Importance of technical education essay in English

 Here is another Essay in English for the 2nd year and 10th class, 12 class with outlines and quotations. The essay is best on the topic of Technical education in Pakistan. The context of this essay is technical education in Pakistan. You can download the essay in pdf here.

English essay on Technical Education

Now the essay with outline is given. Class 12 and class 10 students can see this essay topic in their smart syllabus. So, I have written these essays to help the students in 2021 exams in English. The quotations are included at various points in the essay.

Essay on the Importance of Technical education for 2nd year

Essay on the Importance of Technical education for 2nd year


1. What is technical education

2. Importance and scope of technical education

3. Type of technical education

4. Technical Education in Pakistan

5. Govt efforts and initiatives

6. Conclusion


I had to gain experience as I did not have technical education- Mikhail Kalashnikov

Technical education is the study of the use of technology. It is aimed at shaping the physical world according to human needs. Technical education includes a wide range of scientific and technological disciplines. 

Technical education is important and relevant to the present age. It is for this reason that the whole world of today is based on the use of science and technology. Therefore, in order to make the world function properly, the imparting of technical education is needed. Moreover, it is also important in multiple other ways. 

Technical empowers people belonging to every field of life. Since technology is being used everywhere, technical education is also necessary everywhere. Technical education provides access to the latest technological machinery in all fields of life. For example, a technical diploma in surveying and architecture allows a student to get knowledge about using the complicated tools involved in the process of surveying and architecture. 

The great end of life is not knowledge but action- T.H Huxley

In the field of medicine, technical education is equally necessary. This is for the reason that modern medical science used a wide range of technological tools. To use these tools the operator must have knowledge about them. 

Technical education is also needed to raise the literacy rate of a country. In a country, not every student is mentally able to study the standard combinations of arts, science, or business education. There are many students who wish to serve society in a different way. 

The goal of education is understanding, the goal of training is performance - Frank Bell

They are the students who select technical education. After getting technical education, they get employed in different multinational companies. Technical is convulsively a growing trend. Particularly in third world countries. Where labor is cheap and technology is being installed. Technical education is also crucial in the Gulf states. 

Because nearly all the gulf states have oil refineries in which heavy technology is used. Company owners from these countries hire diploma holders in any field of technical education. Therefore, technical education is highly required in the present world. It offers brighter possibilities in terms of employment and economic benefits.

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