9th class English guess paper pdf download 2020

February 23, 2020
The 9th class English guess paper 2020 for all Punjab board is now live here on this page. Th guess paper is valid for the following boards:

Lahore board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, Gujranwala Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board, DG Khan board, and Faisalabad Board

The guess paper is in PDF and you can download it free of cost. The guess paper include all-important short questions, synonyms, and MCQs, important translation paragraphs, important letters, and stories etc.

9th class English guess paper 2020 pdf

Here are some important things for 9th class English.

9th class Important short questions chapterwise

Unit 1
Question Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Unit 2
Question Number: 1, 2, 3, 4

Unit 3
Question Numbers: 2, 3, 4

Unit 4
Question Numbers: 2, 3, 4, 7

Unit 6
Question Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 5

Unit 7
Question Numbers: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Unit 9
Question Numbers: 1, 2, 5

Unit 10
Question Number: 1, 2, 4

Unit 11
Question Number: 1, 2, 4, 5

Unit 12
Questions Number: 1, 3, 4

Note:  Important extra questions from every lesson has been given in the PDF file.

Important Summaries

  • Daffodils
  • Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening

Important Paragraphs for Translation

The important paragraphs from every lesson have been given in the pdf file of the guess paper. The link to download the pdf guess paper has been given below.

Important letters

The important letters of 9th class English have been given in the guess paper and then you will see the complete guess paper of English for 9th class when you see the pdf file. All items according to questions are given here in this pdf guess paper.

9th class English guess paper pdf download punjab boards

Download guess paper PDF

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How to pass 9th class English in 7 days preparation

February 22, 2020
Exams are a way to judge the abilities of the students. In Pakistan there are different types of exams are prevailing. For instance, a type of exam is held in schools, colleges, and universities. The students have to go through this type of exam for getting a promotion in the next class or to get a degree. The other type of exam is the entry test exam. The students have to go through this type of exam for getting admission in schools colleges or universities. The third type of exam is for getting job. The people have to pass through this type of exam for getting a good post or employment.

How to prepare for exams effectively in one week

How to pass an exam in one week preparation

Here we will talk about the preparation of exams. It is a universal truth that no one can pass any exam without proper preparation. The system of prep is already set up in all educational institutions. The students even from the first day of the class began to make preparation for their exams. The students spend six months or a year in making the presentation of the exam. In this way they are prepared for the exam. They become able to get good marks in the exam.

But unfortunately, if a student fails to do so, he should act upon this seven days formula he will not be able to get 80 percent marks. But surely he will pass the exam by securing 35 to 45 percent marks.

Here I want to narrate the method of passing the paper of English of 9th class in just seven days. In this age of competition, it is necessary for everyone to get more or more marks in all the subjects. But if someone failed to do so, he should at least try to pass the exam by securing passing marks.

Complete 9th class English syllabus on One week

It is very easy for every student to pass the paper of English. In this case, a student should do a selective study. Like other papers there two parts of the question paper of English. One is objective or the other is subjective.

The objective part of the paper is a little bit difficult or time-consuming. The student should not waste his time in the preparation of this part of the paper. He should just understand the exercises of the book. By doing so he will be able to get eleven to fifteen marks in this part of the paper.

The second part of the paper is a subjective type. This part of paper is of 56 numbers. For preparing this part of the paper the students should divide it into seven parts. He should prepare one part in one day. He should devote himself just to study. He should not involve in other time-wasting activities.

First day

You should prepare the question of the summaries of the poems. Here are just two poems in the syllabus of 9th class. This is very important and easy to attempt the question. Even a dull or weak student can prepare this question easily. You should revise this question again. you should check it after writing and point out the mistakes. In a complete day, you will easily prepare this question.

The second day 

You should select the question of letter writing. It is also an important question in English. The student should learn these letters by heart. This question is of eight marks. If you prepare this question very well the chances of passing the exam increases.

The third day

You should devote himself to the question of translation. This question is difficult because the students have to go through the whole book. But if a student prepares the few selected lessons he would be able to tackle down this question.

The fourth day

You should prepare the part of the questions and answers. You should prepare the questions of 7 or 8 lessons you will be able to clear this part of the paper.

The fifth day

You should prepare the question of active or passive voice or the question of translation of the urdu sentences into English. You should practice it again and again.

The sixth day

You should revise all the exercises of all the lessons in which sentences are also included. By doing so you will also be able to solve the objectives part of the paper.

The seventh day

You should revise all the courses again. After acting upon this seventh-day formula, any student will be able to get sixty to seventy percent marks in the paper of English.

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How to pass 9th class English in 7 days preparation How to pass 9th class English in 7 days preparation Reviewed by Saif Ullah ZahidonFebruary 22, 2020 Rating: 5

5 ways students can earn money during their studies

February 21, 2020
How to earn meany while studying in Pakistan

How Students can earn money through 5 methods

Students who join a distant college/university have to live in an official or private hostel. There are many students who enjoy the full support of their families- financial support, physical and emotional support. The life at a hostel is like living in paradise for those who are financially strong. There are three types of university students.
  1. Those who are not interested in education but they have come so far to fulfill the wish of their parents. They are the offspring of rich parents and have much financial support from family. They really enjoy university life. Their progress in education is just satisfactory
  2. Those who are not too much interested in education, but they want to relish the taste of university life. They come from rich families too. They enjoy college life and their educational progress is of average level. They have medium support from their families.
  3. Those who have a passion for higher studies and this very passion drag them to university. They may be from rich, middle class and poor families. These are the students who come to university/college with the right motive. This type of student, especially who are from poor families, face many challenges. The life at a hostel is not easy. There are many challenges and issues that irritate the shining students. If is start listing down the issues, this post will go out of control. You can learn more about these issues in a separate post.

Now for those who are both poor and passionate for study, it is very difficult to have adequate financial support from their families.  They need to live on their own resources. The support they receive from their families is too less to meet their needs. Although they may find other sources of support to them, yet they have to struggle hard to complete their course.

This post does not solely focus on students with poor families. Any students who want to learn new things while earning a small income can equally benefit from this post. This post benefits the students who are aimed to engage in healthy activities and to earn pocket money. Now let me explain how students staying at the university hostel can earn extra pocket money.

1. Start a Free Blog

If you have good writing skills and knowledge on a topic, you can start blogging. There are many websites that offer you a free blog that involves zero investment. Blogger (blogspot.com) is the best free blogging platform I have ever heard of. Blogging simply means that you have to write nice articles on the topics you know well and post your articles on your blog. These articles will be read by the people on the internet. If you have a lot of visitors to your blog, you can apply for Google Adsense or other ad networks to show ads on your blog. It will help you earn some money and later on if it is a success it will give you even more.

Starting a free blog on blogspot.com is a matter of minutes. All you need to have is a Gmail account and something in mind to write about. But every blogger is not able to earn money from blogging job. There are certain guidelines to be followed in order to blog for earning money.

There are also many benefits for beginners. But for professionals, this free Blogspot is not better enough. You have a look at the merits and demerits of the Free Blogging on Blogspot.com
The topic is very important while starting a blog. Your niche topic should be something you are passionate about. Otherwise, you will soon lose interest and end up with nothing. It would be merely the wastage of time.  Choose a niche topic and start writing anything about it that helps and benefits the readers. For example, you can start a blog that offers free notes to the students of a particular subject/field of study. Similarly, you can start a blog on your life experiences as a student. It will help the readers know how to cope with some situations like you have faced. You can start a guide blog for social media users if you are a social media expert. You can have a look on these blog topics to get an idea to start your own blog.

2. Take paid writing assignments

If you have good writing skills, you can help the rich students in making their assignments and they will pay you in return. You can spread the message that you accept the writing assignments for nominal charges through your class-fellows and friends. I am sure there are many rich students who are not interested in preparing their educational assignments, or they don’t have time to do so because of their marry making operations. They are looking for someone who would write their assignments for them in exchange for some amount of money.

Similarly, there are teachers who are looking for someone to have their notes composed. If you can use a word processing program to write notes, your professors can also be your target clients. Go and ask your professors if they have an assignment for you. There are many teachers who have no time to prepare their notes due to their busy life. You can help them and earn an amount too.
For writing a good assignment requires good writing and composing skills. You can learn more about how you can write quality assignments that please your professors.

Paid assignments can also be taken from University Stationers. They do have bulk of work and they need someone to do for them. Most of the shopkeepers have computers and space. They ask their employees to sit and do work in their workplace. You can contact them for any work opportunity.

3. Provide Tuition Services

It is also a good source of income for the students staying at hostels. If you are a university fellow and live and hostel and have some extra time, usually in the evening, you can sell your time and knowledge to earn money. Go and take tuition classes. You can teach your own class fellows in the hostel at night. You can teach your juniors who are weak in a subject. You can adopt to teach at home of your students. There are many rich people who will pay you well for tutoring their children at home. Spare some time and take home tuition.

Besides this, there are many academies in your surrounding areas. These academies are usually formal tuition centers that hold classes in the afternoon or in the evening. Go and drop your C.V in some academies. They will call you if they need a teacher. Build some qualities that a successful teacher must-have. Teaching the student will not only give you money but it will also increase your own knowledge.

4. Earn through Social Media

If you are popular on social media, you can change your social media accounts into income-generating machines.  If you have thousands of social media followers, you can earn handsome income from your social media accounts. University students often have vast references and many social media friends and followers. Facebook and Twitter can give you more value. Create a Facebook Page on a certain topic and get maximum likes. If you are able to get 10,000 likes, you page is ready to earn income.

Let’s say your page has 10,000 likes that means if you post something, 10,000 people will see it. Most of them will read it carefully. So, you can post the ads of other companies. These ads will have a tracking system. When you pos this ad to your page and a person clicks on it. He/She will be redirected to the original website of the company whose ad you posted. They will know where the visitor has come from. If she/he makes a purchase you will get a commission on it. Similarly, there are some websites that only pay you for every new visitor you refer to their website. You have to share their posts on your social media profiles and that’s all. Learn how to increase your social media followers.

There are companies that are seeking for social media experts to manage their social media accounts. They offer a handsome salary and one has to work from home. You have to update their social media pages regularly.

Youtube can be a good source of income for you if you can make good quality short movie clips. Usually, beginners start with funny videos; they require less time and resources. Create a Youtube channel and upload your videos. Share your Youtube videos to your other social media profiles in order to increase visits to your videos. Ask your friends and followers to share your videos on their social media accounts. It will get many visitors to your videos. Then you can place third party ads on your videos to earn money.

Involve your class fellows in making short funny videos. You can also record short lectures and tutorials. You can even capture the video on your smartphone. If you use some basic editing tools, your videos can look more professional. Read detailed post on how students can make money by using social media.

5. Write and Sell E-books

Again you need writing skills. E-books are Electronic books that are accessible on computers or smartphones. Usual and E-book is a PDF file. An E-book can be as long as containing 50 pages or as short as containing 3 Pages. But I will recommend keeping your E-book 5-15 pages. There are many people who are searching for solutions to their problems. They need help and they try to Google their issues. If you have a clear understanding and knowledge on any topic, you can write an E-Book on that topic. For example, you have experience of dealing with the “hairfall” with simple natural ways. You can write an E-book “Three Tested Remedies for hairfall”. Your E-book will explain the ways to stop hair fall. Again, your writing style and way of explaining the things should be interesting and informative. 
You can write a quality E-book with some simple tips. But I would recommend learning more about writing an E-book on other websites too. When you finish writing an E-book, the next step is to promote your book to the market where buyers ill purchase it. There are many websites that offer free space to display your products for sale. They take some commission on every sale. Some of them offer a space for a specific time period for the agreed rate. Although you can promote your e-Book on your own social media profiles, yet these websites have more visitors and a system of payments. Amazon, Payloads, Ebook Architects, Bookbaby, etc are some popular places where you can publish your E-book.


I know one of my university fellows who used to repair mobile phones in his dormitory. When he came back from college, he used to repair mobile phones his friends had given him for repairs. He earned a good amount from this job. One of my class-fellows had a small beauty parlor in her room. She earned extra pocket money by giving her services to other hostel fellows.

Another guy whom I met at the hostel was working at a local restaurant for five hours from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. He used to sleep soon after coming back from college at 2:00 PM. Then he got up at 5:30 to get ready to go nearby restaurant for his duty. I appreciate her struggle for him.

Another chum of mine used to sell some used mobile phones, watches, bikes, cameras and other similar things on OLX. He purchased these things from their friends at a low price and sold them on OLX with profit. You can also do the same type of business.

Amazingly, the students do some dangerous things to earn money. I know two of my university fellows who used to sell their blood. Donating blood is not a bad thing to me, but selling it every time whenever you need money is not a safe practice. As usually poor students do this activity, they are not able to compensate for the loss of health as they are unable to eat expensive healthy food. As a result, their health goes down which affects their educational performance. I believe in the type of job which does not harm you in return in any sense. I also recommend some food items that college students should avoid. Here is a nice post on your eating preferences as a college student.

I hope this post will benefit you in one or the other sense….Stay blessed and Best of Luck for your accomplishments.

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2. How to pass Supply exams in a week
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4. 7 days exams preparation formula
5. All Educational tips for students and teachers
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How to get a position in Board Exams

February 21, 2020
This article will who you some tips on how you should prepare for your board exams to get 1st position or a position in board. You can get up to 90 percent marks if you have native talent, time and the skills to prepare for the exams focusing on position. You can easily get a position in board exams if you follow these simple tips and advice

How to get good marks in Board Exams

If you are a student of 9th class, 10th class, 1st year or 2nd year, you can follow these simple instructions to get a position in board.

Tips to get a position in Board

The academic life of every person is of great importance. The whole practical life of every individual is depend upon academic life. If a student has his splendid career, he remains successful in all the aspects. But if he fails in his academic career his whole coming life becomes troublesome. It is a strong desire of every student and parent that their son /daughter has a splendid career. So that he may spend his practical life successfully. But it all depends upon the student. How much effort he does to make his career splendid.

How to get a position in board exams in one month

Here I want to tell some tips which are quite important for every student. By following these tips he/she may get a position in board.

1. Selecting of good school or academy 

If a student wants to get a position in board exam, he should get admission in a good school. Here it does not mean that schools are good or bad but I just want to clarify that all the schools are not interested in this aspect that their students get a position in board. They merely have an aim that their students may get through the exam. Therefore he should select that school where positive competition should be upheld. Where teachers have the ability to judge the qualities of the students. Then the teachers will be able to Polish the abilities of the students. In this condition, it will be easy for him to get a position in board.

2. Following the time table. 

You can even prepare your course in one week if you follow a time table If a student wants to get a position in board, he should follow the time table. His duration of studying, eating, playing, praying and even sleeping should be specified. His every action should be according to that time table. Here should be consistency in his time table. He should follow his time table in every condition. If he acts upon his time table in ten or fifteen days of a month and ignores it for the resting days of the month it would be hard for him to get a position in board.

3. Selection of books and courses. 

It is a very sensitive matter for every student to select books and course. A chance should be given to every student to select books and courses according to his attitude. If the course would be according to his taste surely he would perform well and get position in the board. Otherwise he will remain confused. There is another thing which is related to the content and the complexity of the course. Easy subjects can give you more marks.

4. Prepare every topic

If a student wants to get full marks in any exam, he must prepare all the topics clearly. During the study period, the students sometimes do selective study. They wish to skip some topics in which they are not interested. But sometimes the examiner asks questions from the topics that they have left. In this condition, they have to face difficulty in attempting that paper. They would also fail to get full marks in that subject. In this way chances of getting a position decrease.

5 Give equal importance to all the subjects

If a student wants to attain a position in board, he should give equal importance to all the subjects. It is true that in the syllabus of every class some subjects are easy and some are difficult. It is also a natural reaction that most students give special attention to difficult subjects like math, English and science subjects. They ignore Islamic study, pak study and Urdu. It is their view that these subjects are easy and they will prepare them with little effort. But when the result is announced they get full marks in difficult subjects and their number in easy subjects is low. This thing effects seriously on their position.

6. Use of technology and available stiff

In this modern age Internet is an essential part of the study. The students can get help from the Internet in their study. If a student finds any topic difficult he can concern with the Internet. He can also get relevant information about his topic. He may also be able to know about the latest trends like paper pattern, checking system and new policies of board. Here is very basic thing about the Internet is that he should just use it for positive use.

7. Handwriting and paper presentation

Handwriting and paper presentation play a very important role in any type of exam. If a student attempts his paper neat and clean surely he will get good marks in his paper. For getting good position in board handwriting and paper presentation is as necessary as air for human beings to alive. Therefore, a student should keep this factor in mind while attempting any paper. His paper should be appealing and attractive. Then he will be able to get a position in board.

8. Conceptional clarity and to the point

While giving an answer to any question the student should keep this factor in mind that he has a clear concept about this question in his mind. He should avoid unnecessary detail. The answers of all the questions should be to the point. Then his paper would be accurate. And chances of his position will be a hundred percent.

9. Have some definite aim and emotional urge

For getting a position in board it is necessary that the student should have any definite aim. He should have some emotional urge and attachment with his career.

10. Respect teachers and parents

 Although this topic is not relevant to the academic career of the student yet no students can get success without acting upon this advice. A good student should always be respectful to his teachers and parents. His habits should be urban and refine. If he is disobedient of his parents and teachers he would never get success.

11. Offering prayer regularly

If a student or any person wants to be successful in this world or the world hereafter, he should follow the basics teaching of Islam. It is true that Christian or non-Muslims also get a position. But being a Muslim it is our sacred belief that no one can get success without the favour of Allah Almighty. Therefore if we want to be successful in every exam we should offer prayer regularly.

To sum up I would like to say that if a student wants to get a position in board he should follow the above-mentioned aspects surely he would be blessed with success in his aim. May Allah help us in this world or in the next world.

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9th class computer science guess paper 2020

February 20, 2020
Below is the guess paper for 9th class computer science. The guess includes important long questions and important short questions for the computer of 9th class. Chapterwise important short questions and long questions have been given. Computer science guess paper for 9th class is now live.

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9th class computer guess 2020

Below is the guess paper for 9th class computer

Important short questions

- types of computer
- work of van numen
- benefits of transistor
- definition of machine language
- define computer
- what is abacus?
- what is a computer program
- explain minicomputer
- high-level language
- define analog computer

- What are input devices
- Define USB port.
- what is system unit?
- define port.
- difference between the serial port and parallel port.
- define computer hardware
- what is data bus.

- What is mouse?
- what is a joystick?
- What is meant by resolution of the monitor?
- Difference between soft copy and hard copy
- work of non-impact printer.
- what is keyboard?
- what is microphone?
- difference between CD-RW and CD-R

- Why DRAM uses more energy?
- difference between DRAM and SRAM
- What is main memory?
- what is cashe memory?
- What do you know about ROM?
-What is secondary memory?
- What is the difference between ROM and RAM?

Important Long Questions

- Types of computer
- Note mainfram computer and super computer 
- 2nd and 3rd generation of computer
- write a note on system bus.
- write a note on RAM and ROM
- write a notes on various ports
- write a note on CPU
- write a note on various types of monitors

More guess paper below:
9th class Urdu guess paper
9th class computer science guess paper 2020 9th class computer science guess paper 2020 Reviewed by Saif Ullah ZahidonFebruary 20, 2020 Rating: 5

9th class biology guess paper 2020 for All Punjab Boards

February 18, 2020
The most important chapter wise questions of biology are given below. This is the guess paper of biology class 9th for all Punjab boards like Lahore board, Gujranwala board, Sahiwal board, Multan Board, Faisalabad Board and DG Khan board.

9th class biology guess paper 2020 pdf

You may download the guess paper in pdf but, this time, here it is given in text form too. It means you can copy the text and share it through WhatsApp or as a text message. Now this is upto you how you use this guess paper.

9th class biology important short questions

Here are chapterwise important short questions of biology for class 9th.

Chapter -1 

  • Definitions of: botany, zoology, microbiology, morphology, anatomy, cell biology, genetics, cell biology, biogeography
  • Contribution of Muslims Scientists
Chapter -2
  • Definitions of: biological method, scientific method, biological problem, control group, law and theory, ratio, bioinformatics, deductions
  • Characteristics of a good hypothesis
  • observation and its types
Chapter -3
  • Definitions of: biodiversity, species, biosphere, endangered species, binomial nomenclature
  • basis of classification
  • aims of classifications
Chapter -4
  • Definitions of: magnification, resolution, resolving power, turger pressure, Fluid mosaic model, diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion, active transport
  • composition of cell wal
  • mitochondria as powerhouse of the cell
  • light and dark reactions
  • role of nucleus
Chapter -5
  • Definitions of: Meiosis, mitosis, crossing over, chromatid, apoptosis, necrosis, chiasmata
  • differentiate between somatic cells and sperms
  • What happens in G0 phase?
  • differentiate between malignant and benign tumors
Chapter -6
  • Definitions of: Enzymes, catalyst, co-enzyme, cofactor, prosthetic groups, optimum temperature, lock, and key model, induced fit model
  • what is meant by denaturation of an enzyme?
  • name the factors affecting enzyme activity
Chapter -7
  • Definitions of: bioenergetics, oxidation and reduction, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, light reactions/dark reaction, limiting factor, ATP
  • Differentiate between alcoholic and lactic acid fermentation
Chapter -8
  • Definitions of: Nutrition, fertilizers, digestion, balanced diet, bolus, chyme, micronutrients
  • functions of the oral cavity
  • significance of water
  • Sources of Vitmain A, C and D
Chapter -9
  • Definitions of: Transpiration, cohesion-tension theory, pulmonary circulation, transpirational pull
  • functions of xylem and phloem in plants
  • transpiration is a necessary evil. explain.
  • composition of blood
  • Universal donor and universal recipients

9th class Biology important Long questions

1. Careers in biology
2. Contributions of Muslim Scientists
3. Write a note on cellular Organization
4.steps of solving biological problem
5. What are biodiversity and which factor affect biodiversity
6. Characteristics of the five-kingdom system
7. Fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane
8. Structure and Functions of Nucleus
9. Types of plastids, structure and functions
10. Differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
11. Endocytosis and exocytosis with diagram
12. Cell cycle and its phases
13. Light and dark reactions
14. Cell cycle and its phases
15. Mitosis and its types
16. Metabolism, functions and types.
17. factors affecting the rate of enzyme action
18. Importance of fertilizers
19. Role of the liver and its importance
20. role of the small intestine in digestion
21. Write a note on the ABO blood system
22. Effects of Malnutrition
23. Structure and functions of human heart.
24. Causes, symptoms and treatment of myocardial infarction

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10th class pak study guess paper 2020 pdf download

February 16, 2020
Here is the guess paper of the Pak Study of class 10th. You can download the guess paper in PDF form. Now, this is the only page with a pdf link to the original file of guess paper.

10th class Pak Study Guess Paper 2020 PDF

The pdf file consists of two portions: One portion contains all-important short questions from all chapters + some questions about dengue fever. The other part consists of all important long questions of Pak study. The guess paper is in Urdu medium but English medium students can also learn the same questions in English.

10th class Pak Study Important Questions

10th class Pak study important short and long questions chapterwise

The complete list of questions is given in the pdf file. You can download the pdf file from the link below.

Download PDF

Now if you have successfully downloaded the file, please see the following posts if they can further help you in your studies:

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2. 10th class paper patterns 2020
3. 10th class notes pdf download
4. 9th class guess papers 2020
5. 1st year guess papers 2020
6. 2nd year guess papers 2020
10th class pak study guess paper 2020 pdf download 10th class pak study guess paper 2020 pdf download Reviewed by Saif Ullah ZahidonFebruary 16, 2020 Rating: 5

10th class urdu guess paper 2020 pdf download

February 16, 2020
The guess paper of 10th class urdu 2020 is just an idea of which important questions can appear in board exams 2020. The guess paper helps the student prepare for the exams in short time. It gives and idea of which thing to prepare and which questions have more chances to appear in exams. So, it helps the students in achieving good marks inspite of short term preparation.
10th class urdu guess paper 2020 all punjab boards

This guess paper is for all Punjab boards like Lahore board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board, Gujranwala Board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, DG Khan Board etc. Now this guess paper is available in pdf format and you can download in pdf.

10th class Urdu guess paper 2020

This is the Urdu guess paper for 10th class. The guess paper is given below. The following components are given below.

10th class Urdu Important Essays

The essays are given in a separate post. Now the following is the rest of the guess paper.

10th class Urdu important Nazam

اس سال مندرجہ ذیل نظموں سے تشریح کے لیے اشعار آ سکتے ہیں:
حمد، نعت، میدان کربلا میں گرمی کی شدت، کسان

Important Ghazals for Explanation

ادا جعفری، جگر مراد آبادی

Important Khulas

مرزا محمد سعید
پرستان کی شہزادی
چغل خور
نام  دیو مالی
علی بخش

Important Questions

صرف مشقی سوالات کر لیں ۔ پیپر کور ہو جائے گا

These guess papers are made with evergreen questions and keeping in view the past two years papers of different boards. So, these are reliable and you can prepare only these guess papers if you have not studies earlier or you preparation is very poor. 

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