Chapter wise, Halfbook and Full book tests 9th class

Here are complete tests of 9th class all subjects in pdf. You can download the test session free of costs and also give proper credit to the institutions which have provided these test free. You can download the pdf chaptewise test of all subjects of science and arts of 9th class.

9th class Chapterwise Tests PDF

9th class chapter wise test pdf free download without logo

As the test you will see here are free and you can download in pdf, there may be a logo in the header or background of the pdf file. But this is not the issue if you just want to take tests for free.

The free versions of all tests are in pdf and are uneditable. You cannot covert these tests in MS. Word too because the fonts and the layout of the test will be mashed. You can only print these tests as it and take tests from the students

Test session complete in pdf

Below is the complete test session of 9th class in pdf.

1. Test schedule

Download test schedule and syllabus division for tests (Click Here)

Test Session 2022

The tests session has been divided weekly tests. You can click on the links to download all tests for that week.

9th class pdf tests 2020 free download

Below are the test you are looking for and you may find these test beneficial.

  • Islamic Study chapterwise tests
  • Islamic Study halfbook and full book tests

Important Note:

If you want clean tests without any logo or academy name in the backgroud, you can purchase all 9th class chapter-wise tests in pdf only in Rs 500 (fixed). You will get all subjects (science group) chapterwise tests in pdf without any log or academy name. 

You will get even 2, or 3 versions of every chapter at this price. The tests are in Urdu and English mixed medium. But the price is fixed and final. 

We have also tests in MS-word which are editable. Contact WhatsApp 03014491802 for more info.

Halfbook and Full book tests

If you want to purchase halfbook and fullbook tests of 9th class all subjects, then you will get it in both English and Urdu medium in Rs 500 for all subjects of 9th class including General science and general maths.

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