1st year Urdu Khulasa Nasar and Nazam pdf download

 I have uploaded here the two pdf file. One for Hissa Nazam Khulasa (Summary) and the other for Hissan Nasar Khulasa (Summary). You will get the summaries of lessons and poems of 1st year Urdu in these pdf notes.

1st year Urdu Khulasa Notes PDF

Now the khulasa are given for lessons and poems. Hissa nazam and hissa Nasar have two different PDF files which you can download free. These notes are for Punjab boards as well as federal board 2023. Latest notes have been shared with you.

You can also see the page where you can find the links to all Urdu notes for 1st year in pdf. I have been planning to upload a complete Key book of Urdu so that students can easily download the book.

Class 11, FA, FSc part 1 Urdu Khulasa of Nazam and Nasar

Althoug the image has been given only for PDF notes of Hissa nasar Khulasa, but download buttons have been given for both hissa nazam and hissa nasar. So, the students can easily download these notes in pdf.

1st year Urdu Notes

The Urdu Khulasa notes have been given below;

1st year hissa nazam and hissa nasar Khulasa notes pdf

Now you can download the following items:

1. 1st year sarmaya urdu book pdf

2. 1st year Urdu solved past papers pdf

3. 1st year career FA, FSC, ICS Subjects and marks

4. 1st year books pdf

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