How to Write an Essay- Professional Tips

What is essay writing?

Any prose or composition about a thing or issue may be defined as an essay. Essay writing is the most important part of the composition. It is generally an expression of the writer about a particular thing, issue or person. En essay allows the writer to exhibit what he or she thinks about a particular issue. In this sense essay writing is not a roughly written prose: it is an organized, targeted, contextual text. There are other English composition terms as comprehension & grammar. These things are much different than essays.

If you are a university student trying to complete your assignment or a research paper, you need to be very good at writing essays and composition. You productivity really depends upon how good you write and how you present on paper what you write. So, it is not always easy to get your paper published unless you write it in a specific way.
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How to Write an Essay?

Writing an essay is not the activity that you start randomly. You need to adopt a channel. Here I am going to discuss this very channel. The things you need to follow while writing an essay are:

1. A proper layout

Before you start writing, you need to create a layout of your essay. Mostly a universal layout includes the following structure:

The Heading:

This is the title of your essay. Your title should be as specific and short as it could be. The title must be catching and it should have a professional tone. See a short tip on how you will choose the title of your essay.

The introduction:

This is the first paragraph of your essay. It includes important definitions, introduction to the topic etc. You include the details of history, background and the contexts of the issue being discussed. The introduction may also include some facts and figures to illustrate the importance of the topic being discussed.

The body:

This is the main coverage of the issue being discussed. It includes in-depth details of the issue of the topic being covered. Write details about the topic. For example, if you are writing about a person, you will keep an organization by adding paragraphs about his early life, education, profession, ethics, achievements, and death (if he has died). The body is the main portion of the essay. It contains more detailed and rich information about the topic assigned. It includes examples, facts, and figures, other studies, reports, quotations etc. The body may contain various paragraphs each covering a specific detail. Learn the difference between a paragraph and an essay.
Your essay may be one of the following categories:

  • Narrative essay: this is the only a story like an essay. It narrates a happening in way of storytelling.
  • Descriptive essay: it describes a scene, a personality, or anything visible. It creates an image with words.
  • Argumentative essay: this essay gives arguments in favor or against a thing, phenomenon or an issue.
  • Expository essay: this essay describes facts about anything using facts and figures like charts, comparison, numbers, statistics, and examples.
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The conclusion OR end:

This is usually the last paragraph of your essay. In this paragraph, you will sum up your discussion and come up with a conclusion. This is the overall summary of the essay. You need to be specific and precise in the paragraph.

2. Style

The style means the tone which you choose to describe the things. It totally depends upon the type of essay you are writing. I would recommend reading a whole short post on this topic for deeper understanding.

3. Tone and language

Well, this also depends on the type of essay you are writing. For example, if you are writing a humorous essay, your tone should be funny and casual. If you are writing on ‘The worst men in the history’, you will need to be serious. You may explain the destruction caused by those men. So, while you are writing about sufferings, trials, and tragedies, you will be more critical. The language you choose is also a matter of consideration. Use simple language with fewer slangs and complex sentences. Write in technical, professional but easy language so that everyone who knows that language could understand your point of view. Do not write long sentences.

4. Proofread and get it reviewed

The final thing is that your essay must be error free. The grammar and spellings of your prose must be accurate. This is the second important thing to be considered while rating an essay. If you have poor grammar and spellings, I would recommend getting your essay proofread by other writers or your friends with good grammar. Send it to your colleagues, ask them to read and give their opinions. It will make it perfect one.

I hope this article gives you the information you were looking for. If you are not clear or you want something else, please type and your search query in the search box and hit enter.

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