Chapter wise tests for 2nd year FSc Part 2

Chapterwise and half book and full book test papers and model papers are here for F.Sc and F.A part II. These tests are in PDF and you can download them for free from Zahid Notes. All subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, maths, computer, etc are covered and provided with free tests papers and guess.

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F.Sc 2nd year chapter wise tests

fsc part 2 2nd year pdf tests chapterwise

Below is the list of all subjects chapterwise, half book and full book tests. These tests are in PDF and cannot be edited. There is a logo or header of an academy or our own website. These PDf test papers are free. you can just download them and use them. 

1. 2nd year text books pdf download

2nd year FSc part 2 chapterwise tests pdf download

The test given below are in pdf and some type of logo or watermark may appear on these tests. But all you can do is to download these pdf tests and use these in your test sessions 2022.

Physics Tests

Maths tests

Biology Tests

Chemistry Tests

Computer science tests

English Tests

Urdu Tests

Pakistan Studies tests 

2nd year Complete test session 2022 in MS Word

If you want to get 2nd year FSc/ICS complete test session in MS word, you can purchase it for Rs 2500 only. You will get chapterwise, halfbook and fullbook tests of English, Urdu, Maths, Pak Studies, Physics, chemistry, biology, Computer science and economics.

You can also buy MS word tests at Rs 600/Subject.

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