Essay on Corruption in Pakistan in English with quotations

The essay on corruption is also part of smart syllabus of 2nd year English 2021. The list of all essays for 2021 exams of class 12 includes this essay. So, I wrote this essay just to facilitate the students of 2nd year, class 12. The essay on Corruption has been written in the context of Pakistan.

English Essay on Corruption

The outlines and quotations have been included for your help. The content of the essay is the writer's own views about corruption in Pakistan. So, you may or may not agree with these views. The pdf notes of the essays for 2nd year are given according to smart syllabus.

English essay on curruption for class 12 pakistan


1. What is corruption

2. causes of corruption

3. Effects of corruption

4. Measures to stop corruption

5. Conclusion


EssayCorruption is nature's way of restoring our faith in democracy - Peter Ustinov
Corruption is the illegal use of legal authority for personal benefits. Corruption is one of the major issues facing our country for decades. Corruption can be done in different ways in different forms. Corruption is backed by the selfishness of an individual against the national interest of a country.

In Pakistan, corruption is prevalent in both government and non-governmental institutions. The traps of corruption range from bribery to money laundering. It also includes the illegal use of authority. Corruption is not only causing alarming damage to the economy of Pakistan. It is also killing citizens’ trust in the functionality of the social institutions.
Corruption is cancer that steals from the poor, eats away at governance and moral fiber, and destroys trust- Robert Zoellick
Corruption damages the integrity of a country. It not only causes loss to the interest of a state but also stops development. Corruption is largely caused by the absence of concern for his nation as a citizen. When an individual starts considering his personal gains prior to national integrity, he descends into corruption. 

The only possible way to reduce corruption to criminalize it. It is necessary to make the institutional workings transparent. Besides this, there is a great need to establish accountability boards for the lawful working of institutions. 

In Pakistan, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) aims to fight corruption. However, its working is questionable. Therefore, this department has to be more empowered. It should be powerful enough to take action against the corrupt people. 

Corruption is like a ball of snow. Once it's set a rolling it must increase- C.C Cotton

In addition to this, the certainty of punishment for corruption should be ensured. It is for this reason that many corrupt people easily escape the net of justice. The legal action should not see if a corrupt person is wealthy or not. The action should be taken and punishment is granted to those involved in this act. 

The government should also use all methods to spread awareness in public with regards to corruption. The state is responsible for bettering its citizens morally so as to reduce corruption. Only by understanding the alarming nature of this problem and taking steps to counter it, it is possible to fight corruption. Corruption should be dealt with strictly if we want to save our economy and institutions as a responsible nation.

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