Chapterwise tests for Inter Part I 1st Year 11th class

Test for 11th class Now teachers can get ready-made editable tests for all classes. You can order your test by phone OR WhatsApp and I will make your tests. You don't need to give me handmade tests. You will just tell me which test and papers you want and I will give you the tests in .docx and PDF versions.

1st year FSc part 1 tests pdf free download

1st year fsc part 1 chapterwise tests pdf free download 2020

I am giving here the links to download the pdf chapterwise, half book and full book tests of the following subjects:

Urdu Tests

English Tests

Islamiat Compulsory Tests

Physics Tests

Chemistry Tests

Biology Tests
Computer Science Tests

Maths Tests

Economics Tests

1st year, class 11 Chapterwise tests 2020

I have even a big thing for you. You can now get MS word files and ready-made complete test session in very nominal price. The tests will be in MS Word and full editable. 

You can get the tests for above-mentioned subjects in MS word chapterwise, halfbook and full book. All subjects complete test session for Rs 2500 only.

Contact WhatsApp: 03014491802

You can ask me for some samples before you confirm your orders. I will deliver your orders only within 1 days. 

You can also purchase selected subjects test @ Rs 500/Subject.

You should also download the PDF tests of 9th class which are complete and free to download.

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