2nd year islamiat elective (Ikhtiari) guess paper 2022

Here is islamiat Ikhtiari guess paper for FA part 2, 2nd year 2022. The guess paper inlcudes important short questions, important Ayaah, important hadeeth etc. So, the studnets of FA part 2, class 12 can download this guess paper 2022 in pdf.

2nd year Islamiat Guess paper 2022 pdf download

This guess paper has been made from smart syllabus and is valid for 2022 annual exams. The students can download this guess paper in pdf. this guess paper is for islmiate elective in Urdu medium. The guess paper is for Lahore board, Multan board, Gujranwala board, Faisalabad board and Sagodha board. The students of other boards can alos use this guess paper.

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Now the guess paper which inlcudes all important questions for exams 2022. The 2nd year, FA exams will be taken from full syllabus this time.

FA Islamiat elective guess paper 2022

I have given important ayat for translation, important hadees, important short questions all in this guess paper. 2nd year Islamiat guess paper 2022 must be from Islamiat elective. The Islamiat compulsory is not in the syllabus of class 12. `12th class Islamiat guess paper for Punjab board is given in pdf below.

The guess paper has been given in pdf. The button to download the guess paper 2022 in pdf is given below the image. 

2nd year islamiate elective ikhtiari guess paper 2022 pdf

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