Role of Woman in Society English Essay

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Role of Woman

The role of woman in our society is really apprehendable. One must see that there is a totally changed situation without a woman.

Role of Women in Society Essay

In the past, the role of women was limited to the four walls of the house. The sphere of activities was
very narrow. They were not allowed to participate in political, cultural, social and literary activities.
They could not play any for a constructive role outside the house. They were considered physically and spiritually dubicious.

The picture of women in pre-Islamic Arab society was shocking parents were ashamed of having
female children. The girls were buried alive. Women were treated as means of carnal pleasure. Among the great religions of the world, Islam is the only one which restored the grace and dignity of women.

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.FI) said:
“Paradise is under the feet of the mother."
In the changing world of today, women are playing a very significant role in the development of
society. They are proving their worth and value in every sphere of life such as trade, industry, politics,
administration. scientific research. literary and artistic activities. Now, they are considered suitable for every job. |

Even in Pakistan, women are doing positive activities towards the welfare of society. In
various departments, they are working as nurses. air hostesses, clerks, stenotypists, sale girls, police’ and military officers. If we wish to see our country progressing by leaps and bounds women should be allowed to work shoulder to shoulder with men in every field of life. We should get rid of conservative thinking and accept the reality that women are an integral part of civil society.

No doubt, the greatest and the most prestigious role of a woman is a mother. The working woman will have to prove that she can be a good mother as well as a good worker.
“Men are what their mother made them". (Emerson)
The present picture of the west is morally disregarding. In the name of emancipation and feminism,
immoral activities are being justified. It is wrong that everything fair or foul is acceptable in the name of modernism. Women are actually the most important and virtual part of society.

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