Being a father, write a letter to your son scolding him for losing his book

Write a letter to your son to rebuke him for losing his English Book.

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C.
November 03,2016

Dear Son,

Hope you are fine and doing the things well. I received your letter yesterday and could not give you a prompt response for sudden business engagement. Your letter tells the bad things about you. This is the 4th time that you are telling me that have lost your book. Losing books and stationery has become your daily routine. I have bought you four books in last month. I have bought you new mobile phone as you had lost your old one. And now a new thing; you have lost your English book. This is total nonsense from your part. 

You are there to get an education. We are investing hard earned money in your future. We have a wish to see you a famous doctor of the town. Dear son, you know well how we are managing your educational expenses. These types of unexpected costs are really difficult to pay. I advise you to be careful and never let your things be stolen or lost. This time, I am sending you the money for the new book but you will manage this type of costs from your own pocket money in future.

I hope you will understand. Take care.

Your father,
Saif Ullah

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