9th class notes pdf

These are Punjab boards and Federal Boards notes of all subjects of 9th class which you can download free here on Zahid Notes. Zahid Notes provides high quality educational content which is shared free with you.

9th class All subjects pdf notes 2020

9th class pdf notes

These are not according to the smart syllabus but you can skip the items not included in your smart syllabus for the year 2020-21. The smart syllabus for 9th class and 10th class has already been shared on this website.

PDF Notes for class 9

Below is the list of notes which are present here in pdf. Some notes might be missing and we are working on these notes and it will be shared here soon. You can download pdf notes for All Punjab boards and federal board.

Now download the notes of all subjects like Urdu, English, physics, chemistry, biology, maths, computer, general science, general maths, islamiat, economics, punjabi, civics, education, pak study and some other subjects are being updated.

1. English Notes

Download complete English notes for 9th class here

9th Class English PDF Notes

English Complete Notes
English Objective and MCQs
Random English Notes

2. Urdu Notes

Please see the list of all Urdu notes for 9th class available here on Zahid Notes.

Urdu Notes for 9th class

9th class Urdu Complete Notes
9th class Urdu Random Notes

3. Pak Study Notes

The following Pak study Notes are available at Zahid Notes

9th class Pak Study Notes

9th class Pak Study Urdu Medium Notes
9th class Pak Study English Medium Note
Random Notes Pak Study

4. Islamiat (Compulsory)

Islmiat Compulsory Notes for 9th class are given in below table.

9th class Islamiat Notes PDF

9th class islmic Study Complete notes
Other Notes

5. Physics Notes

Here is the list of all physics Notes for 9th class.

9th class physics notes pdf

9th class Physics notes
9th class physics short questions
MCQs Notes
Random Physics notes

6. Chemistry Notes

Download 9th class chemistry notes 2020 in pdf below.

9th class chemistry notes

Chemistry Notes English Medium
Chemistry Notes Urdu Medium
Chemistry MCQs Notes
Chemistry Random Notes

7. Biology Notes

Download 9th class Biology notes 2020 in pdf below.

9th class biology notes

Biology Short Questions Notes
Biology Solved MCQs
Biology Complete Notes
Biology Random Notes

8. Computer Science Notes

Download 9th class Computer Science old syllabus and new syllabus notes in Urdu medium and English Medium.

9th class computer notes

9th computer old syllabus notes
9th computer new syllabus notes
Computer MCQs Notes
Mixed Notes

9. Maths Notes

The following Mathematics notes for 9th class are available in pdf 2020

9th class Math notes

Fullbook Definitions Notes
Important Definitions
chapterwise MCQs
Maths Complete Notes
Maths Random Notes

10. General Math Notes

Download 9th class Mathematics notes for Arts students.

9th class General Maths notes

MCQs and Short Questions
Other Notes

11. General Science Notes

Download 9th class General Science notes 2020 in pdf below.

9th class General Science notes

Short Questions
Long Questions

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