9th class chemistry tests pdf chapter wise

Here are the tests of 9th class chemistry. You can download the tests in odf from below. 9th class chemistry chapterwise test series is given for all punjab boards.

9th class chemistry test series chaptewise pdf

If you are looking for all chapters tests of chemistry for class 9th Urdu medium, you can download it below and use it for your test sessions for free. This is pdf file and has logo or watermark present in it. If you want to get clean tests without any academy name or watermark, then you can get it at Rs 100 per subject from what app number. 03444128132

Now here is yur link to download pdf tests for 9th class chemistry:

Download pdf

In fact, I was preparing this test series earlier in November when some people were loking for free test series. But you know it takes hard work to compose the tests, so the original author is given credit by placing a watermark or name of the author or academy in the test. So, although you are free to download and use these tests, yet you may not be permitted to remove watermark or academy name if you want to sell this test item.

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