Chapter wise, Halfbook and Full book tests 9th class

9th class Chapterwise Tests PDF

Now teachers can get ready-made editable tests for all classes. You can order your test by phone OR WhatsApp and I will make your tests. You don't need to give me handmade tests. You will just tell me which test and papers you want and I will give you the tests in .docx and PDF versions.

You can ask me for some samples before you confirm your orders. I will deliver your orders only within 5 days. Both URDU and ENGLISH medium papers are available. The once you confirm your order, I will make papers and Email to you and you will download attached papers and print it yourself.

Print form is not available for distant customers. The printed papers along with No. of required copies are only available in surroundings of City Kasur. Your school name and logo is displayed on papers so that it looks like your own property. I sell the copyright to my customers: they can use and edit papers anytime as they want. I will never complain about copyright.

Please note that:
Test and papers in MS Word files are not free anyhow PDF tests are free to download and use. For MS Word files and editable tests, you will pay according to the following schedules:

9th class

Chapterwise Test: : Rs 30 /Test

Note: each test is of 30 marks (Urdu and English 40 marks). 10 MCQs and 20 marks subjective

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Halfbook & Full book Tests: : Rs 50 /Test

Note: Each test is according to board patterns and pairing and bears full marks as in the board paper

Special Offer: The PDF tests with the clean layout without any academy name and logo are available in Rs 500, all subjects of 9th class. Three different versions of Every chapter, Urdu and English mixed medium. View samples.
WhatsApp number : 03017980076

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PDF Tests Uneditable

Below are the chapterwise tests of all subjects of 9th class. These tests cannot be edited and images are converted into PDF. But you can download these PDF tests and use them for free. 

  • Class 9th Islamic Study chapterwise tests
  • Class 9th Islamic Study halfbook and full book tests

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