the shortest answer to the longest one. for example, the longest part of your paper is the essay, so, attempt it at the end of the paper. You can have the following scheme according to the content of the answer, the time it takes and the weight of the marks:

The ideal arrangement

  1. Khulasa of Nazam
  2. Letter
  3. Nazam k ashaar ki tashreh
  4. Sabaq ka Khulasa
  5. Nasar k paragraph ki tashreh
  6. Ghazal k ashaar ki tashreh
  7. Essay

6. Follow the clock

You have three hours to solve all the questions. The 1st 20 minutes are assigned to the objective paper. The remaining 2 hours and 40 minutes are assigned to the subjective paper. So, you have to attempt the remaining 6 questions in two hours and forty minutes. Many students cannot attempt the complete paper and the time is up. So, if you want to get high marks, you must attempt the complete paper and attempt all questions in the light of the guidelines given above.
You can assign the following time to various questions:
  • Look at the question paper draw margins etc (2 minutes)
  • Nazam ka Khulasa (5 minutes)
  • Letter (10 minutes)
  • Nazam k ashaar ki tashreh (25 minutes)
  • Sabaq ka Khulasa (20 minutes)
  • Nasar k paragraph ki tashreh (20 minutes)
  • Ghazal k ashaar ki tashreh (33 minutes)
  • Essay (35 minutes)
  • Check your aswersheet (5 minutes)
In this way, you can easily attempt your paper in the best possible way. To attempt your paper in time and to follow the above-mentioned timing scheme, your speed must be as follows:
  • 6-7 minutes per page

7. Have a look at the answer sheet

After you have solved the paper, spare 5 minutes to look back at your answer sheet and make sure that all the headings are correct. match the question numbers on the question paper with that you have written on the answer sheet. If you have more than 5 minutes left, better deeply look into the paper to find small errors and mistakes and correct them.
8. General Tips:
  1. Writing does not matter in the paper. It is the content you write. The paper checker reads your paper thoroughly. He will give you a few marks if you have written more irrelevant content. If your writing can be read and understood easily, there is no problem with the style of writing. Anyhow try to write as good as you can while not compromising the speed.
  2. Read textbooks thoroughly and do not totally depend on guide books.
  3. use proverbs, ayaats, Ahadith, etc where it fits right.
  4. Give equal time to Urdu as you give to other subjects as it carries the same marks as other subjects.
  5. Learn the names of the authors and poets and their short biographies well.
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I miss you letter to your best friend

November 02, 2019
The letters to friends are usually very interesting as one can use vary casual language and some traditional local slangs. Letter writing has yielded the place of Email writing. Now no one writes the letters, all write emails. That's what technology has changed.

Letter to Friend you miss

Actually, this is a letter written to a friend telling him that you miss him. Saying only "I miss you." is a poor expression. You should describe some things in the past that show what you feel about it. Best friends are always good memories. When you part with your friends, the heard becomes sad and gloomy. We hardly believe that the grand friendship is now going to loosen as distance creates many things.

I Miss You My Friend Letter

Here is the letter you are looking for. Please note that you can modify the letter as you want. This is only an example and you can write your own feelings. The hints are given in this letter.

The Letter

Your address,

Dear Friend,

Hey! tell me what you do nowadays. How is your novel going on? I hope you complete it until December. I am busy completing my bank assignments.

It has been an age since you parted with me. Right? Every single day brings your memories back to me. I remember the days we spent together for many reasons. You had been a great source of inspiration to me. You always encouraged me to take the initiative. I remember the days when we used to sit in the hostel canteen talking jolly.

I miss you for all your amazing company. Time passed too quickly. Didn't it? Ali often comes to me and we talk about you for hours. We talk about ourselves and feel satisfied. Would that life gave us another chance to spend some more time together. They are planning the marriage of Ali's elder brother. Ali is going to invite you. I strongly hope we will have had a chance to spend some more time together. I request you to come a week before the marriage so that we have a hearty meeting.

Send me your latest poetry if you have written any after you departed. If you are not so much busy, I request you to visit us for as much time as you get.

Pay my regards to aunt and uncle.

With lots of love,

Your friend,

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Punjab Textbook Physics 9th class PDF Download

November 01, 2019
I have earlier linked all the textbooks of the 9th class in PDF here on this website. Punjab Text book Board has published these PDF books on their website. I have linked those original PDF files here. Once you click on the download link, the file will start downloading instantly.

9th class Physics Book PDF

Now there are two versions of the book, the one is English medium and the other is Urdu Medium. Both versions have been given here. I am preparing physics MCQs for 9th class and these notes will also be updated here. You may like to see the following resources for 9th class:

1. 9th class physics short questions notes pdf
2. 9th class physics numerical solved pdf
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5. 9th class physics paper pattern

9th class Physics text book Punjab Board

This book has been part of 9th class syllabus in all Punjab boards. BISE Lahore and all other educational boards in Punjab set 9th class paper from this book. You can download the book below.

9th class physics Urdu Medium

Punjab text book physics book pdf

Download PDF

After your download, the book Urdu medium, below is the English medium version of the book.
9th class physics English Medium
Punjab Boards 9th class physics pdf book

Download PDF

You should learn all exercise short questions notes of the physics 9th class. the numerical are also important and they do come in exams. without numerical, you cannot get good marks in physics.
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6. 10th class Physics book pdf

Punjab Textbook Physics 9th class PDF Download Punjab Textbook Physics 9th class PDF Download Reviewed by Saif Ullah ZahidonNovember 01, 2019 Rating: 5