Life in Big City Essay College Level

The essay on life in a big city is given below. Look, 2nd year students who want to write an outstanding essay on city life should write at least 500 words essay. For matric and 10th class 350 words are enough. This essay has 610 words which means it is equally best fo the 10th class 12 class.

City Life Essay

The title "city life" looks odd. The title should be like "Life in a Big City" or "Advantages and disadvantages of City Life" both refer to the same thing. Now before we formally start the essay, let me tell you something about essay writing.

Life in a Big City Essay

There is a saying, "God made the country and man made the town.
The saying brings out the difference between country life and city life. Life in a village is simple and close to nature. Life in a big city is different from the life of a village. In the city, life is fast and artificial. Life in a big city is active and inspiring. It is full of activities and interests as well as full of difficulties and problems. 

People have no time at all. They are always busy with their own work. They are in a hurry and have no time for others. They work from morning till evening and earn their living by the sweat of their brow. They have no time to rest. They are strictly tied to their daily routine. Thus, life in a big city has advantages as well as disadvantages. 
City is a place where you find everything except the love of nature -zahid
In a big city, one has excellent service for shops and markets. The shops are well stocked and look very attractive. In a big city, a man can purchase everything necessary for life if he has the money for it. There are fine schools and colleges for boys and girls. 

In big cities, there are Technical Colleges, Engineering Colleges and Medical Colleges. Very big cities have Universities also. There are also many avenues for employment. People with every kind of qualification can easily find jobs to suit them. 

In a big city, there are a number of cinema houses and theatres, where we can enjoy the best of pictures and dramatic performance. Even the poorest can take part in the entertainments which a big city offers. 

There are also a number of restaurants and hotels, where we can get food, tea, etc. of the finest quality. There are also many parks and gardens where we can enjoy natural beauty at its best. A walk in the evening will show that a big city keeps its citizens amused Of. 

A big city has many other facilities. In a big city, the roads are broad and metalled. The modes of transport are easy and swift. A big city has a big police force to maintain law and order. 
When a city offers everything quick, it offers the death quick too - Sue Grey
In a big city, we can have prompt medical aid. There are hospitals with the latest medicines and equipment. A big city has also a large number of private doctors. Big cities have many disadvantages also. Big cities are surrounded by a large number of factories. 

The smoke and industrial waste have made the atmosphere polluted. The air and water, contain many harmful diseases. Besides this, we cannot get pure milk and ghee. Life is very costly. Rates are high and new-corners have to put up with a lot of hardships. 
City life is millions of people being lonesome together. - Henry David
Life in a big city is not a happy experience nowadays. A rapid increase in population has created many problems. People are forced to live in small houses with their families. People living in big cities do not have much sympathy for others. 

Even next-door neighbours do not know each other. There is no fellow feeling. Life in a big city is full of noise. There is no peace of mind at all. It is a pleasant dream for only those who have resources to live there. Such is the life in a big city. 
The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.- Desmond Moriss
In spite of the disadvantages of city life, people are attracted to cities. The government should improve the condition of the villages in order to stop the rush in big cities.

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