9th class Urdu Notes PDF Download

The first thing I want to clarify here is that there are many other websites that offer Urdu notes for 9th class, but they have partial notes and complete notes of Urdu are not present on any website. I have made a list of all the notes of Urdu for class 9 below. I have linked partial notes on various websites to this post so that the students can find all the notes on a single page.

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Urdu Notes for class 9 free Download

I have not prepared these notes myself. As these notes were not present of Zahid Notes, and as my website claims to have notes of all subjects of class 9th in pdf, I have to provide all the notes in pdf on this website in any case on order to help the students as I claim.

9th class Urdu Complete Notes

Below is the list of all notes of Urdu for class 9th

1. Hissa Nasar (حصہ نثر)

Hissa Nasar includes the following

  • Khulasa of the lesson
  • Tashreeh of Paragraphs
  • Questions answers
  • MCQs and Objective
  • Arab Lagana
All the above-mentioned elements are present in every single lesson notes. Now download lesson wise notes of Hissa Nasar
  1. Hijrat-e-Nabwi (ہجرتِ نبوی ﷺ)
  2. Mirza Galib k Adaato Khsail (مرزا غالب کے عادات و خصائل)
  3. Kahli  (کاہلی)
  4. Shayron k Lateefay (شاعروں کے لطیفے)
  5. Nassoh or Saleem ki Guftgoo (نصوح اور سلیم کی گفتگو)
  6. Panchayet (پنچایت)
  7. Aram-o-Sakoon (آرام و سکون)
  8. Lahoo or Kaleen (لہو اور قالین)
  9. Imtehaan (امنحان)
  10. Mulki Parinday or Dusray janwar (ملکی پرندے اور دوسرے جانور)
  11. Qadr-e-Ayaaz (قدرِ ایاز)

2. Hissa Nazam (حصہ نظم)

Hissa Nazam includes the following:
  • Explaination of poems
  • objective and MCQs
  • GrammarMCQs
  • Khulasa of Poems
Here is the list of all Nazam of 9th class with an explanation.
  1. Hamad (حمد)
  2. Naat (نعت)
  3. Barsaat ki Baharein (برسات کے بہاریں)
  4. Pewasta Reh Shajar Sy (پیوستہ رہ شجر سے)

3. Hissa Ghazal

here is the link to download

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