Examinations system essay for 2nd year with outline

The students of 2nd year in Pakistan have to write an essay on the given topic in their board exams. An essay on our examination system is the way of expressing your views about the examinations in Pakistan. This essay gives the students, an understanding of how they can write this essay using the given information.

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Examinations Essay

Examinations are tools to determine, analyze, interpret and document students learning level. The examinations help both the teachers and the students to assess their progress towards set outcomes of education. There are many types of tests and exams in Pakistan.

The examination system of Pakistan Essay

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. - Marvin Phillips
Examinations are an important part of the education system in Pakistan. These are the only way of grading the students according to their achievement level. The examinations even start from initial primary classes and continue till Ph.D. or post-doctorate level. So, at every stage, students have to pass the exams to qualify for the next grade.

Our examination system, here in Pakistan, is just a traditional, old and conservative system. This system existed in the Indian subcontinent before the partition. Although there have been some small changes in it the system as a whole is still the same. This is why we have not developed our standard educational policy to revoke this system and bring a new, internationally compliance system of examinations in the country.
Exams are not just tests, they tell you what you possess in your mind - Saif Ullah Zahid
At the primary and middle level, we have Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) which is the responsible body for conduction 5th class and 8th class exams. The exams of pre-school to class 4,  class 6 and class 7 are conducted by schools. The govt. has issued an order not to fail any student in these exams. So, there is not any proper way of knowing whether the students have achieved the learning level of that grade or not. All the students are similarly promoted to class 9 where the educational board conducts exams.

As all the students, regardless of their learning level, are promoted to class 9, and the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Educations (BISE) conduct strict and controlled examinations, many of the students fail. This is because they were promoted to class 9 without knowing whether they actually qualify to this level or not. This is why many students quit schooling at a matric level. Moreover, all the students are checked against the same type of test, which is not valid as every student has a different aptitude, a unique native capability, and an amazing individual quality. So there should be choices for the students to solve various types of questions.

At Intermediate Level, the students have to decide if they want to choose, commerce, medical, engineering, computer science or humanities fields. So, the system of examination is yet the same as it is at a matric level. The total dependence of students grade is put on the marks he or she achieves in exams. Exams are the only criteria for judging students' abilities and learning.

At the college level or University level, as there is a semester system, the examination system also changes. Different types of assessments like, presentations, assignments, thesis, projects, etc are also part of students' performance evaluation. So, this is somehow a good system.
Your final exams grades must not be damaging to your employment and prospect - Anonymous 
As most of the exams are written tests to be taken and managed by humans, there are various issues like bribery, cheating and guess papers. The tests are from textbooks and there are few conceptual questions. The students are forced to learn what is written in the textbooks. Many students just cram the important questions and get good marks than those who have good conceptual learning. It discourages conceptual learning and teaching.

Govt. should take online tests on computers instead of taking it on paper. There should be choices for students to write the answers to the questions related to sports, health, education, biology, chemistry etc anyone they want. At least 50 % of conceptual questions must be added to the questions paper to promote conceptual learning. The examinations must include some applied questions as well.
much good work is lost for the lack of a little more - Edward H. Herriman
The examinations must not be the only way of evaluating students' capabilities. There should be practical exams, projects, presentations, book writing, jobs and assignments at all levels to evaluate students learning. There are many students who have some special skills and native talent but they may not perform well in written tests.

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