Application to the principal for college tour

Here is an application which is written to the principal of your college to request him to grant permission for your college tour to a historical place. Write an application to your principal for a study tour of the college.

Application to the Principal for College trip

The principal,
Govt. College,

Subject: Permission for the college tour

With due respect, I state that I am the class representative of F.Sc pre-engineering Section A. We have just taken mid-term exams. The classes will start on the 10th of this month. There is seven days gap. We, the class as a whole, have decided to go on a tour to refresh ourselves. We have planned to visit Changa Manga forest and Safari Resorts near Lahore. We want to go to the tour on college buses. I am writing to you on behalf of my class.

Sir, the total cost of the tour will not exceed Rs 56, 000. We will contribute to the half of the expenses. It is nice weather and we do not want to miss the opportunity to get together at a nice resort like Changa Manga forest. Finally, this is our last year at the college. We want to collect as many memories as we can during these last days.

We request you to give us permission for the said tour. We want to depart on Saturday 7th date and will be back on Monday 8th. Our supervisor has also given the permission for this tour. The permission letter is attached along the application.

We shall be thankful to you for your favour.

Yours obediently,

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