English essays for College Students

Although this is a general list of English essays, yet you can find many topics for your grade. The important topics are covered. The students of 2nd year class 12 can prepare these essays. Similarly, these essays are best for college-level associate degree BA.

List of popular English essays for college students

Now these essays can be downloaded in pdf. But here I have written essays on individual topics. You can copy the text or get the essays in ms word by pasting it in a file.

English Essays for College Students here are some essays for college students. These are paragraphs on the given topics. These are English essays and paragraph notes for the students.

English Essays list for 2nd year English syllabus

The list is given according to the division of smart syllabus and full syllabus. Now the first of all the essays which are part of the smart syllabus of English are given. Then the other topics are given. So, the complete essays are covered and some of these are included in smart syllabus.

2nd year class 12 english essays notes smart syllabus 2021

Essays in Smart syllabus 2021

1. Life in a Big City

2. A Visit to a Historical Place

3. My Hobby

4. Pollution

5. My Favourite Personality

6. Why I Love Pakistan

7. Corona Pandemic in Pakistan

8. Technical Education

9. My Aim in Life

10. Traffic Problems in a big city

11. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone

12. A Cricket Match

13. Science and Society

14. Women’s Place in Our Society

15. Education for Women

16. Corruption

17. Curbing Child Abuse

18. Importance of Muslim Unity

19. Rising Prices/Inflation

20. Drug Addiction

Full Syllabus remaining Essays

1. The Miracles of Science

2. Obedience of Parents and Teachers

4. Importance of Traffic Rules

School Teachers and Physical Punishment

The Qualities of an Ideal Teacher

Health is Wealth

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

My Last Sunday

My Favourite Cricketer

The Recess Period in School

Our examination system essays with quotations

The Festival of Eid-ul-Fitr

What Makes a Person Popular

The Happiest Day of My Life

Boy Scouts


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