An essay on drug addiction with outline and quotations

 2nd year. FSc part 2, ICS part 2, FA part 2 and BA students can see this excellent essay on Drug Addiction and learn it for their exams. The essay is given with outlines and quotations. You can save this essay as a pdf file if you want. 

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Drug Addiction Essay with outlines and quotations

The essay has been written for the help of the students of grade 10 to grade 12. Anyhow this essay can be used for any exam as it is an excellent essay. You can see a list of related essays topics here.

An essay on abuses and effects of drug addiction

Drug addiction essay for 2nd year and ba with outlines and quotations


1. Introduction and definitions

2. Kinds of Drugs

3. Drug Addiction in Pakistan

4. Causes and factors behind drug addiction

5. Personal and social effects of Drug addiction

6. Prevention of drug abuses

7. Conclusion


Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you–it’s the cage you live in - Johann Hari
Addiction means dependency upon something. It refers to the condition when someone cannot live without a particular thing like a drug. We say that the person is addicted to that thing.

Here drug addiction means that dependency on drugs. A person is addicted to drugs if he/she cannot live normally without taking the drugs. 

There are many kinds of drugs. But we will talk here about narcotics like alcohol, hashish, heroin, opium, and cocaine etc. These drugs directly affect the brain and release tension, anxiety, and stress. This is why most drug addicts are the people who have a bad social or personal life.
We don’t choose to be addicted; what we choose to do is deny our pain - Anonymous
As per the UN report 2018, 7.6 million Pakistanis are drug addicts. 78% of them are male and 22% are female. Pakistan's anti-narcotics agency published a report in November 2020 which revealed that a large number or university students are also drug addicts. 

This situation also raises serious questions on the role of drugs control authorities in the country. The usage of drugs in so much vast scale indicates the easy availability of these drugs. Hence, there is no high-level check and balance on the sale and supply of these drugs.

There are many social and psychological reasons for drug addiction. Youth is the main victim of drug addiction. The students usually start taking drugs because of peer pressure. It eventually becomes a normal thing among the students. 
There’s not a drug on earth that can make life meaningful - Anonymous
They start in from smoking or eating Gutka Supari then drinking, then they slowly go to more potent drugs like cocaine, opium, and hashish.

Many people start taking drugs to decrease their stress and tension caused by unemployment, family disputes, injustice, exploitation, and love affairs. A boy may start taking drugs just because he lives among the people who take drugs. Bad company is also a key factor for drug addiction.
You can get the monkey off your back, but the circus never leaves town - Anne Lamott
A drug addict not only spoils his/her own life but also of those who depend upon him/her. A father takes drugs and beats her children. An Addict husband torture and exploit his wife. A brother wastes a lot of his capital due to his addicted brother.

Family violence is a common thing where a family member is addicted. So, there are vast and wide-scale harms and effects of drug addiction. They are not confined to the person addicted, they involve the whole social system. They affect the country's economy too. Moreover, they are the major cause of the spread of HIV in the country. 
Addicts are addicted to their drugs, and their families are addicted to hope -  Fredrik Backman
There are a number of NGOS and INGOs working on drug addicts. The Govt is also establishing rehabilitation centers. The need of the hour is to launch a full-scale awareness campaign through media, social media, and all communication channels. 

We all should play our role to facilitate the council of the youth of the country. The hostels should be kept under watch for any type of drugs usage.

It always seems impossible until it’s done - Nelson Mandela

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