chapter-wise, half-book and full book tests for 10th class

Test for 10th class

This post contains the link to PDF tests which are free. The tests are for all subjects of 10th class like biology, chemistry, maths, English, pak studies, Urdu, physics and other subjects. Half book, full book tests are also available. These are just PDF files which are not editable. The logo is watermark may appear on these tests.

Note: If you want to get MS Word files editable with no watermark or logo, then you will pay a very small price. Half book and full book complete all subjects tests of 10th class are now available under a special offer for Rs 500 till 10th of February. Please if you want to purchase, let me know 1 day in advance. Send a WhatsApp message on 03017980076

But if you want to download just PDF tests and you don't care about header credit and background water marks, you can download them for free. Please notes that PDF tests and MS word tests are not the same. MS word files tests have different layout and questions. See the samples above. 

Subject wise Tests of 10th class below

  • 10th class Physics chapterwise tests Urdu medium
  • 10th class physics chapterwise tests English medium
  • 10th class physics halfbook and full book tests

  • 10th Biology chapterwise tests
  • 10th biology halfbook tests

  • 10th Chemistry chapterwise tests
  • 10th chemistry halfbook and full book tests

I will give links today in the evening InSha Allah

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