College English Essays

English Essays for College Students

here are some essays for college students. These are paragraphs on the given topics. These are English essays and paragraph notes for the students.

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List of English Essays

  1. The Miracles of Science
  2. Obedience of Parents and Teachers
  3. Influence of T.V on Young Generation
  4. Importance of Traffic Rules
  5. School Teachers and Physical Punishment
  6. The Qualities of an Ideal Teacher
  7. Health is Wealth
  8. Early to Bed and Early to Rise
  9. My Last Sunday
  10. My Favourite Cricketer
  11. Problems Faced By Students and Schools
  12. The Recess Period in School
  13. Illiteracy Essay
  14. The Festival of Eid-ul-Fitr
  15. What Makes a Person Popular 
  16. Life in  A big City
  17. The Happiest Day of My Life
  18. Boy Scouts
  19. My Best Friend
  20. Newspapers

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