Mr. Chips chapter 9 question answers pdf

December 08, 2019
I have previously published all notes of English for class 12. Now, this chapter wise questions answers of the Novel Goodbye Mr. Chip is being published periodically. I am trying my best to complete this chapter wise series of posts in 2019. This is December and I have left with a few days and a few chapters.

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Mr. Chips chapter 9

Chapter 9 of the novel goodbye Mr. Chips is very important. It is when Katherine and her newborn die and Mr Chips is left with painful memories. The examiner can ask at least one question from this Chapter. So, the questions of this chapter are important.

Important questions answers

Q.1. Where did Chips move after his wife's death? 
Ans. Chips changed his more commodious apartment in schoolhouse for his old original bachelor quarters after the death of his wife. But he did not leave his house mastership.

Q.2. .How did Chips' house mastership prove useful after the death of his wife? 
Ans. Mr. Chips wanted to give up his house mastership after the death of his wife but the Headmaster convinced him otherwise. Later, he was glad. The work filled up the emptiness in his mind and heart.

Q.3. What changes did the death of his wife bring in Chips? 
Ans.  Just as marriage added something to his life, so did grief. After the death of his wife, suddenly, Chips became a man whom boys classed as 'old'. His discipline improved. He did not feel diffident about his work and worth.

Q.4. How did Chips see the world of change and conflict? 
Ans. He saw the world with the remembered eyes of Katherine as one may glimpse a mountain behind another mountain when the mist clears. She had left him with a calmness and a poise that accorded well with his inward emotions.

Q.5. What had Katherine left Chips with? 
Ans. She had left him with calmness and poise that accorded well with his inward emotions.

Q.6. What were Chips' views about the Boers? 
Ans. Mr. Chips was neither a pro-Boer nor an anti-Boer. But he believed the Boers were engaged in a struggle that had a curious similarity to those of certain English history book heroes.

Q.7. What did Chips say to Lloyd George? 
Ans. Mr. Chips did not follow any formalities during his conversation with the Prime Minister. He said, "I am nearly old enough to remember you as a young man. I confess that you seem to have improved a great deal."

Q.8. What sort of gown did Chips wear after the death of Katherine? 
Ans. Chips cared the least about his dress and demeanor. He wore his gown until it was almost too tattered to hold together.

Q.9. How would Chips take call-over near Big Hall? 
Ans. Chips held the school list and each boy as he passed spoke his name for Chips to verify and then tick off on the list. His verifying glance was mimicked by the students.

Q.10. Draw a character sketch of Naylor. 
Ans. Naylor was an old student of Mr. Chips who called Chips old at fifty. Later, he became a lawyer. Mr. Chips remembered him for his comment.

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I have published all English notes for 2nd year on Zahid Notes. You can also download the notes of all subjects of class 12. You can search on this blog the guess papers, the pairing schemes 2020, the paper patterns, essays, stories, text book of Punjab Boards and various other resources for 2nd year and all other classes. So, just type in the search box and hit enter. Meanwhile, find the following relevant posts below:

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10th class computer science notes Urdu medium

December 07, 2019
Here are the pdf notes for 10th class computer science. You can download the notes and share them with your friends through WhatsApp and other social media. These notes are only for the students of Punjab boards like Lahore Board, gujranwala board, rawalpindi board, sargodha board, Faisalabad board, sahiwal board, DG kahn board and Multan board.

10th class computer science Notes PDF

If you search in Google, you come with the results to the websites that offer low quality print notes and you cannot read them if you print them on paper. I have given an hd file and you can print it and enjoy it reading on the paper.
computer science notes chapter wise in urdu
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These notes are in Urdu and all short questions and objectives are given. The mcqs are also solved and organized as chapter wise. You just download it in pdf and get it printed on paper and prepare only these notes to get good marks in computer science.

Download computer science notes in Urdu

Yes, you hear it right. I have given you the link to the pdf file. The file is single and complete. Unlike other websites, I have uploaded all these complete notes in a single pdf file so that you may not have to download multiple files. You can see the other websites have uploaded the notes a single chapter file and you have to download all chapters one by one separately.

I had previously uploaded computer science notes for class 9th on this blog and the people praised it. They asked me to upload many other notes for 10th class and here is the list of all subjects pdf notes for class 10.

Now download the notes from the link below.

Download pdf

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9th class maths mcqs solved chapter wise

December 05, 2019
Here are the MCQs and other objective notes for 9th class mathematics in pdf. You can download the notes for free. These are important mcqs of maths for class 9 chapterwise. When you search for notes in Google and you find that there are only mcqs tests and the pdf notes cannot be found.

mcqs for maths class 9 with answers

mcqs of maths for class 9 with answers

These notes has important mcqs from every chapter and the asnwers are given along. Just download them from Google Drive and print them to use as hard copy. You can also open pdf file on your computer or smartphone.

Now if you see that I have previously uploaded the pdf chapter wise tests of maths for class 9 on this blog and the people are continuously downloading the file. Not this time, this is the pdf file for all important mcqs which can appear in board exams 2020 and 2021. I have compiled these mcqs notes keeping in view the scenario of exams in 2020 and 2021. Just download it below and distribute it among your students.

9th class maths mcqs chapter wise pdf

For the 1st time, I have given so much importance to posting notes of all subjects of 9th class. Even I have uploaded all subjects textbook of class 9th and I would suggest you to download the maths text book in pdf from here.

Now the link to download the book is given below.

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Summary and Theme of Poem Times

December 04, 2019
The summary and the critical appreciation of the poem Times is given below. This poem is part of the English syllabus for class 11, 1st year, students in Punjab Pakistan. But the students across the globe equally benefit the post as the themes and the summary is for a global audience.

The Poem Times

The poem Times is written by an unknown author. The poem has a strong but simple message for us. Below are the notes on the poem as described in the title.

Time Poem Theme

The life is passing according to a pre-defined timetable. Everythings happen at a specific time. Nature has automated the universe in a way that nothing goes out of control. There is a time to born and also a time to die. The time for happiness and sorrows is fixed. There is a time to sow and a time to reap.

The time keeps changing and the things and happenings also change and reverse. We all are bound to float on a ship of the time.

Time Poem Summary

In this poem, the poet has expressed and justified the occurring of everything at a specific time. The poet says that everything happens at its time. Nature has set up a circle of time as we see that the clock is round and the time passes in a circular movement.
Timing is everything. If it meant to happen, it will, at the right time, for the right season.
Similarly, things also happen in a cycle. The winter is followed by spring. The summer is followed by autumn. This cycle continues forever and the system of the universe keeps running. We see that there is a time to born and a time to die. We have time to laugh and a time to cry. A time to speak and a time to remain silent is also fixed.
Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough - George Bernard Shaw
There is a time to plant and reap. The time to build and break down is fixed. There is also a fixed time to lose something and a time to get it back.

The poet, in fact, has tried to make us realize that we cannot change the course of Nature. We cannot get anything before time - nor we should worry about losing something if the time of loss is not yer arrived.

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B.A English Essays Notes PDF Download

December 01, 2019
You are a student of B.A looking for some important essays. Right? Zahid Notes provides quality notes for free. Our aim is to link the students to the resources so that they can easily find online help in their studies. Here are important English essays for BA part 2 4th year students.

English Essays Notes for B.A

These notes are for the BA students of Punjab University Lahore. These may not be as much important for other universities. So, I would recommend reading these notes if you are a student of Punjab University.

List of Important Essays

Now if you want to get a list of important essays for B.A, it is given below. The notes in PDF are given along if you want to download it.

  1. Terrorism
  2. Over Population
  3. The best day of my life
  4. My Favourite Personality
  5. Democracy
  6. Energy crisis in Pakistan
  7. Corruption
  8. Patriotism
  9. Dengue fever
  10. Uses and abuses of science
  11. Misuses of Technology
  12. Women Education
  13. Unity of Muslims
  14. Politics in Pakistan
  15. Women rights in Islam
  16. How can we become a great nation?
  17. Domestic violence against women
  18. Problems of City Life
  19. Kashmir issue
  20. Importance of social justice

 The above-mentioned essays have a link to the complete essays. So if you want to study the full essay, click on that title and the complete essay will open. But if you want to download all essays notes in PDF, you can download it from the link below.

Download PDF

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2nd year English Essays Notes PDF important

December 01, 2019
I have previously published many essays for 2nd year with quotations on this blog. Those are individual essays and every post has one essay in text form. The students could not download all the essays together in a single pdf file.

Many students then commented and asked me to publish essays in pdf. Now I have compiled a pdf file consisting of 14 essays that are important in the annual exams 2020. For this file, I copied all the individual essays and pasted them into this file.

2nd year English essays PDF

This PDF file consists of the following essay topics and the full and complete essays are given in the pdf file. The topics are given below.

2nd year English Important Essays 2020

  1. My First Day at College
  2. My Last Day at college
  3. A visit to a historical place
  4. Life in a village
  5. Life in a Big city
  6. College life 
  7. Uses and abuses of mobile phones
  8. Role of women in our society
  9. Co-Education
  10. My aim in life OR My ambition
  11. Patriotism
  12. My Hero in History
  13. Uses and abuses of science
  14. Courtesy
Important English essays notes for 2nd year

Download these essays in PDF

As this list is updated, the PDF file will also be updated. The link to the original single essay post has been given in every topic mentioned above. You can go to an individual essay by clicking the links. So, I hope you will like the essay notes.

In this pdf file, I have given some links to career counseling and career guidance provided by Study Pak. This is how you can benefit some career and study tips free of cost. 

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10th class general math definitions notes pdf

November 30, 2019
Here are the most important definitions notes for 10th class maths arts group. The general maths definitions notes are in PDF. All chapter important terms and their definitions are given. The students should learn these definitions to get good marks in Maths.

10th class maths notes for arts group

Now if you are looking for the notes of mathematics for 10th class arts group, you are in the right place. I would recommend going for other notes and solutions and a key book of maths for 10th class to get a complete solution. But these are only important definitions solved.

10th class general maths important definitions

please notes that these notes are for 10th class and are in Urdu medium. All the definitions are in Urdu and you can download them in PDF from Zahid Notes here.

Urdu Medium PDF Notes

Notes are in Urdu and pdf. Please notes that there are the students who really want to get good marks in mathematics and even in all subjects. For those students, I am preparing guess paper of mathematics and other all subjects. You can easily get good marks if you only learn the questions in the guess paper. Now you must download your notes. Download it from the link given below:

important general maths definitions Urdu medium

Download PDF

Whenever you search for any type of notes, just google it and write "Zahid Notes" at the end of every query. You will come up with the notes with a link to this site.

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9th class Urdu Book PDF Download

November 28, 2019
For there is many reasons why you should also get the original board textbook in pdf. PDF books are electronic books and they can be read on smartphones, laptops and desktops. You can read them anytime anywhere. So, why you don't download all Punjab textbook books for 9th class in PDF?

I would recommend getting all the books and it takes only a small memory. Instead of occupying your phone memory for unused files, inactive apps, and useless videos, keep pdf books on your phone.

9th class Urdu Complete Notes pdf

9th class Sarmaya Urdu Book

I have given here the link to the pdf file of Sarmaya Urdu book by Punjab Text books board. The files is originally shared on the official website of the board. I have only given the link to that file. When you click on the download link, the files will start downloading from there own server. So, I do not claim any copyrights. The book is the property of Punjab Text Book Board Lahore.

9th class Urdu Notes PDF Download

9th class Urdu Text book PDF

Now, for this reason, I am sharing the book in PDF. The major benefit of PDF books is that you can read them at any place at any time. You just open the pdf file in your phone and start reading the book.

So, the Board has published all books in PDF. I have also uploaded the books of all classes from Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board Lahore. You can visit my page of all the books.

9th class Urdu Book

here is the pdf book for 9th class Urdu. Click the link below to get it in PDF

9th class sarmaya urdu book punjab board

Download PDF

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