2nd year English guess paper 2021 for Punjab Boards

The guess papers for 2nd year English is the total well thought idea of the next question paper for the year 2021. This idea or guess tells you what questions are the most important one for the coming exams. Zahid Notes provides guess papers that risk free and you can prepare it confidently to pass the exams with at least 50 marks, if you haven't studied anything else.

2nd year English guess paper 2021

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2nd year guess paper English lahore board

English guess paper 2021 for 12th class

-------> For the objective part, see our 2nd year English Objective Notes which includes only important synonym, correction of sentences, and preposition notes

I have recently updated the new pairing scheme of English for class 12. This scheme is for all Punjab boards for the year 2021 exams. 

I have notices that the students were constantly looking for an English paper scheme but not any publisher had given it on the web. I decided to make it and upload on Zahid Notes.

The important questions for all questions have been given step by step according to the paper layout:

Book 2 Important Questions

Lesson 1 (The dying sun)
Q. 1 (How is it that a …….. )
Q. 2 (What happened when …….. )
Q. 3 (Why is there no life …….)
Extra question 1 (What is planetary system?)
Extra Question 2 (What are star?)

Lesson 3 (Why boys fail in college)
Q. 2 ( How does mistaken ambition …. )
Q. 4 ( How does financial pressure ……. )
Extra Questions 1 (What are two types of boy who fail in college?)

Lesson 5 ( On Destroying books)
All exercise questions

Lesson 7 (My financial career)
Q. 2 (Why did the manager come to think ……. )
Q. 4 (What other blunders Leacock commit …… )
Q. 5 (After misadventure in the bank …….. )

Lesson 9 (Hunger and population explosion)
Q. 1 ( What does hunger mean on ….. )
Q. 4 ( What is main reason for ……. )
Q. 8 (Why Is birth rate not so ……. ) 

Lesson 11 (First year at Harrow)
Q. 3 (Why did not Churchill do ….. )
Q. 4 (How did Churchill do his …… ) OR How did Churchil perform in his entrance exams at Harrow?
Q. 7 (In after years how did …… )
Extra question 1 (Why did Churchill dislike examinations?)

Lesson 14 (Luis Pasteur)
Q. 2 (Give some instances of ……. )
Q. 3 (What do you mean by ….. )
Q. 4 (How did Pasteur prove that ….. )

Lesson 15 (Mustafa Kamal)
Q. 4 (Write a note on Mustafa Kamal’s ….. )
Q. 1 (What was the attitude of ….. )

Goodbye Mr. Chips important Chapters

Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11 and 13

Important Essays

Important Idioms and phrasal verbs

A child’s play, A white elephant, above board, a black sheep, at the eleventh hour, face the music, from hand to mouth, heart and soul, bag and baggage, a rotten egg, A man of letters, by fits and starts, by hook or by crook, carry weight, every inch, in a fix, at large, End in smoke, a narrow escape, part and parcel, bring to book, French leave, over head and years, through and through, set by, set in, turn down, break away, give up, give in, put off, put on, break into, break out

Important Urdu to English translation paragraphs

Best of Luck ...... ! :)

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