Intermediate Part I English Book I notes complete question answers

Here are the notes of First Year English Book I. Important questions marked. You can download these notes as an Ebook and read them on your smartphone.

First Year Book-1 Answer question notes


Button, Button

Exercise Questions

Q.1. Why did Norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward offensive? (imp)
Ans: She told Mr. Steward that she was busy but he insisted on having some time. That’s why she did not like his attitude and was offended.
Q.2. Why did Arthur disagree with his wife? (imp)
Ans: He disagreed with his wife because he considered it immoral to kill someone for the sake of money. He considered it a murder.
Q.3. Why did Norma try to persuade her husband to agree with her? (imp)
Ans: She wanted to have money to improve their life style. She thought that Mr. Steward’s offer was a research activity. So, she tried to persuade her husband to agree with her.
Q.4. What were the reasons Norma gave to her husband to accept the offer? (imp)
Ans: She told him that it would make no difference to kill someone unknown. She argued that the offer was a part of psychological research. She said that money will bring about a prosperous life for them.
Q.5. Why did Mr. Steward continue persuading Norma? (imp)
Ans: He continued persuading Norma because he wanted her to push the button. He believed that she was curious about his offer.
Q.6. What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?
Ans: She received a call from Lenox Hill Hospital. They told her about the death of her husband in an accident.
Q.7. What is the significance of Arthur’s life-insurance policy? (imp)
Ans: Arthur’s life insurance policy has great significance for Norma. She would get $ 50,000 in case of Arthur’s accidental death. This amount will be enough for her to live a better life.

Q.8. Did Norma remain normal on hearing the news of accident of her husband?
Ans: No, she didn’t remain normal. She could hardly walk and breathe. She felt as if her body had become lifeless.
Additional questions
Q.9. What moral lesson does the story ‘button, button’ teach?
Ans: This story teaches us a lesson that greed can only lead us to a terrible end. One who thinks evil for others has to face the music.


Clearing in the Sky

Exercise Questions

Q.1. Why didn’t old man followed the advice of the doctors? (imp)
Ans: He did not follow the advice of the doctors because he had firm belief in God. He thought if he had sit idle, he would have become weak. Moreover he did not believe in what doctors told him.
Q.2. What had the doctors told the old man?
Ans: They told him not to travel long distances. They told him that he had a few days of his life left. They advised him to spend these days with his family.
Q.3. Where did the old man take his son? (imp)
Ans: The old man took his son on the top of a high mountain to show him his secret garden.
Q.4. Had the son ever been there before?
Ans: Yes, the son had been there many times except the last three years.
Q.5. What were the names of the vegetables the old man grew on his farm?
Ans: He grew yams, tomatoes and potatoes on his farm.
Q.6. Why did the old man take the steep path? (imp)
Ans: He took the steep path to measure his physical fitness and health status. It was a way of knowing that he was getting better day by day.

Q.7. Why did the son at the age of six cry?
Ans: He cried because he lost his wooden plough in a furrow while playing. He loved his plough so much.
Q.8. What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?
Ans: The old man in the story is really an optimistic person. He wanted to die in harness. He wanted to see the places he knew and loved. He always recalled the pleasant memories of life. He loved the land and the things he grew in it.
Q.9. Why did the old man plant his secret garden?
Ans: The old man planted his secret garden because he believed that the things planted in virgin land had sweet taste and unique flavour.
Additional questions

Q.10.  Why did the old man make a fence around the garden?
Ans: The old man fenced the garden to protect it from astray cattle.
Q.11. Why did the old man made so many paths going up the mountain?
Ans: He wanted to know whether he was regaining his health gradually. So, he kept on making steeper paths as he got healthier. In this way, he kept himself in gradual physical exercise.


Dark they were and Golden-eyed

Exercise Questions

Q.1. Why did Harry want to go back to the Earth? (imp)
Ans: He wanted to go back to the Earth because the Martian climate was strange. It was changing them all. Moreover, some mysterious and ghostly feelings captured his mind and he decided to go back to the Earth.
Q.3. What climate did they face on the Mars? (imp)
Ans: They faced dangerous climate on Mars; the harsh wind and severe heat.
Q.4. What was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the of war on the Earth? (imp)
Ans: They were confused and astonished at hearing the news of war on the Earth. They felt themselves stranded on that alien planet forever.
Q.5. What did they want to grow?
Ans: They wanted to grow crops, onions and peach. They also wanted to grow their number by producing children.
Q.6. What was the condition of their house?
Ans: The condition of their house was very bad. Blazing wind at day and dense fog at night destroyed it.
Q.7. What was the advice Harry gave to the people? (imp)
Ans: He advised the people to build a new rocket to go back to Earth.
Q.8. How dangerous can a Martian virus be? (imp)
Ans: A Martian virus can be very dangerous. It can totally change them.

Thank You Ma’m

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What was the time when the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman?
Ans: It was about eleven O’clock at night when the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman.
Q.2. What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse? (imp)
Ans: When the boy pulled the purse, its strip was swapped with the sudden jerk. As a result the boy lost his balance and fell on the side-walk.
Q.3. What was the reaction of the woman?
Ans: She simply turned around, kicked the boy the boy to the right square on his blue jeans sitter. She bent down and gripped the boy by his collar and gave him a few jerks until his teeth rattled.
Q.5. What was the conduct of the people when they saw the incident?
Ans: The incident took place on road. The people did not pay much heed to it. A few of passer by stopped and turned to look. Anyway , they remained as neutral observers.
Q.6. How did the boy look physically? (imp)
Ans: The boy was a teen ager. He was weak and thin. He was wearing jeans and tennis shoes. He had frail body and dirty face.
Q.7. What was the condition of the boy when the woman gave him a few jerks?
Ans: When the lady caught the boy and gave him a few jerks, the sweat popped out on his face with fear. He tried to get free but could not succeed. He got passive at the end.
Q.8. Why did the woman ask the boy to wash his face? (imp)
Ans: The woman wanted the boy to realize the moral ethics and manners. She wanted him to look like a nice boy before she advises him. So, she asked him to wash his dirty face.
Q.9. Why didn’t the boy run from the house of the woman? (imp)
Ans: The boy did not run from her house because he had got an impression that the woman would not punish him anymore. He did not want to betray her trust. Moreover, he wanted to satisfy her with good behavior.
Q.10. Why didn’t the woman watch the boy while preparing a dish?
Ans: She didn’t watch the boy while preparing a dish because she had already given an impression to the boy that she would not punish him anymore. She wanted to show the boy that she trusted him. So, she hoped that he would not run.
Q.11. What was the nature of the woman’s job? (imp)
Ans: She worked in a hotel beauty shop. She worked till late at night. She had to deal with all type of women customers.


The Piece of String

Exercise Questions

Q.1. Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocketbook? (imp)
Ans: Mr. Manana had seen Hubert picking up something from the road. He believed that Mr. Hubert had picked up the very pocket-book. So, he accused him of picking up the lost pocket-book.
Q.2. What did the people think of Hubert when they heard the return of pocketbook by some other person?
Ans: When the people came to know that the lost pocket-book was returned by someone else, they did not absolve poor Mr. Hubert. They termed it as a deception by Mr. Hubert. They did not believe him.
Q.3. Why did George give the pocketbook to his employer? (imp)
Ans: George was an uneducated person. He could not read the name of the owner of the pocketbook. So, he gave it to his employer out of ignorance.
Q.4. What made Hubert shameful? (imp)
Ans: The delusion of people about him made him shameful. It was disgrace to his ego and self esteem. This thing grieved him a lot.
Q.5. Why did the people make fun of his innocence? (imp)
Ans: People believed that Mr. Manana could not be wrong. They believed that Mr. Hubert had picked up the lost pocket-book but he was just not ready to confess. So, they made fun of his arguments.
Q.6. Why did he keep claiming his innocence before his death? (imp)
Ans: Mr. Hubert was very sensitive and touchy fellow. He did not want to die with a spot on his character. So, he kept claiming his innocence till the last breath.
Additional questions
Q.7. Why didn’t the mayor believe the innocence of Hubert?
Ans: The mayor was not ready to accept that Mr. Manana, who was a credible man in the eyes of the mayor, would have taken a piece of sting for a pocket-book. So, he didn’t believe in Mr. Hubert’s story of string.
Q.8. What was the effect of Mr. Hubert’s protesting? (imp)
Ans: His protesting could not win the trust of the people. The people made fun of what he said in his clarity.


The Reward

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What was the subject discussed at the club? (imp)
Ans: The subject discussed at the club was whether opportunity or determination was needed to achieve life’s goals.
Q.2. What did Terbut think of Jorken’s argument?
Ans: Jorkens was all for determination. Turbet did not agree with him. He declared that opportunity played a winning in the arena of life.
Q.3. How did Jorkens convince that a man can become skating champion of the Sahara?
Ans: Jorkens said that a really determined man would raise money somehow or the other. He would build a skating ring in the Sahara. He would organize a skating competition over there. Ultimately he would come out as skating champion.
Q.4. How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong? (imp)
Ans: To persuade his people to make his country strong, he urged them to teach acrobatic art to the young men of his country. He told them that acrobatic art will make them physically strong and sturdy. These physically fit young men will better defend the court and the right of the nation.
Q.5. What was the view point of the parents of Gorgios? (imp)
Ans: The parents of Gorgios were of the view that an opportunity was necessary for success. They thought that only determination could do nothing.

Q.6. What were the arrangements made for the function of inauguration?
Ans: The great throne room was turned into a kind of gymnasium. Hurdles were erected on its polished floor. The swings were hung down the ceiling. The doors and windows were decorated with red and golden curtains.
Q.7. Describe the scene of inauguration. Write five sentences.
Ans: The men and women were clad in jazz dress. Lights were glittering brilliantly and a band was playing softly. The door opened with a flood of golden light and the old man appeared in his brilliant costume. The people gave him red-carpet welcome.
Q.8. What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion of inauguration?
Ans: Naturally, Gorgios was very happy at the realization of his lifelong dream.
Q.9. Did Gorgios use any short cut to achieve his ambition?
Ans:  No, he did not use any shortcut to achieve his ambition. He proved his worth after the dedication and determination of 60 years.

Additional questions
Q.10. What did Terbut think was needed for success in life?
Ans: He thought that the opportunity was needed for success in life.


The Use of Force

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What was the condition of the parents on the arrival of the doctor?
Ans: When the doctor reached, the parents were quite upset. They were worried on the illness of their daughter.
Q.2. What was the behaviour of the girl with the doctor? (imp)
Ans: The girl was violent with the doctor. She was rude and repulsive. She did not cooperate with the doctor.
Q.3. She had a fever for three days. Hadn’t she?
Ans: Yes, she had fever for three days.
Q.4. Did the girl change her expression when the doctor said, “Does you throat hurt you?”
Ans: The sick girl did not promptly respond to the doctor. Her expression did not change. She remained silent.
Q.5 Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name? (imp)
Ans: The doctor called the child by her first name because he wanted to win her attention. He wanted to show his closeness to her to get a favorable response from him.
Q.6. Did the sick girl promptly respond to the instructions of the doctor?
(See answer of question No.4)
Q.7. Why did the parents rebuke her?
Ans: The girl was misbehaving with the doctor. She struck at the glasses of the doctor and they fell several feet away. The parents felt ashamed of this act. That’s why they rebuked her.
Q.8. What was the threat of the doctor to the child if she did not show her throat? (imp)
Ans: The doctor was greatly annoyed at the ill behaviour of the child. He asked her to open his mouth but she wouldn’t. So, he threatened the child that he would open it by force if she didn’t show her throat.
Q.9. Why did she break the wooden blade? (imp)
Ans: She had tonsils in her throat. Her throat hurt badly. She didn’t want it to be opened. So, she broke the wooden blade.
Q.10. What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?
Ans: The condition of the tonsils was alarming. They were covered with membrane, which was the clear symptom of diphtheria.

Additional Questions
Q.11. Under what circumstances the use of force can be justified?
Ans: The use of force for the solution of the problem is neither good nor desirable. It should be used as a last option when there is a threat to life of the subject.
Q.12. How did the sick girl look by appearance?
Ans: The child look beautiful. She was strong and sturdy. She was fully dressed. She had magnificent long hair, in profusion.


The Gulistan of Sa’adi

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What was the advice given by Nushirvan to his people? (imp)
Ans: Nushirvan advised his people to be kind and just to others. He advised them to nip the evil in the bud.
Q.2. What was the remedy suggested by the physicians for the disease of the king? (imp)
Ans: They suggested the king to use the bile of a person with certain qualities to treat his disease.
Q.3. Why did the boy look to the sky and smile?(imp)
Ans: The boy was helpless. He was on the mercy of the King. When he saw to the sky, he was appealing to God for justice.
Q.4. What should be the role of a Qazi? (imp)
Ans: Qazi is considered the last hope of justice. He is responsible to do justice in every case in order to keep peace and stability in the society. He should decide the cases on merit.
Q.5. Why did the king weep?
Ans: The king felt ashamed of his selfish and cruel behavior. He moved to tears when he realized that he was about to shed the blood of an innocent boy.
Q.6. How did the diseased king recover? (imp)
Ans: The king had realized his sense of injustice and cruelty. He forsook the life of the innocent boy. The spiritual satisfaction of this noble deed became source of King’s recovery.

The Foolish Quack

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What is a clump of trees?
Ans: A clump of trees means a group of trees growing together at a place.
Q.2. What was struck in camel’s throat?
Ans: A melon was stuck in camel’s throat.
Q.3. What did the quack pretend to cure?
Ans: The quack pretended to be a doctor. He pretended to cure goiter.
Q.4. What did the quack do with the old woman? How did the quack try to cure the old woman?
Ans: The quack tied a blanket around the neck of the old woman and hit hard with a mallet. As a result, the poor woman expired at once.
Q.5. What was the result of the cure?
Ans: As a result, the poor woman expired at once.
Q.6. What was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by the villagers? OR How did the villagers punish the quack?(imp)
Ans: The villagers were seriously annoyed at the death of the old woman. They forced the quack to dig the grave of the woman. Then they beat him well and turned him out of the village.
Q.7. For whom did the quack dig the grave?
Ans: The quack dug the grave of the old woman who died as the result of his treatment.
Q.8. What did the quack do in the next village? (imp)
Ans: In the next village, he again set himself up for a doctor.
Q.9. Why didn’t the villagers let the old man get cured? (imp)
Ans: When the quack refused to dig the grave of the old man before he started the treatment, the villagers realized that he was a man of doubtful ability. So, they did not let him cure the old man.

Additional Questions
Q.10. Why did the quack come back to the camel-men?
Ans: He returned to the camel-men to learn the exact method of curing goiter.


A Mild Attack of Locusts

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What are locusts?
Ans: Locusts are winged insects just like grass hopers. They fly in swarms. They eat up the entire vegetation.
Q.2. Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on the fire? (imp)
Ans: The farmers threw wet leaves on fire to produce black and acrid smoke. This smoke would frighten away the insects.
Q.3. What was the desire of every farmer? (imp)
Ans: Every farmer desired that the swarms of locusts should overlook his fields and settle somewhere else.
Q.4. Did Margaret know what to do to keep the locusts away?
Ans: Margret had not experienced such natural calamity before. She did not know what to do. She just attended phone calls.
Q.5. What was the condition of trees?
Ans: The trees were teamed with insects. They became leafless and finally their branches weighed to the round.
Q.6. How did the old Stephen treat the stray locust which he found on his shirt?
Ans: He crushed it between his thumbnails. He found that it was clotted with eggs.
Q.7. Are the hoppers different from locusts?
Ans: Hoppers are the young locusts. They differ from them in size and age. They cannot fly but hop.
Q.8. Did Margaret lose heart on the loss of crops?
Ans: No, she did not lose heart. She faced the natural calamity with patience and courage. She even encouraged others to face the tragedy.
Q.9. Why are the locusts compared with bad weather? (imp)
Ans: Locusts are compared with bad weather because they, like bad weather does, can spoil the crops. Both the bad weather and the locusts are changing agents of farmers.
Q.10. Why did the men eat their supper with good appetites? (imp)
Ans: The men had been fighting against the locusts. They were tired and hungry. So, they ate their supper with good appetite.
Additional questions
Q.11. Why did the farmers want to kill the locusts?
Ans: They wanted to prevent the locusts from settling in their fields. It was because the locusts would finish all of their crops.
Q.12. What did old Stephen tell Margaret?
Ans:  He told Margret that they were finished. The locusts ate every leaf of their farm within half an hour.


I have a Dream

Exercise Questions

Q.1 What was the cause of Negroes discontentment? (imp)
Ans: Negroes were not given basic human rights. They had no worth and value in the society. They were treated as slaves. This thing produced discontentment in Negroes.
Q. 2. What are the qualities of veterans of creative suffering? (imp)
Ans: The veterans of creative suffering have the power of faith and hope. They never lose heart. They are confident of redemption.
Q. 3. What is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.? (imp)
Ans: Martin Luther has a dream that one day America will become a democratic state in real sense. People will be judged by the character and not by the colour. Justice, equality and brotherhood will prevail in the society.
Q.4. What should be the faith of Negroes? How should Negroes continue to work?
Ans: They should have faith in final deliverance. They should continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive.
Q.5. What was the necessity of pleading the case of the Negroes’ freedom?
Ans: Freedom is the basic right of every man. Negroes were treated as slaves. So, there was a need to speak for their freedom and provision of equal rights to them.
Q.6. What should be the criterion of judgment for a person? (imp)
Ans: A man should be judged by his character. Outward appearance does not endorse the inner self of a person.
Q.7. Do the Negroes enjoy liberty in all the part of their country?
Ans: No, they do not enjoy liberty in all the part of their country.
Q.8. From which part of the country did the Negroes gather there?
Ans: It was a big show off and gathering of Negroes. They gathered from different parts of the country. Most of them had come from southern parts of the country


The Gift of Magi

Exercise Questions

Q.1. How much did Della save for Christmas?
Ans: She saved one dollar and eighty seven cents for Christmas.
Q.2. Why did she feel proud in the beauty of her hair?
Ans: She felt pride in the beauty of her hair because her silky and golden hair could burn in fire of jealousy.
Q.3. Why did Della sell her hair? (imp)
Ans: Della loved Jim from the core of her heart. She could not think of celebrating Christmas without giving a gift to Jim. So, she sold her hair to get money to buy a gift for him.
Q.4. Why did Jim sell the gold watch? (imp)
Ans: Jim loved Della from the core of his heart. He could not think of celebrating Christmas without giving a gift to Della. So, he sold her gold watch to get money to buy a gift for her.
Q.5. Why did they want to exchange the gifts?
Ans: Presenting gifts on Christmas is a tradition. They wanted to exchange gifts to communicate their love to each other.
Q.6. Why did Della feel sad on losing her hair? (imp)
Ans: She was greatly proud of her hair. Jim also liked her hair very much. So, she felt sad on losing such precious thing.
Q.7. Why did Jim not welcome her when he stepped in?
Ans: As Jim stepped in, he was astonished to see Della without hair. He had sold his gold watch to buy combs for Della’s hair. Now there was no use of these combs. So, he did not welcome her out of sadness.
Q.8. What did Jim bring out of his coat?
Ans: He brought out beautiful combs studded with jewels wrapped in a paper from his coat.
Q.9. How beautiful was the gold watch chain?
Ans: The chain was simply made but its true value lay in its pure and rich material.
Q.10. What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable things? (imp)
Ans: Love is blind. It does not count loss or profit of material things. They sold their most valuable things just to please their beloveds.
Additional Questions
Q.11. Who were the Magi?
Ans: Magi were wise men. They came from the East to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. They were the first who set the tradition of presenting gifts on Christmas. In the story, Della and Jim are called Magi.


God be Praised

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What was Abul’s full name?
Ans: Abul’s full name was Maulvi Abul Barkat.
Q.2. What was his turban known as and where did it originally come from?
Ans: His turban was known as Mashadi Lungi and it originally came from Mashad in Iran.
Q.3. What did he always carry with him?
Ans: He always carried with him a walking stick, which was bedecked with bands of brass and silver.
Q.4. Describe Maulvi’s appearance. (imp)
Ans: Maulvi had bulging eyes. He wore a turban on his head. He always carried with him a walking stick. He wore studded rings on his fingers.
Q.5. How much did the Maulvi collect on every Eid? (imp)
Ans: He collected 150 to 200 rupees on every Eid.
Q.6. How much was distributed among the needy and the poor?
Ans: Out of the collection of 150 to 200 rupees, he distributed 40 to 50 rupees among the needy and the poor of the village.
Q.7. What was the name of his eldest daughter?
Ans: The name of his eldest daughter was Mehrunnisa.
Q.8. What was the name of the member of the District Board where the Maulvi lived?
Ans: The name of the member of the district board where Maulvi lived was Chaudhary Fateh Dad.
Q.9. Write the names of other two daughters mentioned in the story?
Ans:  The names of other two daughters of Maulvi are Zabda and Shamsun.

Additional Questions
Q.10. How did Shamim Ahmed come to marry Mehrun?
Ans: Nobody could restrain Shamim celebrating his marriage any way he desired. So, he came to marry Mehrun amidst fireworks with musicians playing gay tunes.
Q.11. Who was Ch. Fateh Dad?
Ch. Fateh Dad was member of the Distric Board where Maulvi lived.


Q.1. What was the colour of the overcoat of the young man?
Ans: Its colour was brown.
Q.2. How did the young man look like? OR Describe young man’s appearance.
Ans: The young man was quite healthy. His hair was sleek and shiny. He wore side burns. He has thin moustaches. He was wearing a brown overcoat and green flat hat.
Q.3. Why did the people come out on the Mall? (imp)
Ans: It was very cold in the evening. The people had come out on the Mall to amuse themselves with the beauties of the evening.
Q.4. Why was the cat shivering?
Ans: The weather was rough and chilly. So, the cat was shivering with cold.
Q.5. Why did the driver of the truck speed away after the accident? (imp)
Ans: The driver realized that something serious had happened. He was afraid of being arrested. So, took the advantage of darkness and raced away from the scene.
Q.6. Who took the young man to the hospital?
Ans: Some of the passers-by and a traffic inspector loaded the young man in a car and took him to the nearby hospital.
Q.7. What kind of music was played in one of the restaurants?
Ans: An orchestra was playing in one of the restaurants.


The Angel and the Author- and Others

Q.1. At what point of journey in his dream did the author hear the throbbing sound of wings?
Ans: The author heard the slow throbbing sound of wings when he was flying up from the embankment of the river.
Q.2. What does the author like about Christmas? (imp)
Ans: The author likes the spirit of charity, goodness, kindness and brotherhood prevailing at the time of Christmas. He liked Christmas because Christmas makes everyone good and virtuous.
Q.3. Write down the good deeds the author has admitted are a great joy on Christmas.
Ans: He gave a subscription of ten shelling to the fund for unemployed. He sent his photographs to charity bazaar. He also sent his old clothes to a sale for charity homes.
Q.4. Why are the noble deeds always a great joy for the author? (imp)
Ans: Good deeds are always a great joy for the author because they are a source of good reward in the next world. They also give him a sense of satisfaction.

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