Education Problems and issues in Pakistan esssay

This is a long essay on education problems in Pakistan. The issues and problems in the Pakistan education system have been discussed in this essay. The suggestion about how to improve the Pakistan education system has been given. The quotes are being prepared and will be inserted soon. As soon as relevant quotations are found, I will update this page.

The importance of education is as much for Pakistan as for other countries. Our education system essay has earlier been written for college students where I have discussed all the problems and issues in the education system of Pakistan.

The Education System in Pakistan - issues and problems

Education is the basic right of every child. Education plays an important role in shaping the character of every person. An educated person performs every responsibility related to him very well. An uneducated person fails to manage his affairs. So every person should try to get an education as possible as he can get.

But unfortunately in Pakistan literacy rate is very low. It causes many problems all over the country. There are many reasons for this factor. Here we shall discuss a few important factors which are responsible for the low literacy rate in Pakistan.

1. Lack of Schools and Colleges

Lack of good schools and colleges is the main educational problem in Pakistan. People want to teach their children but they fail to do so because of the nonavailability of schools and colleges. In Pakistan, most of the people live in villages. Schools and colleges are far from their houses. They also have to face the problem of transport. In this way, many students give up study and remain uneducated.

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2. Poverty

Poverty is also a serious educational problem in Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country. Here people have to live from hand to mouth. Every member of the family has to do something to support his family. Moreover, it is hard for poor people to bear the educational experiences of the children. They want to educate their children but they failed to do so due to their poor economic condition. In this way, poverty is a serious economic problem in Pakistan.

3. Nonavailability proper infrastructure in Schools

The nonavailability of basic needs in educational institutions is also a serious problem in our country. In many institutions, there is a lack of basic facilities like pure water, rooms, transport, and hostels. In this atmosphere, the students remain confused and deprived of education.

4. Shortage of Teaching staff

The nonavailability of well-qualified teachers is also a serious educational problem in Pakistan. The government spends a very low budget for education. Due to this, there are many schools without teachers. The teachers who are available are unaware of modern trends. They fail to teach the students properly. This is also a very serious problem in our educational system.

5. Defective Examination System

The defective examination system is also a serious problem in our education system. There are many faults in our examination system like cramming, cheating and leak out the paper before exams. By using these unfair means the ordinary students get more marks than the hard-working and intelligent students. This effects seriously on the minds of the learners.

6. Involvement of Students in Politics

Involvement of the students in politics. Many students directly start to take part in politics from even the school level. This damages their study on a large scale. In this way, they spend their time in useless activities. In this way, they fail to get good grades in the study.

7. Lack of Co-Curricular activities

Lack of healthy and co-curriculum activities is also a serious threat to our educational system. In this age of competition, everyone is trying to get more and more marks. This competition is holding among individuals as well as institutions. Therefore the institutions do not arrange the competitions of games, speeches, and debates. This also affects thy physical growth of the students or they remain physically unfit.

In our country, most of the parents want to make their children doctors or engineers. While taking this decision the do not care for the natural tendency of the children. The students are forced to study science subjects. In this way, the student remains confused and they are unable to learn anything properly. This effects seriously on the psychology of the students.

8. lack of Technical Education

Lack of technical education is also a serious problem in our education system. In our country, the number of educational institutions is very low. On the other hand, many people are not aware of the importance of technical education. So they do not think about this branch of knowledge. This is also a serious educational problem in our country.


In short, education plays an important role in the whole progress of the country. If a country wants to make progress in economic, social, cultural and political fields the literary rate of that country should be very high. No nation can make progress without education. So we try to give a chance to every person to get more and more education. The government should build such systems which are independent and self-sufficient in terms of production and consumption.

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