How to write application to the principal of college / school - a guide to write formal applications

This post explains the format and structure of formal applications written to the principal of college for various purposes. This is a sample structure of application writing for college principal. Formal applications are usually short and to the point. They do not include any informal style or casual tone. Students have to write applications for various purposes like for urgent leave, for sick leave, for change of section, for fee concession etc.

For a student, following format is trending for writing applications to the principal.


The Principal,
Name of College,
Name of city (or college address)
(line drop)
Subject:      subject of application
(line drop)
Salutation (i.e. respected sir/madam)
I humbly state that.......
Body of application
(line drop)
Yours obediently,
Your name


  1. The trend of writing "To," at the start of application just above "The Principal" has long been discarded. It is no more used now.
  2. "Subject line" is mandatory in latest format. Your subject line should clearly tell what your application is about.
  3. Salutation should include only formal greeting-you should not write "Dear Sir" nor "Hello sir". You should write "Respected sir" OR only "Sir"
  4. You should not start you application by "I beg to state that" OR "I beg to say that" OR "I Beg leave to say that" etc. This method is out of fashion and validity. It is no more in practice. The latest style is that you can start with "I humbly state that" OR "I want to state that" OR "I would like to state that" etc.
  5. The body of your application should include all necessary details but not unnecessary things. Be formal and professional. Do not use casual words or expressions. 
  6. Always write yours obediently at the end, if your are writing an application. In case of a letter, you should write "yours faithfully" OR "Yours truly"

You can see the following applications written as sample

8. Write an application to the principal of your college for college trip
9. Write an application to the principal of your college for permission of cricket match
10. Write an application to the principal of your college for bus service to your route
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