Study options after matric in Arts in Pakistan

 The thing I am going to explain here is very interesting. If you have recently given your matric exams, you might be looking for some career guidance to help you start further. 

Now, You have given your recent matric exams with Arts subjects. Right? Nothing bad. Just read this complete post and You will have a lot of options in your mind after reading this post.

What to do after matric in Pakistan

Arts is as much important as science. Many of us think that doing matric with science is just the wastage of time and money. 

What to do after matric with arts in pakistan

Well, That is not the case. In fact, if you do not have any plans to become a doctor or an engineer, or an IT expert, you do not need to take science subjects at the matriculation level.

Fields after matric in arts

The fields for arts students are as many as for science students. The only things you cannot do with arts is become a doctor, an engineer and an IT expert. 

All other things can be done without science. I am going to tell you how you can take full advantage of arts subjects.

Study options after Martic in arts

Now there are many fields in which you can get higher education to become and expert in a field. If you have passed your matric with good marks, your future is still bright with arts. 

But your main focus in matric must in to get high marks, the more the marks you get, the more and more doors open for you after matric.

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Why good marks?

Good marks are necessary for your career choice. Look! job in Pakistan is given on merit. The merit is calculated with academic marks on various levels including matric level. 

So, if you want a Govt. or private job, marks will help you a lot.

Your Tip: How to get good marks in Matic

What to do after matric with arts

Now here are the further study options of you do your matric with arts:

1. Do FA, with arts subjects

It means you study at the higher secondary level with arts subjects. It will only increase your formal education level and will do nothing else. 

It is linked with job opportunity in the sense that after your FA, you can even apply for both matric level and FA level jobs. 

Otherwise, with the matric, you can only apply for the jobs of the matric level and not for the FA level.

Even the students who got low marks in Matric with science should go for simple FA. 

Confused? Here is a complete post that explains why you should sometimes prefer FA over F.Sc.

Why FA is so important?

In your FA take up the subjects which give you more and more marks. Look! the only edge you can take up to the Science subjects is your marks. Read the full scope of FA in Pakistan.

If you have more marks than a science student and you both apply for a job, you will be given a high score in merit due to your marks.

Similarly, you can go upto Master's and even Phd level with arts subjects. You can social sciences or languages, or fine arts or commerce subjects even in Simple FA. 

After doing FA, you can do a BA, MA, M.Phil, and Ph.D. in any subject you read in FA. So, Arts students have the same opportunities in arts subjects as science students have opportunities in science subjects.

2. Study A Language

Languages such as Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Urdu, English, etc have a very good scope. You can study up to a Ph.D. level in a language and become a lecturer or professional in a college or a university. 

You can do M.A English, M.A Urdu, M.A Arabic, M.A Persian etc. 

You can become a Govt. or Private teacher in that subject. Simply pick up a language and become an expert in that field.

3. Study Social Sciences

You can study social sciences like Education, Sociology, Economics, History, Civics, etc. All of these are social sciences. You can do an M.Sc in that field and even a Ph.D. 

In that case, you can do jobs in NGOs, Educational Institutions, Social Welfare departments, In all Govt departments, private companies etc. These subjects will help you in your PPSC, FPSC, NTS, and CSS exams.

4. Take Diploma courses

Diploma courses are best for low-income students. These are best for the students who want to run their own businesses, and who want to go to factories. 

These courses are best for the students who get low marks in Matric. There are hundreds of courses you can do after matric. You can see a list of diploma courses after matric in Arts.

5. Do ICS

Yes, you can do ICS after doing matric in Arts. You can do ICS with math, statistics and computer science. With this combination, you can do ICS after matric with arts subjects. 

There are other combinations in ICS and you can see my other post to know which subjects you can take in ICS

There are many other fields related to your ICS subjects. You can do BCS, MCS and even other options after ICS in Pakistan are available. 

6. Do I.Com

You should even go into the commerce field if you are interested. After matric with arts subjects, you can even do I.Com. I.Com will enable you to study up to an M.Phil or Ph.D. in any commerce-related subjects. 

You can find a job in the banking sector, factories, business corporations, small and medium corporations, in Govt departments after B.Com or M.Com. 

You can see the list of all subjects of I.Com here.

7. Take Computer Courses

Most of the students think that computer courses are of no importance. They are wrong. Computer courses are still very popular. 

Now there are hundreds of courses related to the computer you can do right after matriculation. Here is a list of computer courses you can do after your matric with arts subjects:
  • AutoCAD
  • DOM
  • DMSO (Diploma in Microsoft Office)
  • Laptop repairing
  • Typing
  • Graphics designing
  • Computer maintenance
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe premier
  • Corel Draw
  • Computer Architecture
  • Movie Making

7. Do FA with General Science

There is a General Science FA. You study general science in this course. That is why is called FA with General Science. 

You read compulsory subjects as are in FA and FSc and some elective subjects of your choice. You have to choose from the list of General Science FA Subjects and study at least 3 elective subjects. 

After FA with general science subjects, you can do B.Sc in any two subjects you choose in FA. This is also the field with which you can later to M.Sc or M.Phil with a single subject. This has also good scope in Pakistan.

Now if you have decided to choose a field, you can go for it and never ever think of other options. You should stick to one idea and put some struggle into it. 

You can become successful if you choose a field and work hard in that field. Never think any field is less important. Every subject, course, and every field has a scope

It depends upon you to what extent to take the scope of that course, subject, or field.


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